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I use to accompany my mother to the bank. Mon is 91 years old and needs help getting around. There is a teller working at the bank by the name of Heather. The first two times I went with my mom, Heather is the person who helped us.

My mother has several CD’s and a money market checking account as well as a safety deposit box. Heather was very kind and helpful. She was also very young and very cute! When my mom and I were done with our banking, Heather always asked if there was anything else she could do for me before we left. I would tell her there was nothing else she could do as long as she was inside the bank working. Then, I slowly began to take over my mother’s finances. In doing so I found that I could use Heather to answer all kinds’ questions I was having concerning my mom’s finances.

I would call her on the phone at work and she would call me back when she had time to help me. She knew my phone number, fax number and account numbers and was quite a big help. Again she would ask the same question as before. I would give her the same answer.

Finally one day while I had her on the phone I again told her what a great help she had been to me. I added I would have to take her out to lunch one day to thank her. I remember she said she usually went home for lunch since she only lived 5 minutes away. At least she didn’t say no.

The next time I went to the bank I asked Heather if she did any work on the side. I told her I was having trouble getting all my mothers funds in order. She said she really didn’t do side work, but I figured I still could work on that angel.

Heather became my personal banker so to speak. I asked her one day if she ever thought of leaving the bank and doing something else. I hinted that I could use a full time bookkeeper for the family investments and such. She didn’t really respond, but I put the idea in her head.

Heather is 5’6” tall and weighs around 110 pounds. She has a perfect figure, smaller tits, (34B) great legs, outstanding smile, and blue eyes.

During July of this year, I went to the bank to cash a check. I haven’t worked in a while so the checks I cash are usually over 2K. When she finished counting back the cash I asked her if she likes to gamble. I knew she would say yes!

The next month when I cashed a check I finally asked her the question I had dreamt about asking. I told her I wanted to take her to Reno for the weekend on a gambling trip and I wanted her to come with me. She didn’t know quite what to say. I had taken her by surprise. I told her to think about it and I would call her in a couple of days.

About a week passed before I called Heather again. Finally I asked about the trip. She said yes she’d go. I was speechless. I couldn’t believe I was so lucky! I told her when we arrived the first thing we would do is go shopping. We needed to buy her a new evening dress, a couple of night gowns, and some jewelry.

I made reservations ay Harrah’s Hotel for Friday and Saturday night. As soon as we checked in, we went downstairs shopping. It cost about $600 for the dress, teddy, night gown, shoes, and some jewelry, but it was worth every penny!

The evening dress we purchased was a black light weight low cut and almost see thru. It was cut short, about 9 inches above her knees with a slit up each side to the middle of her thigh. I looked great with her new necklace and bracelets.

We took all the packages up to the room. I asked her to put the dress on for me again so I could take a picture or two. Heather came out in her dress after a couple of minutes. She was gorgeous! I spun her around and faced her toward the mirror. I wanted her to see how pretty she looked.

I reached over her shoulders and slid my hands down the front of Heather’s dress and found both of her tits. I began to fondle then and play with her nipples. I turned her toward me and placed my lips against hers. She responded with a passion I could only have dreamt about. I lowered the dress down below her tits and eagerly placed my mouth on her left tit. It was softer that I could ever have imagined with a stiff little nipple for my tong to wrap around.

I could have taken Heather right there and then. However, Heather was and wanted to go gambling. She pulled her dress back up above her tits, and put on her new high heel shoes. We went downstairs to gamble. I gave her $200 to start and showed her around the place. When she felt confident, I stepped back to watch as she played.

Heather got all kinds of looks from the guys who saw her. There were a few who even turned around to pass her by a second time to get a better look. Heather gambled about two hours with me looking out for her and giving my encouragement.

We had reservations for a show at 9 o’clock. I went by to make sure the reservations were still there and everything would be alright. Everything was fine. I went back to get Heather. We moved over to the line for the show.

When the fellow checking the reservations saw Heather, he took us right in and sat us down right in the front row. Heather was impressed. I told her we got those seats because the waiter was impressed with her! I knew I was right.

The dinner and show was fun. When it was over, Heather and I gamboled a little more then took the elevator back to our room. Heather changed into her night gown, and I opened a bottle of champagne from the room’s portable bar. I poured two glasses and hander one.

I told her how magnificent she looked in the new night gown. We finished off the bottle and opened another. I didn’t know id Heather did drugs or not. We hadn’t talked much about that subject. I did fill my crank pipe and asked her if she wanted to do any. She did, and she wondered the same thing about me.

We finished the second bottle and a second pipe load. Heather then leaned toward me and gave me a sensuous kiss while placing her arms around my neck and pulling me toward her. I could feel my cock stiffen with anticipation of what was to come.

I knelt up on the bed and turned Heather around so we were facing the same way. I slipped off my shirt and pants then pressed my stiffened cock up against he ass. I slipped the left strap off her night gown and ran my hand against her tit.

Heather became a wild woman. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t let me do, and she did everything to me I could have imagined. This went on for at least and hour and a half before she fell in my arms exhausted.

When we woke it was the next morning, and the begging of the second best day of my life. We took our first shower together and gave each other the best oral sex she or I have ever had. A good way to start the day!

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