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Fun at the Lake

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It is a warm, overcast July evening and the sun is just begining to set. The clouds are shot with red highlights, as we complete our drive to Saguaro Lake. The cloudy sky is threating another spectacular Arizona Monsoon, sure to be fraught with lightning.

We've brought a blanket, a cooler of beer and snacks, as well as two small fishing poles and cheese-dogs for bait (to at least keep the pretense that we are here to fish). As we walk slowly along the trail, watching the few boaters begin to head for shore, and feeling the humidity weigh down upon us, we become aware that the storm is almost upon us. Just before we reach the cover of the floating pier, the downpour begins.

You are wearing a thin cotton shirt, and tight denim shorts, which quickly become saturated with the rain, outlining every sensuous curve of your body. I have dressed much the same and am also unprepared for the deluge, but welcome it's arrival for the selcusion it offers us. Walking along the small pier, our destination the covered portion in the center, we quickly realize that we've got this particular portion of the world all to ourselves. The drumming of the rain on the tin roof covering the pier drowns out all other sound and offers a peaceful rhythm. The sheets of water from the sky, and those running off the roof, effectively screen us from the sight of any passersby. With this realization, we aproach each other and begin a long awaited kiss.

Our dampened bodies press against each other, our hands entwining each other's body, searching for release of our inhibitions. Feeling your nipples harden from the cool water, and the ministrations of my fingers, I become aroused and my breath quickens. I hold you against me, reaching behind you to grab your ass, then moving my hands upward to pull your shirt over your head. As your breasts fall free, I cup each in my hands, while leaning down and tracing my tounge around the areola and nipple of each, making you squirm against me. I stand upright again and press forward slowly, causing you to give ground and move backward, until your back and ass are against the railing of the pier. Using my finger tips and tongue, and soft kisses from my lips, I trace languidly across your skin, tantalizing your flesh, bringing up goose-bumps of excitement. Tracing slowly across your shoulders, up and down your neck, between and across your breasts, and down your stomach, pausing intermitently as I go, to determine your enjoyment.

Slowly dropping to my knees as I travel down your body, I continue with my hands down from your stomach, unbuttoning your shorts and sliding them down your ass, until they fall to the ground. Continueing my hands down the back of your theighs, separating your legs, so you are standing before me with your pussy begging for my attention. Using my fingers, I separate the lips of your pussy, while inserting two fingers and flicking your clit with my tongue. As I lick and suck your pussy, tasting you as you become more and more wet, you are squezing your tits and pinching your nipples, bringing yourself closer and closer to orgasm. Still sucking and fingering your pussy, I slide one finger in your ass, causing you to shudder with excitement. Fingering and sucking your pussy harder and harder, with you moaning and fondling your tits, I finally make you cum, tasting your wet sweetness fill my mouth.

With the taste of you still on my lips, I stand and kiss you again, rubbing and squezing your tits, feeling your heart race in your chest. You pull my shirt up over my head and unbutton my shorts while saying "I want you to fuck me in the rain". Not one to deny a lady's request, I happily oblige. Leading you out from under the shelter of the covered area of the pier, I walk us to the farthest point of the pier. I put my hands around your waist and lift you onto the rail of the pier. With your arms around my shoulders, to steady you and keep you from falling in the water, I move myself to between your thighs. Seeking an even rhythm, I slide into you, feeling your pussy tighten on my cock. Holding you to me as we fuck, feeling your excitement increase with mine, my thrusts become more and more forceful. On the verge of my own orgasm, I feel your pussy begin to spasm as, with out fluids mingling we both cum simultaneously.

Our hunger for each other still not sated, but our bodies soaked with rain and sweat, we return to the sheltered area of the pier. Sensing my continued longing for you, you take my semi-rigid cock in your hand, and begin to coax it back to life. When I've become hard again, you walk to the rail of the pier, face the water, and leaning out over the rail, with your legs spread and your head in the rain, you say to me "Don, I want you to fuck me in the ass". Throbbing with excitement, I quickly move at your command. Easing into you, I reach from behind and ake your tits in my hands. Pulling and twisting your nipples while you finger yourself, I thrust deeper and deeper, feeling you squirm beneath me. Once again, I feel your legs tremble, as this time your ass muscles are squeezing my cock. Suddenly, you begin to moan and say, "Fuck me harder, FUCK ME!!" while you have yet another orgasm. Not being able to hold out any longer, and with your enthusiasm encouraging me, I am barely able to pump your ass a few more times, before I cum explosively inside you.

After we separate, you again take me out into the rain, to let the water wash away our sweat & mingled fluids. Then you tell me its time for you to have some fun with me, and take me back under the shelter. You rub tantalizingly against me. Nibbleing my ears, and kissing my neck, you take my cock in your hand, stroking me as you kiss down my body. Holding me in your hand, you run your tongue around the head, licking the pre-cum from the tip. You cup my balls while taking me as deep in your mouth as possible, feeling the mushroom head touch the back of your throat, over and over. Continually stroking while you suck, you feel my pulse through my cock, and hear my breathing become more and more excited. Knowing that I will not be able to hold out much longer, you slow your pace, delaying the inevitable orgasm as long as possible, so as to increase it's intensity. When you feel I can stand no more, you stop sucking, and continue to stroke, waiting with open mouth until I shoot cum in your mouth, while you suck down every drop.......

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