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Fun in the shower

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I drew the razor down across m stubble as I scowled into the mirror as I shaved. I was still brewing about the argument with Jean when she opened the door of the bathroom and strolled in completely naked. I tried not to look at her as breast swayed from the movement of her stride. But as usual it was impossible not to stare at her luscious body. She said that she was taking the advice given to us in our marriage encounter weekend back when we were engaged, “if you are angry or fighting with each other, get naked”. She then asked if I want to have a little fun in the shower. I think my cock answered before I could formulate a response.

I quickly finished up shaving and followed Jean into the shower. After adjust the water she turned around and reached down and wrapped her hand around my now swollen shaft. She gave me a few strokes and suggested sex in the shower. We have played around in the shower many times but we have never had intercourse. She asked where the KY was, so I stepped out of the shower and went into the bedroom to retrieve the gel. My hard cock bounced against my stomach as I came back into the bathroom and locked the door behind me.

I stepped back into the shower and caught her smile and the twinkle in her eye. Mmmm, I am a lucky guy!!! As I applied a dollop ok KY to the head of my cock, she was lubing her lips. She suggested that I squat down low and she would sit down on me. After sliding my hardness into her it was obvious that this was going to be difficult to manage the position. So, I suggested she stand up and lean against a wall and I would come in from behind. I had fantasized about this position for years and now it was going to become a reality.

She placed her hands against the glass shower wall a stuck her cute bum out for me. I nearly blew my load just seeing this and anticipating the sensation. I lowered my self down and poked around trying to get back inside, she reached down to help guide me in to her warmth. As I pressed my self all the way in, my abdomen pressed against the curve of her bum and my thighs rubbed the back of hers. As I drew my self back the underside of my cock head rubbed the walls of her vagina. The pleasure was excruciating.

I didn’t know what to do with my hands. I wanted to grab her ass and pull it back into me. I wanted to feel the narrowness of her hips, which were accentuated in this position. I wanted to rub the soft skin of her back. I needed to feel her lips and clitoris. I did all of these things and wanted more. As I reached around to cup the fullness of her swaying breast I caught a glimpse of us in the mirror. The shower glass was steamed, but I could still make out our image. I could feel the hardness of her nipples in my hand. I desperately wanted to take her tits into my mouth. The wonderful feeling of the weight of her boobs in my hand made me close my eyes in wonderment. The excitement in my body was nearly too much to bear. Her pussy wrapped my cock like a warm wet blanket, squeezing my shaft so that my head bulged and rubbed the tenderness of her insides. I watched her bum as slid back and forth. I could see the sides of her breast as they swayed to my thrusts. I could barely keep my eyes open but I had to make sure this was real.

Finally I couldn’t stop the sensation of an orgasm building in my dick. I could feel the warm sperm shooting out of my cock as it convulsed in the warmth of box. I continued to thrust slowly as emptied myself. I wanted to stay inside, but I knew this position was awkward for her, so I pulled out. I looked down as I pulled my hardness, wet with her juices and my cum. She turned around and smiled and asked me if I had liked that. I told her it was a fantasy that had come true.

As we washed each other I couldn’t get the thoughts of what just happened out my mind.

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