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Frampton Comes To The Bedroom

This is kind of a funny story. My friend and I were sitting on the couch. I had just sucked his big juicy cock and he wanted to pleasure me with the new toy he bought. It was a toy that had two different vibrators. One went in my pussy and the other one was jammed up against my clit. I had my legs closed, and the toy was on full power working my pussy and clit really good. I started really getting into it, but was trying to be quiet because the neighbors could hear. But after a while I couldn't take it any more. Well when I opened my legs...the dull humming sound that the vibrators were making turned into what sounded like the Peter Frampton song "Do You Feel Like I do" where he makes the guitar start talking. Omg I busted out laughing and at the same time had the most amazing orgasm.. It was a great experience and I can say that every time I hear that song I will not only start laughing for no reason but get a little twinge in my pussy from the memory of that amazing day when "Frampton" was coming out of my pussy.

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