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Gorilla Sex

every time my wife and I watch any movie with a gorilla in it my wife gets so horny I have to fuck the shit out her cause she drives me crazy about how crazy it would be if she was in the jungle and she was r*ped by a gorilla.I can t begin to tell you how crazy she gets when she sees Jessica Lange getting dried by King Kong as he blows on her.So the next big idea I get is to rent a gorilla suit and make my wife s fantasy real.I wait until see goes to sleep she s naked and I see her naked body and I get so horny I can hardly wait to fuck her.I put the suit on and I stick my head between her legs and I start to suck her pussy and Carol goes to grab my head and when she feels the fur she turns the light on and she says what are you up to.I start to make gorilla noise and Carol says fuck me now you horny gorilla.I stick my cock in her pussy and she comes all over my cock.I start to fuck her like I think a gorilla would fuck her and she screams so loud with delight I fuck her as hard as I can.I shoot my big load in her pussy and Carol isn t satisfied so we fuck all night and she asks me to keep the gorilla suit on .Oh what a night

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