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Her Massage Set Up By Him

So, I got this email...

Asking if I would Massage this guy's woman while he was not there...

uhmmm... hellooooo??? YES!

The only thing he asked in return is that I give him details of what happened.

Here's what I sent him...

I parked and went to the door, turned around and saw the neighbor and her son glance at me.

I looked at the peephole and saw lights on, so, I knocked. She answered. Wearing her nightgown. Cute. Big smile. Handshake. Went to the kitchen to chat for a few minutes.

She says she's been trying to tidy up a little bit. She tells me how stressed out she's been, how much she needs a massage and how much she's looking forward to it. I explain right away, "I am not a professional, I have not had any schooling or training, but, I know what I'm doing. It doesn't seem to trouble her tho, so, I'm feeling better about it now. It was probably about then when I had a
fleeting thought streak through my head... "oh man.. I soooo hope she lets me... BEGS me to shove my cock in that pretty mouth of hers".

I tell her that I too love receiving massages, and remember the first time I ever got a massage, it was not at a spa, but, instead at a place with a neon MASSAGE. I told her I was young and naive and thought "hey, I'm sore from
playing softball and working, *I* could use a massage!". I told her that the "massage" lasted about 5 minutes, and it sucked, and then she turned me over and did "a different kind of massage", which, although it felt pretty damned
good, was NOT a massage, and did nothing for my sore shoulders & back! I added, "I mean, I'm as much a pervert as anybody, but, dammit!! I wanted a good massage!!", and the 'pervert' seed was planted. I wanted HER to think what might happen. I'd hoped I'd started her mind working towards what her man and I had planned.

We wrapped up chat time, and she showed me her room, the bed, the relaxing music, and she went to get ready. I waited outside her bedroom... STILL waiting for someone else to come out from behind the curtain! I couldn't believe this was about to happen. She said through the closed door,
"ready!", and I took a deep breath, let it out, and walked in...

Before I started, she told me that she is 'light sensitive', and said that this was the reason the lights were down low. "Notta problem", I replied. She asked me to turn the radio down just a little bit. I did.

She was on the bed, kind of near the edge, head close to the window, blinds drawn facing down. How I remember the way the blinds were you will soon see. She said she sometimes gets cold. I hoped that would soon change.

I stood next to the bed and started by pushing the spread she had covering her up towards her head, so I could get a better grip and rub her shoulders with more pressure. She immediately let out some sighs and moans, which got me hard immediately, and I felt some pre cum leaking on my leg. (I wore golf type shorts with nothing underneath). I continued massaging her shoulders and upper back and neck and head while standing next to the bed. Her sighs and moans sounded good, and I hoped they would only increase.

As I worked my way down her back, thoughts of teasing her (and, I guess trying to make her not so subliminally desire me) were always flowing through my mind.

"Would you mind if I straddled you?", I said? She didn't mind. So, I kicked my shoes off, climbed on to her bed, and kneeled. My knees outside her hips. My knees, close to her hands... Not quite touching, but I would soon make sure my knees would soon *accidentally* touch her hands...

She is now on her back. Covered up to just below her neck. I move the covers slowly down to her waist... Exposing her tummy and tits... "Nice tits", I say, "you also have a nice ass, but, I wanted to wait until you were turned
over before I said anything, so I could see your reaction." She blushed and grinned and said, "thank you". "you're welcome", I said, and I was thinking... 'Yeah... In five minutes I'll be thanking you for sucking my

I oiled up her chest, drizzling oil between her tits, and, on her chest. I started massaging her right arm, then, her chest and neck. Then, taking a hint from his story about her previous massages, I started pressing/massaging the tops of her tits. She seemed to almost tense up but only slightly. I started doing circles around her nipples... And then, started flat out rubbing them.

She liked it, and I KNEW she didn't want me to stop. I was pinching, twisting (tho neither was very hard from what I can remember), and then, when her nipples were rock solid, I leaned in and started to take her right nipple into my mouth...

But, there was TOO MUCH FUCKING OIL!!!! So, I went back to rubbing. I was soooo fucking hard by this time. I asked her, "do you want me to stop?", she said, "no". She was moaning and enjoying it, and I said... "do you want to touch my cock?" she said, "can I? Is it ok?". "I want you to, I'm ordering you to", "ok" she said.

I dropped my shorts, but before doing so, I snagged the mint flavored condom out of the left pocket. I took her hand and placed it on my cock... She liked it. I told her I wanted her to suck it, and asked if she liked Mint. She said yes. She turned her head and my cock slid inside. I continued to
molest her tits, and slowly slid my right hand down her tummy between her legs. I rubbed her clit for a second or two, then slid my finger inside. She was soaked. She was still sucking when I started finger fucking her...

My cock felt so damned good while I was fucking her mouth, but, I didn't want to cum yet, so, I took it out, removed my fingers from her pussy, and climbed between her legs. I slid my cock in nice and slow, and her sighs and moans got me even harder... I raised her legs and put them on my shoulders as I started to pound her pussy. I then lifted both her legs of my shoulders, and held them straight up, so I could watch my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. I told her I was about to to cum, and asked her where
she wanted it... "Inside", she said... I pumped a few more times, and then exploded inside her... Collapsing on top of her...

She was relaxed...
So was I

End of Story