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Friut salad anyone? X-rated It's about fun with fruit!

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I picture you lying on the floor naked when I come thru the door tonight..I can see your long lean and very hot body. I notice the basket of fruit near by.....I get an idea!I'll bring the whole basket in!Let's see here now,HMMMM? we have a couple pears,a not yet ripe banana,a couple oranges, some grapes & some cherries!Well you can't make a fruit salad without some whipped cream,and while I'm at it I'll grab this Chocolate syrup too........ Just look at you lying there on the floor naked and smiling!And you have that look in your eyes AGAIN!Well first,I take off my coat,then my shirt and tie,then my undershirt! As I lay on top of you I feel your warmth from your body,I give you a long deep wet kiss on the mouth and say nice "surprise baby"! I give you another kiss!I reach over to the basket and grab the oranges and ask you to roll over onto your stomach! Now I'm sitting on your ass rubbing your shoulders with my not so rough hands(I wear gloves at work) Massaging your muscles and shoulders and neck!taking the oranges i roll them with my palms against your back working in circles all the way to the small of your back and back up!with the oranges getting to soft now,I get you to your hands and knees.rubbing that fine ass in my hands,I just can't resist rubbing and sticking a finger in your already wet pussy from behind, now two fingers,pulling my fingers out and licking the juices off my fingers!MMMMMM!I take the cherries and squish them so the juice pools in the small of your back,and down the crack of your ass, and runs down past the lips of your pussy! I start licking in long upward strokes from the pool of juice towards your shoulders,lick- lick - lick!then I start licking in circles from the middle of your back to the crack of your ass!Reaching the start of your crack I squeeze more cherry juice but not much left--I grab another cherry, place it between your ass cheeks Squeeze your cheeks together to get the juice to squirt from the cherry!I open your ass just enough to get whats left of that cherry with my tongue!And inserting the two fingers back into your pussy and Quickly swallowing the cherry I continue with my tongue up and down the crack of your ass stopping to stick my tongue into your asshole with each pass I make!Working my fingers in and out of your hole! You quiver with each thrust of my tongue in your asshole, your relaxed to the point now that I can almost penetrate your asshole with my tongue!The cherry juice tastes good with added flavor from your asshole! Taking my fingers out of your pussy I ask you to roll back onto your back and spread em!I go back to two fingers in your pussy just for a few seconds then I dive into it with tongue ready to lick all the juices that got into your bush I lick your pussy and your now throbbing clit then suck the juice from your bush then back to your pussy then more bush,taking your clit in my mouth I hardly move my head,as I just suck on your clit!I look up and see you pinching your nipples,your eyes closed and you're biting your lower lip!While you have your eyes closed you didn't see me grab the pear!I feel to make sure the stem is off and its usable one more look at you and I see you are somewhere close to paradise! I bite lightly on your clit as I push the narrow end of the pear into your hot wet wanting pussy!FUCK ME YOU SCREAM! FUCK ME! OH MY GOD I'M CU----FUCK ME! Bucking your hips I try to hang on to the pear as your moving uncontrollably!Removing the pear I got to lick up your cum into my mouth---MMMMMMMMMMMM!Your passion slowing down I continue to eat your tasty pussy!Moving now back up your body with a slow cat like stalking crawl I reach for the grapes!Sucking on your hard nipples(you REALLY gave them a workout) I suck and caress each breast using my thumbs to rub your nipples!Taking the grapes I again squeeze the juice from some and feed you some one at a time, sticking one in your mouth I kiss you only to get the grape back into my mouth---you're such a teaser!sucking the grape juice off your nipples and tits, I figure its time to take my pants off-----That's better! With my cock hard as wood I won't wait to get you ready you already are--I ram my cock into you so hard we move across the floor and its carpeted! You won't feel the rug burns on your ass for awhile!God you're a great lover for me!!! kissing you and putting my hands under your ass to save on the burns we keep sliding and I keep fucking you hard, you scratch my back with your nails trying to hang on, but there you go again,a few more pumps and I'm going to go eat your cum filled pussy again--lick-lick-lick-I haven't cum yet so I'm still not done with my fruit salad!Hmmmmmm Whats left AHH yes the banana!I peel the banana very slowly with a look in my eye that only you can understand!I reach for my pants that are now almost out of reach from the sliding!Reach into my pockets I tell you, and you get to the second pocket and pull out a little bottle of strawberry flavored oil! I take the bottle and use the oil to lube up the banana hand you the bottle as you spread your legs as wide as you can!WOW YOU ARE IN GREAT SHAPE!I put two fingers into your pussy then pull them out and slide the banana in without much problem only an inch is still hanging out of your pussy! Just enough!I get the whipped cream and spread it over the banana and your bush!Now add a squirt of chocolate syrup,and I'm over you in the 69 position with me on top!WAIT YOU SAY!Taking the bottle of strawberry oil you rub my cock full of it.Ok I'm ready you say!You are so good at the blow jobs too! I start licking the cream and you start playing with my balls,Using my lips I pull some banana out then take a bite CHOMP CHOMP!licking more cream and eating more banana its hard to stay focused cause your making me really excited now!eating more and licking and now sucking your clit again---I can't wait--I'mmmm cuumminng in your mouth And you don't miss a drop!Feeling my throbbing cock unload in your mouth triggers your third wave of cum----That was nice!I still have my salad left with about 2 inches of banana to go!So as your licking and sucking on my balls I'll finish eating the banana in the split and MMMMMMMMMM IT'S GOOD!

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