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Hate-love my job

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I worked as the mall security which isn?t a flashy job but it has its advantages. As the job market is dry, this is all I can get at this point and time. I hate to lie so I?ll admit it that I hate it. I?m not even a real cop so it?s quite embarrassing?.. I had a one night stand with a girl from a clothing store in the mall and didn?t think anything of it. Her name was Janet, I think. I was so drunk I do not remember even having sex with her. I saw the condom in the morning and before she left my house she told me thanks for last night. The other day at closing while I was letting the ladies out the door, I noticed a women named Kim said bye really sexy that came from Janet?s store. I thought it was my imagination as she is 5?8 135 lbs 35 and wears the sexiest clothing you could think of. A perfect 10, Sexy not skanky. Her tits have got to be DD?s or larger and by the way they giggle they are 100% real. The guys talk about her all the time as she has been at the mall as a manager for seven years, has no kids, has never been married, and never once tried to get with any guys that we know of. A couple of days later I was making my rounds and I see her standing in the corridor behind her store smoking a cigarette. I was polite and reminded her that these corridors are dangerous as they are like long mazes so anybody could be back here. She looked at me and said good, she?s horny so maybe she can get some action. I froze as I had no idea what to say to that. Then she started to laugh and said she?ll watch in the future. In about three hours I get a page to the same corridor to check for a suspicious person. There she was again. I have to admit she is a walking porno. High heels that made her look 6 ft, short skirt, nylons, lipstick, and a blouse with buttons screaming from the pressure of her breasts. I told her I see you didn?t heed my advice. She looked at me and said I see you didn?t hear me that I was horny and needed to get fucked. The second she said it she kissed me. My dick was so hard as she was perfect in every way. I could get fired but fuck it l?m not stopping her. As we kissed for about 5 minutes she started to unzip my pants. She pulled it out and moaned in my mouth. She said this is what I was looking for and dropped to her knees. Before she licked the pre-cum off she told me I better do my job and look for suspicious people. She then told me she called in the complaint with a smile. She licked my dick and ate my pre-cum. She then tried to swallow my balls while jerking me at a fast rate. Then she started to take the whole 8 inches in her mouth. She swirled her tongue like a pro and started to deep throat me. She fondled by balls with her hands and started to pick up the pace. In about 5 minutes I started to moan I am going to cum. Then I did. At least three thick loads of cum I shot into her mouth. She didn?t lose a drop and moaned as it shot into her mouth. She wiped her lips and said she needed to get back to work. I was left there with a look of disbelieve with my half erect cock leaking wanting more. I went back to work but how can I after that. Two hours later I am making my rounds and I see her in the store. Yes, I purposely walked by so I could run into her. She said in front of two employees that there are two suspicious gentlemen over by the dressing rooms. I follow her and when we got there, nobody was to be found. She went into the dressing room and I followed. She turned around locked the door and said my turn. She kissed me deeply and fondled my cock again. This time I do not give a fuck if I get fired so I pushed back. I sucked her neck and reached under her skirt to run my finger over her panties. She had none on just a pair of crotch less nylons. So I ran my fingers through her lips and back to her asshole. She bite my lip and grinded on me like no other. I then placed two fingers in her cunt and she got electrified. She moaned and grinded even harder whispering dirty thoughts in my ear. Fuck my cunt. Make me scream your name. I want your hard cock in my cunt. Please fuck me. Fuck me. I tore her blouse open and undid her front tying bra. When those tits fell out they were gigantic. 100% real but not really saggy. Wow I had a ton of pre-cum. They were at least DD?S with chocolate cookie nipples which were very large and pointy I sucked her dark cookie nipples like no tomorrow. She took my cock out and brought the pre-cum up to her mouth and ate it. This was really hot to me so I stripped her naked and put on her on the floor on her back. It was now time to eat her out. I teased her by not parting her lips and barely grazing my tongue on her cunt. When I got her clit, I barely touched it and blew wind on it from my mouth. Finally she shoved me head into it so I had no choice. She was acting like she was on hot coals. Gyrating, moaning, and leaking so much juice I almost came again. She turned over into the doggy position with her face in the floor but her ass up. She told me she loved being eaten this way. Who was I to argue. As I ate her I let my nose tickle her asshole. It was quite erotic. I ate her until she had an orgasm in my mouth. There was so much cum I actually thought she might have peed on me but no it was all her cum. I lifted her hips, as she sank to the floor after cumming, and positioned myself behind her as she was still in the doggy position and put my dick in. She was very tight. As my motion picked up I stopped and told her to now you fuck me. Wow, she threw her body back into my dick like no other. All the while talking dirty. She started to shake and moan I?m cumming. She came so hard I thought my dick might be pushed out. I took my dick all the way out and looked at all of her fluid on my dick and got quite aroused. Finally I couldn?t take anymore so I put her on her back and entered her again. This time it was time for me to cum. I put her knees up to her ears and plowed her as hard as I could. All the while she is telling me to fuck her, make her cum again, fuck the dirty slut, and fuck her deep. In about 5 minutes she started to cum again and that was it. I couldn?t take it anymore so I blew the biggest load I ever thought I could into her cunt. She looked up at me and smiled. I then rolled over on the floor next to her. She took some cum out of her pussy and ate it. She had me semi hard again. She licked my dick and ate every ounce that dripped out of my dick, plus her fluids that were quite visible all of my dick and balls. She then took it in her mouth and started to deep throat me again. After about ten more minutes I blew a third load. She lapped it up and again didn?t waste a drop. She got up and while we were both getting dressed she said Janet was right you are a great lay. She walked out and never spoke or acted like this again. The good news is that I have now fucked six women from that store due to word of mouth. Did I mention that I loved my job?!

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