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Handicap Ladies Need Fun Too

I met her though another dating site and we agree to get together at a local resturant. When she pulled up in her van I went over and introduced myself. She invited me to come in and we chatted for a couple of minutes in front of the resturant.
She then asked if I really wanted to go in and eat to which
I said not really. She started the van and drove to a seculded part of a city park where we began to kiss.

I started to fondle her large (36D) tits and she asked if
I'd like to suck them as she pulled her blouse up - she
wasn't wearing a bra. As I eagerly began to kiss and
suck on her large nipples and fondle the other, she began
to rub my cock that was already getting hard.

She undid my belt and zipper and began to stroke my cock when she took it out of my boxers. She had a nice touch and I was hard in a matter of seconds and shot a huge load of cum in a couple of minutes. (I was really horny.)

She complinented me on my cock and the amount of cum I had
produced. We talked a little more about how we could get
a motel room and have intercourse all the while she continued to hold and fondle my cock. When I started getting hard again she asked me to move to the back where I could stand up bent over where she could "take care of me."

She pulled my pants and underwear down aroung my knees having me stand before her while she looked at my growing cock. She bent forward and began to lick my cock up and down the entire length and kissing my balls. She then took me into her mouth and began to deep throat my entire length - not huge but 7 1/2 long and 5 1/2 around. As she sucked my cock she began to squeezed my balls which made me shoot another big load of cum that she sucked and swallowed until I was completely empty.

I was so spent that my legs were shaky and I could hardly stand. My cock was so tender that it tingled when I pulled up my pants.

We made plans to meet again and do more - real soon.

If you would like to hear about our next meeting contact pjpeters2.

End of Story