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Hot Weekend

> A girlfriend I hadn't fucked in 2 yrs. ago came
> to the office Friday.. I followed her to her
> condo she was moving out of. She through down a
> quilt and I proceeded to check out her hard
> clit. Nice and wide I thought.
> She immediately put by balls her her mouth
> sucking and rubbing her tongue on that little
> bump at the bottom of each ball getting a nice
> swell. Putting each ball in her mouth and
> licking at the same time
> She lies back and I carefully push my cock head
> in about one inch(that's all she could take) so
> far. Nice slow short strokes for a few minutes
> going a little deeper and deeper to about
> 5" in. I stroked steady and slow in the
> 5" zone and she came. No squirts like the
> one I left her for. She closed her eyes and I
> kept stroking in about 2 more inches. I can feel
> the lips of my cock head stretching her wider
> and I'm bottoming out. I stroked there until she
> came again. Copious, hot squirts now cover my
> whole organ. All along her eyes are closed
> telling me how she needs a big cock over and
> over. I pull my cock back and jerk off her G
> spot in that first 3 inches or so until she
> tightens up around the opening of her cunt and
> behind that not much muscle tone. The one I fuck
> now has a pussy w/ walls I feel throughout thre
> shaft and a strong tightening around my cock
> head.
> I have to run home, take a shower and fuck the
> girl I'm with all night w/ her new big cock
> headed dildo I bought for her this afternoon. I
> looked for the largest headed one thet was soft
> 7.5 " long like myself. the cock head is
> just a little longer.She wants to watch me jack
> off while she tries the new dildo. I get in the
> bedon my back and jack off while she works the
> big dildo. I begin to work the dildo for her
> while she plays w/ her pierced clit till she
> squirts a huge orgasm on the towel we put down.
> Without delay I now slowly stretch her w/ the
> dildo w/ the same technique I used to enter the
> old girlfriends pussy. Zone by zone, G spot to
> O spot in back. Then after three orgasms I enter
> her pussy and pump her 3-5" deep zone until
> she squirts. It was hot and splashesd against
> the inside of my leg. I never stop and continue
> to fuck balls deep and work the limit of her
> pussy until she cums deep. The cum has gone from
> hot and rice water-like to creamy and smooth
> like the feel of skin cream. Always feeling hot.
> Now its my turn.Pushing hard, deep and without a
> change in pace I release my load deep in the
> recesses of her pussy. Got to time the strokes
> for a complete drain of my sperm. Nice long
> squirts would be good.This was Friday. Two more
> days left over the weekend of fun ahead.

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