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Fuck buddy experience

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I had met Alice and her then partner Mike and enjoyed some very exciting MFM threesome fun with them. Mike left Alice and for a while she obviously wanted time to see how she felt and what she wanted as I was married to someone who did not want to be part of the lifestyle, but had no wish to leave my wife and family.

Alice contacted me a little while later to say she did not want to have "an affair" with me, but would like to be able to just enjoy sex and as she knew I liked threesomes to be able to use that option from time to time. This now what I know is called a "fuck buddy" arrangement, but at the time seemed very radical!

Now I am not sure too many gentlemen would turn down the chance to have great sex with a very exciting and imaginative lady who was willing to experiment with all sorts of ideas! Anyway this gentleman said yes pretty damn quick.

Firstly let me describe Alice, at 5ft 2in and a dress size 16/18 she was all woman. Blond short hair blue eyes and a 40DD bust, with very sensitive nipples and legs that were slim for her size that met an arse that is to die for. Her ability with oral sex was unbelievable and she was able to manually take one to new heights, but her cunt was a silken heaven. When you penetrated her it felt like being kissed by an angel, her cunt holding you gently, but firmly and she was able to contract and relax her muscles in a way that seemed to pump the sperm from you. All in all I could never understand why Mike would walk out on this sex goddess.

We would meet up from to time and I will describe one paricular time which was memorable, at least for me. Normally we would meet at a Travelodge just off the A1 at about 9am as it was a safe half way meet. We had got into a routine of having the morning of activilty and trying not to come for the first time until lunch time. This usually meant 3 hours of sucking and fucking, wanking and stroking and winding each other up with fantasies and wants, and if you have not tried it I strongly recommend you try it.

One of the fantasies that Alice and I shared was about doing a shopping expedition with her "flashing" and buying some phallic shaped goods and then taking them home to use on her. So on this particular day she said she wanted to meet me at the Morrisons in Bradford and then to go to her home rather than the motel. The idea being that she would feel safe enough to be "tied & teased" that was part of our fantasy.

Sorry for taking so long to set the scene and I hope it will be worth for you.

The idea was that we would meet at the Morrisons just off the M606 and she would wear a low cut summer blouse, a short mini skirt and very little else! As I parked the car she was by the passenger door before I had seen her she slid into the seat next to me in the car park, it was easy to see that she had a bra on and whilst she had on a very low cut top and a black and white checked wrap around mini, part of the fantasy was that she would have to have driven here with nothing else on. Almost before I could say anything she said "I got the bus here so we could drive home together I have been stared at by a few guys and the walk from the bus stop was brilliant, I didn't need to wait for a break in the traffic to cross the road as drivers stopped for me!"

I was not surprised, but she was wearing a bra and the deal was she was going to have to flash nipple in the store. She held my hand and pulled it down to her thigh and I ran my hand up to her cunt, "You can feel how wet I am" she said. "I will now do as I was told and take off my bra" With that she unclipped her bra and and pulled it out from under her top and her nipples were like hat pegs, amazing I muttered and moved her hand over my prick as it was straining against my zip. As she gently rubbed and felt my hard we went over the plan and the idea of flashing and exciting strangers turned her on in a big way so the next couple of hours looked like it would be a real high.

We decided on a shopping list. She was to select one each of a cucumber, carrot, parsnip, courgette and banana. She would go round the store looking at other items and buy one more phallic shaped item and a packet of condoms, flashing her tits and her cunt at least once. If I saw her nipples in the store and her pubic hair then she would be rewarded if I didn't she would be "punished" when we got home. She was very nervous, but high as a kite and as I checked with her I got out the car and went round to open the door for her. "Better take your knickers off now" I said as she started to get out revealing that she was wearing some. "You know the score" I reminded her. She took them off looking around to make sure no one else could see and then handed them to me.

She then kissed me and moved away towards the store. I waited a few steps behind her admiring the sway of her hips as she made her way through the car park.I stayed a few steps behind her as she entered the store.

The vegatable stands are the first ones you find and she went straight to select the items chosen. Carefully selecting only one of each and fondling each one to ensure it was of a size and smooth shape to provide the desired effect, to feed a different kind of hunger than intended. When she was holding a cucumber and almost wanking it another elderly shopper was standing almost open mouthed looking at her. At this point she noticed him and bending from the hips lent as if to see an item closer to him. Even from where I was it was easy to see her breasts and he must have been able to see her nipples. The effect was amazing I just wanted to grab her and find the nearest place to fuck her brains out!

She looked up directly into this guys eyes and asked him if he was enjoying the view. I thought he would expire on the spot, but just mumbled and skuttled away.

As she moved round the store looking for the "other item" she found a shelve of deodarant cans that seemed to be a perfect choice. She squatted down on her heels and as a middle aged couple came toward her she slowly opened her knees whilst concentrating supposedly on the label of the item she was holding. She was also fondling the can rubbing the top of it in a very suggestive way.

Almost in slow motion you could see the man in the couple look and then do a comedy "double-take" as his head span round. Alice did not move, just opened her kees a little wider as did the guys eyes. The feeling was unbelievable. Not only had I seen her pubic hair, but with squating down and opening her knees like that her cunt lips had been clearly visible. Alice stood up and gently brushed against him as she walked past the couple, she told me later that she whispered "Not everything you see is for sale today, sir" and said it made her feel very much in control and she had lost her nervousness.

Next Alice went to the pharmacy section to get the condoms and then quickly made her way to the checkout. She could not believe her luck as a youngish lad was on the tills and she made a bee-line for his till.

She gently placed each item on the conveyor belt looking directly at him. It took a while for him to think this was not the average shopping basket, and when she put the condoms down last he shot her a look that was embarrassed, quizzical and questioning all at the same time. His eyes were instantly taken from her face to her tits and Alice then lent forward to reach for a chocolote bar next to him. His eyes came out on stalks, he was unable to speak, he was trying very hard to mumble the usual "till speak", but basically a very small squeak was all that came out. She took hold of his hand and gently said that perhaps he liked what he saw and there was nothig wrong with that so to take a good look if he wanted.

He then did exactly that, asking for the money and talking to her saying that he hoped she enjoyed her purchases, she told him there was every chance of that. As she moved away his eyes followed her and it was the next customer that had to draw his attention to get some service.

As Alice walked out the store I followed a few steps behind, as soon as she was outside I drew level with her and put my arm around her wiast and she lent her head on my shoulder and gasped "God I have never been so nervous and excited at the same time, I need to be fucked and pretty damn quick" I said " That was amazing I am so hard it is difficult to walk, I need to fuck you as you have earned your reward" The drive home was a blur really, she telling me how it felt as she watched several other guys trying to get a eyeful as she wandered the store. How it felt to know they wanted to fuck her and knowing I was watching and checking that she did not chicken out.

When we got home we had to really control ourselves as we had planned and both knew what would happen next. I had brought with me several of my old ties and with the shopping unpacked and washed I took her blouse off. She bent over one end of her kitchen table and I tied her ankles to the bottom of two of the table legs and with her laying face down across the table her wrists to the top of the other legs. She was on tip toe and face down. Her skirt was still on, but it was easy to lift up to expose her bum as and when I wanted and being a wrap around I would easily be able to take it off. She struggled and pulled against the ties that bound her,she wanted to make sure that she couldn't get free as that would make if too false. She tried hard, but she was held fast. She started to tell me to let her free as she had changed her mind, but we had agreed beforehand that only if she used a particular phrase "Margaret Thatcher" would I know she wanted to be freed, and I had overstepped the mark, hurt her or whatever.

So at this point I left her a while so I could get her favourite vibrator form her bedroom and heard her screammimg abuse at me. I also got some massage/lubricating oil from the bathroom.

Then I produced the blindfold as a little extra surprise that I had thought about, but "forgot" to tell her!I lifted her head and tied this round her eyes. She was swearing at me calling me out, and it felt strangely erotic to be so much in control. I poured some oil on her back and began to rub this in gently moving down her back to her bum. I lifted her skirt and massaged her arse and then the inside of her thighs. These were already damp from the wetness from her cunt, so I knew we had hit the spot with this game. I then untied the skirt and lifting her pulled it out from under her leaving her completly naked and totally exposed.

All the time I kept talking to her about what had happened, what was going to happen. Asking her how she felt etc. Eventually I asked " Now you have earnt your reward, so you can 15 mins of whatever you want in this position" .

"let me go you fucking bastard, untie me first and you can do what you like to me" she was trying very hard to sound convincing, but it did not work. "Just tell me what you want". I repeated. There was a long pause a very long pause as she played this role for real and then she whispered "I want you to fuck me" Part of this role play was that she was to be submissuve so I took the chance to say that she had not said please so instead she would be punished. I would deliver 6 smacks on her bum. This made her start struggling even more and the language, well if she did not deserve a bottom smacking before she did now!

I gently rubbed her cheeks then raised my hand and spanked her quite hard. She screamed again and as I gently rubbed the area I had hit I could see my finger marks turning her skin a rose colour. This carried on for 6 strokes each stroke hard and in between gentle massage. Her screams got less and her sighs grews longer. "Now tell me how it felt in the store" I said. She started to describe the events in detail again. All I really wanted to do was plunge my aching prick into her cunt and fuck her I was so horny, but I also wanted to keep this going as long as possible.

At this point I warmed up the cumcumber and large carrot and placed a condom on each.

"Now you have to guess both these objects correctly or I will have to punish you" I said. "If you guess correctly you will have 15 mins of whatever you want from me as a reward".

"Let me go you fucking bastard" she screamed "I don't want your fucking tongue on my cunt you bastard" Well that told me what she was thinking of as no one had mentioned oral sex.

Alice wanted to be "used" but in a safe way and she was really struggling with the ties and had pulled them so tight she was never going to get out of them.

I moved hehind her keeping calm and speaking softly to tell her that I was going to fuck her with the first two items. I slowly pushed the warmed carrot into her very wet cunt. As his entered her, she started to breathe more deeply. Her cunt lips glistened with her juices and she began to rotate her hips as much as she could to increase the feeling for her. Slowly wanking her with it as she writhed on the table in front of me. I held her bum cheeks with one hand and then increassed the fucking, pushing it deeper and deeper until I was pounding into her the whole length. She started to whimper and sigh and her pretend anger turned to real pleasure. Until I quickly withdrew the carrot and she almost screamed in frustration. She was breathing very quickly and her backside was moving up and down as she wanted more attention on her now puffy cunt lips.

I got hold of the warmed cucumber and again gently placed this against her open cunt. She pushed back as much as she could to help it in and I very slowly eased it into her. Gradually speeding up the strokes until I was again pounding it into her with my hand thumping against her cunt with each forward thrust. The smell of sex and condom rising with the heat and making me feel horny as hell.

Her breathe was now rapid and I knew if I continued any longer she would orgasm and I wanted that to be delayed much longer, so again I rapidly withdreww her pleasure salad crop and she let out an ear piercing scream with a mouthful of abuse when she had got her breathe back about me being a sadistic bastard etc.

"Now you have the chance to earn your reward or get your punishment" I said "So what have you just fucked you randy bitch" "I don't know" she said.

"well that won't do will it? You will have to try harder or just guess or take your punishment" " I think the first one was the parsnip and the second was the cucumber" "Wrong" I said now get ready for your punishment.

"Your'e a fucking liar, how can I trust you, I know I'm right you fucking bastard" I just gently stroked her bum and told her she would get 6 more spanks on her bum and then I would get my pleasure by fucking her. I took my time stripping off my clothes this time and put some oil on her bum. As it glistened I spanked her and the sound was lovely, a thwack that was increased with the lubricant of the oil, she screammed and then with each stroke the screams became a whimper until she was quiet.

I then went behind her and sat down on a chair and leant forward and began kissing her swollen labia lips. I sucked each lip in turn into my mouth which made them swell even more. I then pushed my tongue onto her clit and flicked it from to side. The smell of her wet cunt was mind-blowing, she was oozing so much that I was able to lap it up. The feelings and sensations were just incredible. I pulled back and stood up and the table was almost exactly the right height and with my prick in my hand I pressed it slowly into her cunt. She pushed back as much as she could and I let it sink slowly into her.

Gentle strokes at first and standing above her the smell and sight of my prick entering her took me over and I grabbed her hips and began pounding into her. I was fucking her faster and harder than I had ever before, I know I was lost in lust as I had no concern for her pleasure I was just thrusting as hard as I could. I have no idea why I didn't come quickly, but it felt like I could go on for ever. I was brought back as I heard her start the sounds she makes when she is coming and I did not want her to come yet, so I pulled out and fell back on the chair sweating and breathing very heavily.

"Oh my God, fuck me I want to come, fuck me, Jesus..." her voice trailed off and at this point I did something I had never even thought about before. I leant forward and pulling her bum cheeks apart placed my tongue on her anus. Licking round the rim and where that came from from I have no idea, but it surprised Alice more than it did me. She was screaming in pleasure, the moment was just surreal.

I think I did this for only a couple of minutes or so, long enough for my raging desire to subside a bit. It was then I got back on track with our role play. I selected 2 more objects and the game continued with Alice guessing and getting her punishment or pleasure, which happily was mine too, until I guessed we had reached the point after just over 2 hours that we both needed to come.

The last 2 objects she was bound to guess right as it was her favourite jello vibrator and my prick. So she could choose and wanted to be fucked. I started slowly as usual and built up the rhthym and then it happened again. I was so high on sex that I found myself grabbing her thighs and pounding into her almost violently. It felt like I could go and on and then I thought I could make this better and the idea hit me for using the vibrator and getting a blow job at the same time.

I pulled out and got hold of two of my unused ties. I tied them together and then wrapped them round Alice from each thigh over her bum and back round so that it was like a rather large G String. Alice was shouting at me, not knowing what I was doing and doing something we had not talked about or agreed.

I then got on the table by her head with my legs over her shoulders and pulling her head up by the back of her hair and pushing my prick down with my other hand, placed my prick in her mouth. She was shocked and there was a short sudder as she could not see what was happening, but obviously couldn't say anything. I gently rocked on my bum and held her head with both my hands and virtually started to fuck her face. I then talked about how she would feel if there was someone else sitting in the chair behind getting ready to fuck her aching cunt. How would she feel if I had arranged for a few guys to call round now and they were all going to have a turn at shagging her wet willing cunt.

I could tell that this was turning her on even more. She was sucking on my prick and bobbing her head up and down without any help from me now. I then got off the table and picked up her vibrator and pulling aside the cross over of the ties inserted this into her. She was breathing very heavily now and moving and as I turned it on that low buzzing noise added to her excitement. I replaced the ties so that they held the vibrator in place so I could return to the other end of the table.

I got back on the table and repeated the process so that she could give me a blow job as before. I kept telling her this is how it would feel with another guy fucking and it felt incredible. After what seemed like only a few minutes, sho started to make that low noise that even with my prick in her mouth was unmistakable and I knew she was coming. I wanted to try and come in her mouth at the same time, but this time she just opened her mouth and I popped out as she screamed out in ecstacy. She then went very limp and her head dropped onto the table and I thought something was wrong. The vibrator was still buzzing away and her whole body seemed to just shake and shudder.

I got down and despite being desparate to come was worried something was wrong when she said "Margaret Thatcher". I quickly untied the ties although this was not easy as she had pulled them so tight in trying to get away. As I released her she almost just fell onto the floor and I got down to hold her.

"That was so fucking amazing" she said, I was so relieved there did not appear anything wrong and asked her why she had used the escape code.

"I blacked out just for a few seconds and didn't know where I was. I feel so incredible...." her voice just trailed off.

It took quite a few minutes for her to come round properly and then even longer for the blood supply to get back to her hands and feet. As she recovered she began wanking me gently and then said she had to go to the toilet (that nearly took us onto another game we played much later, but that is another story).

When she came back we went to her bedroom and she laid me down and began the most amazing blow job I had ever had. I was desparately in need of comimg, yet she kept me just on the edge for what seemed like ages and then lifting her head and looking at me told me she wanted to feel the whole lot I was holding back in her mouth. Her fingers wrapped around the base of my prick and she wanked me whilst her mouth and tongue went over the top of my prick and she bobbed her head up and down, fucking me with her mouth. I was shouting god knows what when I ejaculated into her mouth what seemed like pints of come.

She kept going getting slower and slower until I slipped out and then she moved up my body and kissed me pushing her come covered tongue into my mouth, the sensation was unbelievable, "Imagine if that was some else's come" she said and with that just rolled over to lay by my side.

After a quiet rest period we had to have something to eat and drink and as we did we talked about what had happened.

She told me how she was surprised about my licking her arse and how that had nearly made her come. How strange it had felt yet exciting. Then she told me she had never thought of being able to give me a blow job and how having the vibrator fucking her with me in her mouth was exciting too. However what really almost frightened her was that when I was telling her about inviting guys to fuck her whilst she was helpless like that she desparately wanted that to happen and at that time she would have done anything I wanted. That frightened her and the power of the orgasm she had made her virtually black out if only for a few seconds. She was totally lost and it had felt wonderful. After that we just relived the whole session again as we came 2 or 3 more times during the afternoon. An amazing day that I hope you have enjoyed reading about as much as I have enjoyed reliving it by writing it down


PS Sorry for any grammar mistakes, but I ain't no writer!

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