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Her And Him

A text my wife sent me

I had been talking to Josh all day and by this time we had been regularly sleeping together for a week or two so we decided as usual that after the bike wash I would head over to "hangout"... For some reason I was way horny that day and wanted him like crazy so I wasted no time getting there when I was done.. I pulled up and my heart was racing and my panties were getting wetter by the minute. I knocked once or twice and went in to find him laying shirtless on the couch.. I shut and locked the door and dropped my stuff.. We didn't even say hi I just walked over and started making out with him.. He knew his way around those shorts and quickly his fingers were inside me.. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off.. I stood up above him and slid out of mine. As I stood there taking my shirt off I could see his dick harden even more.. I sat down and immediately shoved his dick inside of me and started fucking him.. It was insane faster and faster and I came all over the couch and we rolled into the floor so he could mount me.. He held me there and pulled my hair fucking me like that for awhile then turned me over and fucked me doggie style.. He only lasted a little longer and until he came all inside me (no condom) ;)

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