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Forbidden Love

When I comeback from college I was happy my aunt Annie was there, she is youngest sister of my mom. Although she is just 8 year older than me but she loves me more than my mom. She is very beautiful and attractive woman. There was nothing sexual had happened between us. Since I was a kid she uses to kiss me on my lips.
When my parents leave for party, we changed our cloths she changed to a loose thin cloth short to her knee and a blouse little bigger than Bra.
For the first time I realize her beauty and charm, she looked like sex angel, She said she forgot to kiss me and she lightly hug and kissed me on my lips. She wanted to leave but I caught her lips and give her a long kiss. While I kissed her I embraced her tightly her boobs were pressing my chest and my dick was pressing her pussy over cloth, I can feel warmness of her body. I tried to hold her hips but she jerked off me, looking at my Bulge and body she said you are grown up now. I looked at her she was very beautiful and attractive woman. She is 5.5” tall, slim about 110 lbs.
Weight, with 34b boobs, her skin color is ruby a narrow waist, all made her goddess of sex.
I popped open a couple of cool beers. She gone to kitchen and brought some fingers potato chips with lots of sauces. We sat down in my parent’s master bedroom and started sip beer and potato with sauces. We have some fight also to take more potato that made some sauces placed on my checks, lips and on cloth. The beer made me bolder, I asked her to clean sauces from each other, she said she would gladly lick to clean my sauces if I do so. She teasingly offered her hand I took her hand, she has got a very nice fingers, I started sucking her finger and she closed her eyes she had a smile on her face, I can see her breathing was faster now.
My cock was rock hard I enjoyed lick her fingers and hand.
I held her more closer and our body was touching each other I started licking sauce from her checks, than I started sucking her checks while I pressed my teeth very lightly she said careful not to make teeth mark.
Than I clean her lips and ask her to give me tongue to clean sauce
She said I am a little naughty bastard but she gave me her tongue
It was very warm and I enjoyed sucking her tongue.
Than I started licking her nick and than finally came to her boobs
I tried to open her blouse but she said don’t open, I sucked her boobs over cloth and my hands played with her firm tits.
My tongue turned to her belly very nice belly she had, she asked me not to go further since she was my aunt but I ignore her and my lips started downwards while my hands started to undo her pant. She requested me not to do that and I obeyed her by licking between her legs where a sauce spot was there. I felt she has no panty inside her pussy was hot and moist. I was using my tongue and lips even
Teeth suddenly she got orgasm. The pant was all wet due to her
Pussy cream. I told her it is difficult to dry her honey spot without
Opening it. She murmured not to do anymore, we did enough, I
Ignore her and opened her pant now the haven was before me, a very
Clean shaved pussy I think she shaved it just today. She kept both hands on her eyes. I enjoyed touching licking fingering her pussy, I also
Cleaned her butt and licked her she had 3times orgasm she has a
Very lovely ass………………………………..to be continued………..

End of Story