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God I Love Fishin

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I was excited about finally gettin out of the city & goin to the ?Lake of Dreams?. I?d heard about this place for years & could just never seem to find enough time to go there. I?d heard it?s a fisherman?s dream & one of the most peaceful & serene places on Earth. Three days of nothing but fishin & relaxin away from all the hustle & bustle of the city. Finally the day comes, I?m packed, ready to go, no lookin back (for 3 days any way) until work on Monday. My buddy John?s cabin was perfect, a fireplace (huge enough for all the fish I would catch) lots a windows, no TVs, phones or anything else that even resembles ?everyday? life. And right there as I open the door, the biggest bed I think I?ve ever seen. Now for the really important stuff, where did I set my rod, reel & that darn bait? Ready or not fish, here I come. Thank the good Lord the fish were bitin that day cuz I musta caught 12-15 of the best lookin Rainbow Trout I have ever seen & I knew my weekend had gotten off to a great start. Anybody who does this enough knows the best way to cook those babies is to start a fire on the grill & have at it. Course I hate the guttin part but u get through it & then it gets good. So finally after all day of fishin & cookin, I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open & that?s it for me. That bed is callin my name & not answerin that call, is not an option. So there I am fast asleep, with visions of fish dancin in my head & there?s this really loud ?Thump, thump, thump? on the door. Scares me so bad I nearly crap myself trying to wake up enough to throw something on & and answer the damn door. So there I am, I turn on the porch light, unlock & swing the door wide open ready to beat the??Oh My God in Heaven?there is this amazingly gorgeous creature standing there soakin wringin wet askin me if I have a phone? As I stood back trying to catch my breath (gulp) & form some words, I hear myself say, ?please come in little lady cuz it is freezin out there?. Now as I close the door I?m thinkin, man I love fishin & I hope she can stay forever (I mean for awhile). So I ask her what?s wrong & she looks back at me with the most beautiful hazel-green eyes I have ever seen & says, ?I had the stupid idea to try & clear my head by camping near the Lake of Dreams?, not too far from here actually when the rain started coming down so hard that it knocked my tent over & I couldn?t get it set up again. So there I am about to freeze to death when I smell this amazing smell of fish & what appeared to be smoke coming from somewhere over here & so I figure why not, I need to get out of this freezing weather & what other choice do I have right now? So I told her to hold on a sec & I went to my room to grab a towel & a blanket for het to take off those wet clothes & dry off (being the gentleman I am of course) then I show her where the bathroom is & she leaves the room. So there I am thinkin to myself, ?Is this a dream or real or maybe I?ve been dropped into the Twilight Zone & somebody forgot to tell me?. So I hurry up, grab some more wood, throw it on the fire & start up a pot of coffee cuz I know she is so cold she won?t say no to a cup or two. Just about the time here comes this woman from ?MY? bathroom arin nothing but a blanket & a smile. Did I mention how much I love fishin in the Fall? ?By the way, my name is Barb, like the Barbie doll?. Wow that?s a great name especially, and pardon me for sayin this mam, but you do look a lot like her. Oh that?s ok I get that a lot so your fine. Well Barb I?m Jack & I am here for 3 days for some relaxin & fishin. Normally it?s empty here but I needed a break & I got a buddy that said I could us his cabin for a few days & so I decided to take him up on it, (apparently lucky for us both). Oh Jack, is it? Yes exactly, can I dry these by the fire? Of course u can since I don?t have a dryer handy (Thank God). May I sit, yes please, I?m so sorry, I should?ve asked. As she went to sit down I couldn?t help but notice her beautiful glistening skin in the fire light. ?So I couldn?t help noticin that ur kind of a natural beauty, I mean not much make-up and still very pretty.? ?Well I really try to keep it simple & life is way too short to be too fussy about stuff that doesn?t really matter any way.? I know this next statement is going to sound kinda strange but I actually love to eat ?real food? cuz I hate it when women are so skinny they look like they could blow away with the next wind.? ?I totally agree, cuz I am not into skinny women myself. Bring on a woman who has some brains, likes to laugh & have fun & actually eats, than she sounds perfect to me.? ?Ya know Jack, I must confess, it?s no accident that I ended up here at your door. I came here to camp & noticed you when I was out hiking & you were so cute over there just catching your fish & reeling em in that I was intrigued enough to take a closer look.? ?I must admit I?m flattered mam.? ?Please, stop calling me that, cuz at 40-ish I?m not old enough for that name just yet. So I said to myself, man he is hot & I don?t see a ring, so that?s when I decided to wait until the lights were out before I knocked. I figured if a woman answered I would ask the phone, pretend to make a call & leave.? ?So you really had it all figured out? Well Barb, would you like a cup of coffee & sit down here with me by the fire? I promise, I won?t bite?, (at least not yet). As she laughed, she moved to the blanket I was sittin on & smiled at me & then she started to laugh quietly to herself. ?Something funny?, I asked? She said, ?I just had a thought about your lips & I am almost embarrassed to mention it but.. ?Well ya might as well cuz I really wanna know.? ?Ok fine I?ll tell you?, ?I was wondering what your lips might taste like, especially that bottom one right there? (as she says this, she reaches over to trace the outside of my bottom lip). And I?m thinkin to myself, (Hell yea you can, bring it on). The next thing I know she has reached over pulled me to her & gives me the softest most delicious kiss I have ever had in my life. ?Wow, that was amazin & what is that taste??? Strawberries from my lip gloss if that?s ok?? Next thing I know we are embracing & I am holding her so tight & kissing her so deeply that our tongues become one & our bodies start to melt into each other, again I have to say it, (God I Love Fishin). The next thing I see is her milky white shoulders & then the top of her supple & oh so perky breasts. As the blanket continues to fall I can?t help but notice the way she smells, like roasted marsh mellows from a fire on a chilly Fall evening. God she smelled great. The next thing I know, she hands me a brush & ask if I wouldn?t mind cuz she just loves it when someone else brushes her hair. And I?m thinkin do fish swim? So as I start to brush her long lush thick blond hair, just then she starts to make a sound like moanin or something. So there I am brushing the most beautiful hair & a woman that I have only dreamed about & then she leans her head back to kiss me & wow what a kiss! As I fall deeper into her I start kissing that long oh so perfect neck. First soft sweet little kisses & then as the kisses start to get more intense, I slowly start to move down to her waiting breasts. And then there they are, the firmest, oh so perky nipples & right then & there I have to suck em & taste em & I start to French kiss one & then the next until they are fully in my mouth being sucked on as though I were making love to each one. In & out, in & out as I enjoy every last mouth full. Now she is on her back, blanket totally open & her lovely hairless pussy awaits. So as I am licking her belly all the way to the top of oh so mouth watering thighs, I separate her legs, one at a time, as again she makes the slight moaning sound (which by now has become music to my ears). Then I find my tongue at the mouth of her lips & I notice how moist & swelled they are & a smell that I know so well only sweeter. As I start to lick & kiss and nestle right into the perfect spot, I notice she is gettin wetter & her moaning has become a little louder. As I am doin this I am twirling & squeezing her breasts which makes the cum start to squirt a bit. As the juices are startin to flow, I am so ready & I just have to have be inside her waitin pussy. So I take my throbbin cock and with a soft by oh so amazin thrust, I am inside her. There, in & out, in & out, in & out over & over & both getting warmer & hips moving faster together to a song that only ours bodies knew the tune to. Finally the build-up is overwhelming and as we both cum together with such a pulsatin movement I empty every last drop until I?m sure she has all I have to give her. As we lay there neither of us wanting to move as we?re enjoyin the feelin, our breath a little heavier, me so enjoyin the warmth of her soft skin against mine, I roll her over on top of me & we just lay there for what seems like forever just holdin & kissin & then the sweetest sleep I can ever remember took over & we were gone. The next morning I wake up to find myself on the floor next to a few embers left in the fire & no one else there. So as I try to open my eyes to see, I call out, ?Barb, honey where are you?. So I figure she must be in the bathroom, so I walk over to the door & say ?Barb, are you ok in there?? Crap no answer. Well it don?t take no rocket scientist to figure out, ain?t nobody here but me & the fish. So the next two days as I?m relaxin & ponderin rather any of it was real or not, I just can?t help thinkin, ?God I love Fishin!!?

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