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Getting to know my Neighbor

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Previously I shared a couple of adventures titled My Roommate with Benefits. This is one is about getting to know my next door neighbor.

When I was in my early 40?s, I moved into a duplex with my girlfriend, Donna. It was located at the very end of a long street of duplexes. The property owner had told us it was very quiet and that a single woman, about our age, occupied the other half of the unit. I do not remember how I actually came to speak to our neighbor for the first time. I know we spend time just saying hello, as we passed coming and going or getting the mail. She was always well dressed for work, very business like and extremely conservative, long skirts, low heels or boots and suit coats over sweaters or blouses and always scarves. The colors were very muted and drab. Her appearance was almost to the point of being a librarian. There was no hint of the body hidden underneath all the layers of clothing. Her brown hair was on the thin side, cut into just above the shoulder bob and her eyeglasses added to the librarian appearance. She was always was wearing full make up. What caught my attention was the loveliest, friendly smile. Eventually the opportunity came to introduce ourselves. Eileen worked in the advertising department of a large chain of department stores. Her flair for makeup must have come from too much time at the makeup counter. On the weekends, she was always wearing baggy sweats. I also noticed that she had almost no company and there were never any cars in the driveway over night. The neighborly relationship developed from there. I rolled her garbage cans back up the driveway on trash day, helped her with minor repair problems. We looked after her house cat when she went on vacation. All the usual things neighbors do for each other.

One warm summer night I could hear that, someone near by seemed to be having a party, as a stereo was blasting away. Sometime after the 11 o?clock news, I felt that it was late enough to ask whomever it was to turn thing down a bit, so we could get some sleep. I waked out in the front yard to see if I could figure out where the party was. I was surprised to find the music was coming from next door. Except, there was not a car parked in the driveway or any cars parked nearby. I headed next door and knocked on the door, but there was no answer. I called out Eileen?s name a few times. The neighbor from the next unit came out about the same time for the same reason. He saw me knocking and I told him that I would take care of it. After several minutes if knocking and calling out with no response, I thought what the heck and tried the doorknob.

I was a bit surprised when it turned. As I walked through the door, I called out ?Eileen.? Then I saw her across the living room dancing around stark naked, obviously very drunk. Looking around the room, it appeared that she was totally alone. I calmly walked over to her stereo and turned the volume down. I politely told her that it was getting a bit late and the next-door neighbor was complaining. I tried not to stare, but at the same time tried to take in as much as possible as she continued to dance about the room. My neighbor had been hiding one very hot body underneath all the layers of clothing. She had large full C cup breasts with no sag, lovely erect pink nipples, a trim waste, leading down to an untrimmed bush and shapely hips. Then again, this was before bald pussies became popular and women just trimmed enough to make sure there were no stray hairs peeking out of their swimsuits. She had a small butt and thin but toned legs. Eileen said she was having a little party with her cats. Danced her way over to me and locked her extended her arms around my neck, leaving some room between our bodies and asked if I wanted to stay. Not being one to take advantage of a drunken woman, I declined and slipped free. I told her I had to work early in the morning left, but would take a rain check. As I went out the door, I had to turn and take one more look at her hot body. I told her to enjoy her self, but please keep the music down. I also decided I would definitely be getting to know my neighbor better.

I did not see her for a couple of day. I figured she was hung over the next day and maybe a little embarrassed after that. That was if she even remembered that I had been there at all. Finally, we were both arrived home at the same time. I had parked my truck in the driveway and was walking back from the mailbox, as she pulled in to her garage. Rather than going directly into the house, she too walked out the mailbox. As we approached each other, she stopped first and looking a down said, ?I am sorry about the other night. I was a bit depressed and thought a couple of drinks?. I guess I had more than a couple and then a bit too much fun.? Her face was blushing slightly, so I knew she remembered my visit.

I replied ?No problem, it was just getting a little late for volume of the stereo. It was better that I came over before one of the other neighbors called the sheriff and complained. ?Then I made her blush more when I added, ?Besides I definitely enjoyed myself and appreciated the invitation to stay.? I stepped towards her, reached out, took her into my arms, and gave her a full body hug. I felt her arms wrapped around my waist just as tight. Then as I released her, I added, ?Remember I even asked for a rain check.? Eileen smiled through her blush, replied ?Thanks.?, and then gave me another hug. This time, as I let go of the hug, I let my hands slide down her back. When my finger crossed her waist, I did not encounter a panty line, but instead heave inch wide band similar to a bra strap moving further and across her butt and hips. My fingers confirmed that under her long skirt she was wearing a garter belt with her stockings and no panties.

I stepped back slightly and smiled, ?Eileen, for the second time in a matter of days you have surprised me.? She got a bit of a confused look. I added, ?I like your taste in lingerie. I have always enjoyed a woman in stockings and a garter belt. And especially without panties?? ?You have such a prim and proper conservative appearance on the outside and underneath you are someone else.?

She stammered a bit and then explained that it was something she did when she had to do a presentation at work. A mind game she played. Her secret from the others, that if they only knew. I told her that, ?now two of us know, but I will keep your secret. Just sometime in the future, when I use the rain check from your party, I hope it will include a fashion show. ? I got a shy smile with an ?hmm maybe? in return and she headed off to check her mail. Over the next few weeks, I received a few very nice full body hugs as thanks for my various deeds.

One day Eileen needed help moving a large storage cabinet in her spare bedroom. It took both of us working together to do the job. The final push found me standing directly behind her and reaching around her. When we finished I just wrapped my arms around her waist and gave her a hug. In return, she pulled my arms tighter around her. She was dressed in her usual weekend sweats. Earlier I noticed the jiggle that told me Eileen was not wearing a bra. When she released my arms, I casually slid my hands up under her sweatshirt. Her body was soft and warm to the touch. As I felt her lean back into me, my hands moved further upward until I was cupping a bare breast in each hand. I began massaging them and then running my fingers over her rapidly hardening nipples. He head lulled back against my shoulder coming to a rest against the side of my face in pleasure.

When I removed my hands, she turned around and our lips met in a long deep and wet kiss. I took the opportunity to slide a hand down the back of her sweat pants. I discovered she was not wearing panties either as I grasped a handful of her soft butt cheek. When we broke from the kiss, I grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and lifted it up and off, leaving Eileen standing in front of me topless. I told her ?I think I want to use my rain check now.? I then took her face in my hands and gave her another long deep kiss. I felt her hands pulling my t-shirt up, so I released her face, raised my arms over my head, and broke our kiss. We resumed kissing with the feeling of her bare breasts pressing against my naked chest. I took her in my arms and kissed her once again. We both started to finish undressing each other, as I untied her sweats and she undid my belt and unzipped my pants. After helping her step out of her sweatpants, she knelt down and finished removing my pants and underwear. There she was on her knees facing my now raging hard cock. Without hesitation, she leaned forward and placed her soft lips against it in a kiss, followed by licking it from the base to the tip several times before taking it fully into her mouth.

I enjoyed several minutes of her excellent oral talents, but did not wanting to come just yet. I reached down, lifted her to her feet, and led her over to the twin bed. I had Eileen sit down, as I could not wait to experience the taste of the pussy that lay hidden under her full bush. However, first I wanted to play with her lovely full breasts and feel her pink nipples between my lips. Eileen was responding to my touch. I felt that if I kept it up long enough that she might cum without my ever touching her pussy. Finally, I spread her legs, I knelt down and began kissing my way up the inside of her right thigh and then around the outside and top of her pubic hair line and back down the left leg until I reached her knee. I then started back up again, until I reached the outside of her pussy lips. I was met with the sweet aroma of her musk and the wettest pussy. I used my fingers to spread the moisture-matted hair and open the outer lips of her vagina. I then began licking my way from the bottom up and then down repeating the process. I enjoyed tasting her juices. My tongue could feel her vulva growing with each visit. Finally took the nub between my lips and began sucking on it until I could taste her sweet juices flowing into my mouth. Eileen began loudly moaning my name, as I brought her to a head trashing orgasm. Her body was engulfed in a series of spasms and trembles for several minutes. She continues to be clearly the most orgasmic woman I had ever met.

I did not give her any time to recover, immediately stood up, and easily slid my hard cock in to her extremely wet, but tight pussy. She was still trembling from the experience of her massive orgasm. Normally I would have started slowly and built us both to climax. However, I wanted to see if I could take Eileen to a higher level. Standing at the edge of the bed, I hooked her legs over my arms began pounding my cock in and out of her. I used my arms to lift her ass off the bed and pull her against my hips increasing the force of each thrust. Eileen immediately began to respond, both physically and vocally. In no time, she was experiencing another massive orgasm. Without removing my cock from her now sopping wet pussy, I rolled onto the bed and onto my back, putting her astride my body. Eileen immediately began riding my cock with insatiable abandon. After a few moments of watching you full breasts bouncing up and down I reached up an took one in each and firmly squeezed. I then took her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and began pinching and pulling on them. I added a twisting to the nipple pulling. This brought Eileen to further ecstasy. I was glad my girlfriend was not home, as I know she would have heard Eileen through the walls. Finally, I could not hold back any longer and added my load to the tremendous wetness of her pussy, which brought her to her fourth, fifth or six orgasm. I had lost count. She collapsed exhausted onto my chest, her body was dripping wet in sweat. I reached over and threw the bed spread across the top of us as we both regained our composure. Exhausted we rolled on to our side and drifted off to sleep.

We awoke a short while later. My cock had slipped out of her while asleep. I caressed her face and kissed her lightly on the lips. We thanked each other repeatedly. I told her that I should get going before Donna got home and proceeded to get dressed. She remained under the covers until I was finished and then waked me to the door in the nude. I reminder her that if she ever needed any special help to let me know and we enjoyed a deep goodbye kiss. Eileen told me that she would definitely be in need again soon. It was the start of a sexual liaison that would last over a decade and a friendship that has endured over two.

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