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Hatred To Lust Cont

Fit. The only way i convinced her to let me stay was by agreeing it would only be for two weeks and to also give her two hundred bucks. The next week and a half passed with no problems. With only four days left before i was to leave something happened that totally blew me away. I was in the kitchen when in walked karen. Just to make small talk i asked where eric was and she told me he had taken off with some friends. I had known for quite a while now that their relationship was on the rocks but i never expected the conversation that we had to ever happen. Out of the blue karen told me she was tired of having to fake it during sex and she could do it better herself with her array of toys. She went on to then tell me about her two dildos vibrator and her anal beads. I laughed and made a comment about her liking anal sex and she told me she rather enjoyed it.

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