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Floor Time--Jack and Sara Meet

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Sara had met Jack during a tough deal they had together, and it didn't take them long to agree that both of their clients (buyers and sellers) were total assholes, looking to screw the Realtors while simultaneously making serious enemies of each other. Long discussions late into the night, both of them still at their respective offices became serious flirt sessions after about a week. They discovered a mutual love of hot spicy food, reading newspapers, bad eighties rock music, and running during these chats, all the time coming closer and closer but never quite managing to arrange some sort of a date. Sara hadn't really known him well before this-other than by his reputation as a real go-getter, multi-millionaire seller with a long list of clients and female admirers. Frankly, she had been intimidated by the idea of him across the closing table from her and was hoping to "manage" her buyers professionally and prove her worth. Even more truth be told, she had started to really look forward to what had become his daily call to discuss the current status of their jerk-off clients, as they slowly worked their way toward a closing.

"Hey, Sara, I'm driving by your office right now," he threw at her with that deep sexy voice, one night in mid-June, a few days after the house inspection. Sara had recently caught herself wishing the deal might drag out a bit because that would mean more flirty phone calls that were getting fairly sexy in tone as time went on. The sound of his voice touched off something in her every time, as her brain slowly processed that she was about to be face to face with him.

"Are you there? As if I didn't know?" he laughed. "I have a document for your buyer and I thought I'd just drop it off and save us some time."

Shit! She thought. I'm grungy-just jean shorts and a T-shirt, planning to catch up on some mailings for my listings. Sara was proud her of body, having worked very hard for years to keep it just this side of muscular but very fit. She fought against what she considered her too fleshy arms and ass her whole life and was strict with herself and her diet most of time, allowing only an occasional pig-out with friends. There was nothing she enjoyed more than spending her hard earned dough on clothes and sexy shoes but of course, didn't have any of it on this night.

She glanced into the mirror in the office bathroom, yanked at the ponytail holder in her expensively highlighted light brown hair, tried to remember if she had lip stick in her purse. "Sure!" she said brightly into the phone. "I'll just meet you at the door."

She grabbed the tooth brush she kept in the office bathroom closet. Without a real family to go home to, just a few sad house plants and gold fish her brother Jeff gave her (that she had already replaced twice because it kept dying), she practically lived at the office anyway and some days felt as if they should install a shower for agents like her. Spruce up completed, Sara splashed water on her face, and prepared her smile. She was nearly frozen in place by the IDEA of Jack Gordon having an interest in her. Fuck that she thought. He ought to be intimidated by ME, she pep talked herself all the way to the front doors-a wide expanse of glass facing Ann Arbor's main street.

She could hear the roar of his engine before she saw the car. A Corvette, Stingray even, she thought, naturally. It fit his terribly macho personality to a tee. Whatever. She had work to do and would not be distracted by this-she couldn't afford to be. But damn if she couldn't feel herself getting a bit twitchy, even wet, at the thought of him in her personal space. She WAS sexy, confident, healthy, fit and desirable-a formidable five foot six inch, one hundred twenty nine pound package-so why shouldn't this guy be attracted to her?

Yeah, OK, girl, settle down, she thought. This is Jack Gordon, every woman's dream date. It's natural you feel like you wouldn't mind if he threw you over the hood of the Stingray right in the parking lot and fucked you until you screamed.

Whoa, where did THAT come from? She thought. She shook her head, and looked up and there he was-all six foot, four inch, dark hair, blue eyes, expensive white smile of him.

"Hey gorgeous," he began as he always did on the phone, his voice a sort of low growl tonight, that matched his car's rumble. "I've got something for ya."

Jack had certainly not needed to drop any papers off-that's what scanners and email were for. But he had to get in front of this gorgeous creature sooner rather than later. He'd been completely fascinated by her just over the phone these last few weeks-had availed himself every possible opportunity to observe her during company meetings now that he was aware of her. So he'd driven over to her office tonight determined to scoop her up and take her out, somewhere, anywhere, dinner, dancing, whatever she wanted. He hadn't felt this way about any woman in a damn long time and was determined to make her want him. The sight of her in unselfconsciously sexy denim and cotton, her hair unruly, sans any makeup, and how had missed those deep green eyes??- turned him on more than he could have imagined. He resisted the impulse to lick his lips.

"Ha, I'll just bet you do," she threw back, lamely, she thought, taking in the sight of him in his dark blue suit trousers, blue striped dress shirt with French cuffs that really emphasized what had to be incredible shoulders, arms and chest. Jack boasted a classic male shape-wide shoulders tapering to a slim waist, with long legs and he wore a suit better than anyone Sara had ever seen. His red and yellow tie stopped just short of being loud and was flung over his shoulder from the ride. He smelled great too. Damn.

"No really, my asshole seller agrees to your asshole buyer's requests post inspection, I've got it all signed up here. Now all we lack is a good appraisal, and we are golden my lovely!"

"You call all the girl agents that, I just know it," she sighed reaching for the paper he held out grazing the skin of his hand in the process.

His hand was warm. No, not warm, hot, like he'd just been near a fire. She shivered; she couldn't help it and of course he noticed.

The chemical spark that passed between them caught Jack off guard but he was no kid. He had felt sexual attraction-hell he thrived on it. There was hardly a night he had to worry about going without female attention, any number of lovely women happy to make sure he wasn't lonely. He'd spent several years enjoying the company of as many different women as possible-as teacher and student, relishing both roles. What was it about this chick anyway? She was hot, no doubt-tight ass, firm body, slightly tanned with light brown, mid length hair. Unlike many men, he had no preference: blondes, redheads, brunettes, it made no difference to him. He tended to be drawn to women on the thinner side or at least ones that seemed to care about their bodies enough to exercise every now and then, which this girl clearly did. He contemplated her a brief moment before his body took over.

She drew back a bit, and he moved forward to fill the empty space between them. They were silhouetted in the entry foyer by the lights and highly visible from the street. He leaned into her, just shy of touching.

"You know, I was looking for an excuse to see you in person," he began. "I'm really gonna miss our little evening chats once this deal is done."

"Yeah, well, you know where I live," she said, breezily waving in the general direction of the office as her breath caught in her throat. "I, um, gotta do some, you know, busy work tonight so. . . " Don't go....don't go. . . .Don't go, she thought desperately.

"Well, so do I really-but I just can't help thinking that we could come up with something a bit more fun to do together," his voice tempted. This was not exactly what he had planned. He figured she'd be dressed for work and would want to go out. He'd take her out like this if she wanted but something about her invited him to move in closer, just a bit, see what she tasted like. . .

"Um, yeah, I guess, we could go out, if you want, but I'm not really dressed...." But his lips covered hers, cutting her off mid-sentence.

She felt herself responding, but also realizing how, well, VISIBLE they were. Geez, the entire downtown of Ann Arbor could see them sucking face right in the vestibule of her office. Her manager would really not be pleased. ... . Oh my. ... his mouth became more insistent, his lips softer than she would have thought but becoming more and more demanding that she share, open her mouth to him, and she did, placing her hands on his firm chest, trying to resist wrapping her arms around him. She felt herself melting a bit, fully aware that this man who was wanted by so many was right here with her, and now he was reaching under her hair to pull her closer.

It had been a solid year since Sara had had sex with anyone other than herself. Her history was spotty, having had her fair share of bumbling teenage experiments in high school, over before they began. She'd had what she'd thought was a serious boyfriend in college, who introduced her to the art of giving and receiving oral sex. He ended up dumping her right after graduation before heading off to law school when she had visions of wedding invitations dancing in her head. She'd had random hook ups now and then, mostly one-nighters or the odd blow job which she considered herself something of an expert at.

About a year ago she had sold a condo to Rick, a lender she had referred a lot of business to before. He was her age, successful, a local guy she remembered vaguely from high school. Their two tours of condos ended up fucking sessions on the floor of the one he wanted to buy ("A test run," he called it) and she was convinced, after about four weeks of nightly meals and some pretty incredible sex (his oral skills put the college boyfriend to shame), that this could be something serious. He was funny, kind, attentive to her needs during their short time together. When she met his fiancÇ at the closing table, however, she knew that it was time to focus on work and not on getting laid. Rick never got another buyer referral from her again and she had sworn off men for the duration.

Jack had kept his body slightly separate from hers during their initial contact lip to lip. Like he was gauging how she would respond before committing himself to the act. Once she opened her lips and took his tongue into her mouth, eagerly, even slightly sucking on it to her own surprise he moved closer, grasping the back of her head with one hand almost desperately, as if afraid she'd back away unless he held on. What she took for hesitation at first was completely gone as he moved his mouth off hers, and trailed down her neck, with small kisses, nibbles, even nips as his other hand traveled the length of her and back again to cup her head, not ever touching her ass, but sort of flitting over it, teasing, like he knew what was coming next but was determined to draw it out until she asked for it. Which she knew she was about to do as her arms reached up around his neck.

Ok then, Jack thought as his body heated up, feeling her pressed up against him. He took her in with his lips and tongue, breathing in her scent (Chanel, he thought, being fairly familiar with most expensive female perfumes) that was starting to take on a serious tinge of desire. He resisted the impulse to grab her luscious ass and pull her against the hard on he was sporting, but it was tough. He contented himself for now with her mouth, her neck, her skin, her hair. . .

There was a loud knock on the glass. She jumped away, comically, running her hand through her hair as the college kid on the other side laughed and mimed a blow job, his hand at his waist, jerking his hips back and forth until his buddies drew him away.

She glanced up at Jack, realizing that his face was flushed, but with anger or passion she wasn't sure as he watched the funny guys retreat into the soft Michigan summer night. He sighed and turned to her. "Sorry Sara, I just couldn't help myself," he said, quietly "Let's lock up here and you grab your stuff and we'll go somewhere for a drink."

He followed her inside the second set of doors, close enough so she could smell him-a lovely combination of soapy manliness, expensive cologne and desire - and she felt herself responding in a place somewhere deep inside of her being. He reached up and flipped off the lights, as she rounded the corner of the front desk on her way back to her office. She turned around to tell him not to bother with those, that they kept that set on and ran straight into his neck, as he was tight on her heels. He pulled her to him and muttered into her ear softly, "Don't move, let me just take you in," as his hands moved from her head, to her neck, down her back and cupped her ass, not too tight, and began to lightly rub. It was nearly completely dark right there by her sales secretary's desk and she found herself reaching up to grasp his head and pull his mouth back down to hers. She was dying to get his tongue BACK in her mouth. A thought she had never imagined herself thinking.

Jack was beyond waiting now. The office was empty, and he loved nothing better than to fuck in a place where he might get caught. He'd had women (agents and clients alike) in pretty much every Stewart Realty office except this one-but hey, it was a new office, so why not break it in right now? And this woman wanted him, he knew it. He grinned in the dark, as she pulled him to her.

For Sara, thoughts we secondary to pure sensation right now. She made an almost animal sound in her throat as their tongues collided and withdrew, and she twined her hands in his hair wanting him even closer. She felt her nipples harden, practically begging for his touch. It was almost painful, this need for his touch. He was no rookie, he had probably fucked his share of female agents, she thought and sure enough, one hand began its slow journey from her ass up to her shirt, reaching up under the simple tank top she had on to her bra - which was of course one of the cheap ones she bought before she could afford the really sexy French ones that she was supposed to have on at a moment like this. He gently brushed against the cotton fabric lightly stroking her rock hard nipples. "Mmm, somebody is happy to see me," he whispered into her ear, causing a sudden nearly violent wetness in her jeans shorts. She'd always heard about women who could come at the sound of a man's voice, but had never experienced anything as volatile as this. She jerked away, leaving about a foot between them.

"What, babe?" he asked, not touching her, just standing there. "Did I hurt you?" Of course, Jack knew what was going on. This lovely woman had gone a while without a man's touch. And she was nervous about doing this here, in her office. Well, that was cute, and it made him want her even more. He admitted to himself it was part the thrill of breaking in a new office and part pure animal desire to feel her come, first on his expert fingers, then on his cock. Whatever, he was going to see to it she had a fine time tonight.

She stared at what she could see of him, now that her eyes were adjusted to the near pitch blackness of the front office. She had not been raised to act like this in what was normally such a public place. Her usually repressed, albeit flirtatious nature struggled with her body's need to have his hands on her, his mouth on hers now, before she exploded. She abruptly turned, making her way down the office hallway that she knew by heart even in the utter darkness, assuming he would follow. She could smell him on her and knew at that moment without at doubt that she would fuck him, right here in this office, on the floor, tonight.

As they made their was back to the rear of the warren of offices, she could hear his breathing, even and calm, which seemed totally unfair as she felt like she was running a race, her breath uneven and ragged as she tried to get control of herself. She reached the door to the kitchenette area, as he reached out and grabbed the back of her shirt. The fabric gave way and ripped slightly. "Hey!" she started to turn but he grabbed her from behind. "Don't turn around gorgeous," he said. "Let me show you what happens next."

She relented and leaned back into his body. His lips were insistent and hot on her neck and he reached around and began to gently rub both nipples at once. She bent her knees and moaned. She was always a real sucker for that, her nipples large and extremely sensitive. He had managed at some point to release his expensive cufflinks and roll up his sleeves exposing lightly tanned and strong forearms. He didn't un hook her bra, he simply pulled each breast out from their cups, lovingly caressing the nipples, rubbing, lightly pinching while licking and nibbling her neck.

Jesus, but she responded nicely, Jack thought, his own desire ramping up as he felt how amazingly sensitive her nipples were. He was positively going to bust out of these pants in a minute, his head was buzzing slightly, and when she pressed her ass back onto his bulging zipper he made a small sound down in his throat.

She felt him, his extreme hardness against her ass, and began to move, rubbing against it. He groaned again, lightly, and increased in attention to her nipples, using his lips to caress the back of her neck. She thought she could come against the seam of her jeans right there, the pressure of his straining zipper against her back, both hands on her nipples and his mouth in her ear and on her neck.

"I have been dreaming of doing this to you for weeks," he whispered in her ear, causing every nerve in her being to tingle, as she closed her eyes. Although he had pictured going out on a date or two before getting to this point with her, he was more than amenable to putting this particular cart before the horse. Dates could certainly wait and the more aroused he got, the more determined he was to make this a night Sara Thornton would never forget.

He abruptly turned her around to face him, his hands on her upper arms. Before she could whimper about her poor lonely nipples he crushed his mouth on hers, almost painfully, and pushed her up against the wall. Her left leg of its own accord lifted up and encircled his waist. Her engorged clit was begging for contact. Oh my god, I am dry humping this grown man, in my office her mind said. "Shut up and enjoy it you silly bitch" some part of her responded-some part that was really starting to take over her old self in ways that both embarrassed and thrilled her.

As if reading her body's mind, he reached down and unzipped her shorts, slowly; all the while, kissing her mouth, and her neck. He was muttering, something about "You smell just like I thought you would," but she couldn't be certain as her brain was fogging up like the inside of a car window on a muggy day. He reached a hand down, and lightly began rubbing outside of her panties, as she moaned and leaned her head back against the wall. It was hot in the back of the office, June having been unseasonably warm for southeast Michigan, and Sara could feel sweat beginning to drop slowly between her breasts as her breath caught in her throat. She could sense him grinning against her skin, pausing to locate the beads of sweat and lap at them, tasting her, as his fingers teased her clit, feeling her wetness, and he whispered again, "Somebody is really happy to see me," into her ear. She felt the hardness of the office wall against her lower back and realized that she was moving her hips in an unconscious way, thrusting forward toward him as though drawn by a magnet.

While Jack was used to women responding to him, he surprised himself by his mental reaction to Sara. He wanted to possess her, own her, Christ in a sidecar, what was wrong with him? He closed his eyes, trying to clear his head, regain his normal objectivity. He prided himself on his ability remain emotionally aloof during sex. He had been burned, badly, once in his life and was bound and determined to NEVER let that happen again, no matter how many women he fucked. It was almost a point of pride for him now-one that was weakening at this particular moment for some strange reason. It was pissing him off so he determined to get things back under control.

She started to reach out to reciprocate, wanting to feel his cock in her hand, but he grabbed her hands and put them up over her head, holding her wrists lightly against the wall. "No, baby, let me," he murmured. "Just lean back and relax."

Jack slid her shorts down, and she kicked them off. He reached inside her panties, past her clit forming two of his fingers and thumb into a delicious combination of clit and vaginal stimulator. Slowly, slowly, he moved against her swollen nub and into her vagina as his lips traveled from her mouth, to her neck, and he made small noises down in his throat as if he were the one getting rubbed to orgasm. He leaned against the wall still lightly holding her wrists captive with his other hand, seemingly effortlessly manipulating her and maintaining his control. She felt herself lifting off, becoming as light as air, reaching that amazing pinnacle that she could only achieve alone as of late, but yet, this, this, was like some sort of crazy porn fantasy, right here in her office, with this man she'd been dreaming about for weeks. Eyes closed, head and arms up against the wall, she gave in to the sensations, her needs and Jack's talents at fulfilling them.

She rolled into the orgasm reluctantly, knowing that meant it was over, yet loving every shuddering, clutching, breathless moment of it. She pulled her wrists from his grasp and clenched his arm, her lips seeking his and he accommodated her with his warm mouth, delicious tongue and the grin she felt he must wear at every moment of the day. "Oh yeah, you come just like I imagined you would. I knew you would grab me with that pussy and not let go," he muttered into her hair.

She sighed, and rolled her head around, trying to get some semblance of dignity back. He kept his lips on her, but just on her shoulders, her neck, not willing to break contact with her. She reached for the zipper of his suit pants, admiring the view of his rumpled shirt and his tie released and askew.

He leaned closer, placing both hands on the wall on either side of her head, closed his eyes and let her unhook his belt, and slowly unzip his trousers, his cock an impressive mound underneath the boxer-type briefs. "Let's move into here," she muttered, indicating her cubicle, reluctant to expose him in the hall, no matter that she was standing here with her shorts flung aside and her shirt practically ripped off from behind.

Her shyness returning turned him on even more. Like it mattered now where they were, considering what he planned to do next. . .

"Uh-uh," he quietly. "Just reach in there first, come on, Sara," as he pulled back to allow her a better angle. His pure maleness, his scent, now tinged with her own juices on his hand, the breathless way he spoke near her ear, all combined to force her normally reserved nature way down, underneath the animal-this New Sara-that was surfacing again, her nipples aching for his touch and her pussy clutching in anticipation. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she could hear the sounds of the office at night. Sounds she was extremely familiar with-the whirr of the fridge, the tick of the large art deco clock out front, even the traffic noises that were her usual backdrop for evening work session. None of these things would ever sound the same to her again.

She stroked the head of his cock as it lunged out of his briefs, already slick with a bit of come. So he wasn't all that much in control, she thought, as she reached lower to rub his entire length. It was thicker than anything she'd ever experienced, an impressive sight, and she ran her hands down the length of his shaft, slowly, as it seemed to swell even more, filling her hand in a way that promised to widen the walls of her vagina spectacularly.

"Just rub baby, stroke it, that's right," he kept his eyes closed and had not moved his hands from the wall. She reached down and cupped his balls, softly, gently, as they drew up and contracted; her other hand remained occupied with the head of his cock as it slowly leaked his own fluid, providing just enough lubrication. He moved his hips ever so slightly, and moaned deep in his throat, which touched off her own need to have this man right now inside her or she would explode. How crazy am I? The Old Sara asked. This guy is like forty or something, a colleague, married, for all I know and I'm ready to let him fuck me like an animal standing up in the hallway? Yeeessss. . .the New Sara soothed as she bent her knees and leaned over, taking his the scent of his most intimate and sensitive body parts, the raw, salty, musky man-smell, reaching out her tongue to flick the head, tasting him, allowing a little suction then withdrawing to admire what she was sure would provide her a serious ride.

Jack felt himself reacting viscerally, wanting this woman even more, wanting her to drink him down but he held off as the familiar tingling began in his lower back, way earlier than he wanted. He closed his eyes, resisted the urge to fist his hands in her hair and push her lower, lower, shit he loved a good blow job and he could sense her talent.

Suddenly, he grabbed her arms, and yanked her straight up again, nearly growling with desire.

"I gotta do this now, baby, I've been waiting since I first heard your voice on the phone. Tell me you want my cock, tell me to fuck you, right here, right now!" he demanded, his eyes flashing.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom packet, he was no idiot; he kept them handy most of the time. Never knew when an opportunity would present itself and he was not about to get into a fatherhood position with any woman again, no matter how weirdly, prematurely possessive he might feel.

She leaned back against the wall without saying a word, and he leaned into her, pulling the light fabric of her panties aside. He pushed her gently but firmly back against the wall, grabbed her leg to hike it up again and forced her lips open with his insistent tongue, jabbing, thrusting, and fucking her mouth as he propped himself against the wall for support with one hand, his other guiding himself into her welcoming wetness. He leaned into her, and she felt the head of his cock reach into her waiting and eager body. At some point she had been vaguely aware of a flick of his wrist after a reach into his pocket for a condom. She tried not to think about the fact that he had one at the ready, already in his pants pocket, as if he knew he would be getting something tonight. Those thoughts were purely secondary to her current, animal need for him inside of her.

"Now, give it to me right now," she hissed her demand, shocking herself.

"I will baby, gotta go slow," he murmured in her ear. Jack had had his fair share of bad experiences forcing himself on women who thought they were ready but had never had anyone quite as, well, large as he was. He wanted this to be as pleasant as possible and knew it would be, once she was nice and stretched out.

He reached around and grabbed her ass, pulling her closer and slowly eased his rock hardness into her, one delicious inch at a time, as she felt herself widening, accommodating his girth. She gasped, her eyes widening at the sensation of such a thickness filling her. She was up on her tiptoes, one leg wrapped firmly around his waist allowing an amazing angle for pleasure. He finally pressed his full length inside her pulsing walls, his pubic bone hard against the aching nub of her clit. She felt herself moving her hips, in a primal way, as he withdrew, slowly, easing himself back, and looking her in the eyes as reached down to cup her breast in the hand that wasn't propped against the wall for support. He kept the head of his lovely thick shaft just inside and Sara could feel her lower lips clutch at him, pulling him back. He caressed her nipple, tweaking it, admiring its size and hardness. Sara felt sweat trickle down her back and she moaned, "Jack, please. . ."

"What Sara," he growled deep in his throat. He was shocked by his response to this brief contact with her incredibly tight pussy. She held onto his cock with her lower muscles, pulling at him, and he could probably have come right then, but had to withdraw and regain his composure.

"I need you back inside me, I want..." she paused. "I need to feel your cock again," she heard New Sara demand.

He obliged her, firmly, faster this time, as she lifted her leg up higher around his waist to allow for more contact. He began to move against her, in and out, deliciously, slowly, confidently, his breath picking up and he grabbed around her ass again, pulling her tighter to his body. He could feel her, as her hips matched his thrusts, her pussy enveloping him completely, and could picture them, pressed up against the wall in this normally public place, fucking like animals but he was nearly gone with desire, couldn't stop if he wanted to.

She turned her head slightly to the right, realizing that their reflection was showing up in the glass door of the kitchen, his tall body, still mostly dressed, attached to hers, one hand on the wall, her leg wrapped around his waist and her body matching him thrust for thrust. Hmmm, I wonder if Jess, their manager, ever installed those security cameras she was talking about, the Old Sara wondered briefly.

"Shit girl, I am gonna come like a teenager," he muttered breathlessly above her head, his neck pressed into her face, still grinning as only he could. She tried to get the picture of him on his bus ads out of her head-tan, handsome, grinning at the world-holy shit but he could make her feel like this, like some whore in an alley-that guy-and the words coming out of her mouth?

"I want you to fuck me now, like you want it, harder!" she said, reaching around with her hand to grasp his ass and shove him back inside. Her standing leg spasmed a bit, as her pussy clutched at him, in a seemingly continuous wave of pleasure. The pressure his groin put on her clit, as he moved his amazing thickness in and out, groaning that deep sound in his throat, the feel of her ass against the wall, the sheer thrill of doing this right here in the pitch black hallway of her office, was just too much. Sweat was now beading up on his face, and she reached up to pull his mouth to hers-she wanted to smell him, taste him while she came. She thought the top of her head might come off as she gave in to the sensations, the sounds and the scents and she reached up to grab his hair, trying to get him ever closer to her. As she pulled his lips to hers, she felt a need to make him lose control; to wipe that fucking grin off his face just once as he gave a final thrust and grunted, the grin replaced with a look she recognized as one she'd been wearing earlier, as he brought his lips to hers at the last moment.

Jack normally preferred to feel his own orgasms alone, no matter how many women were along for the ride (and he'd had a number of mÇnage escapades so multiple women were no big deal to him). By the time he reached his own ultimate release, he almost never sensed anyone around him, which allowed him to maintain his emotional distance, he believed. It was how he liked it. But he'd be damned if he wasn't completely aware of Sara as he blew his load inside her; her scent, her hair, her lips that she had forced on his just before he came, as if she knew he normally resisted contact at that moment. He had clutched her ass with one hand, the other keeping them propped up against the wall, and loved the firm feel of her skin and muscle underneath as her amazing walls continued to spasm and contract along the length and width of him.

He shuddered and she felt him thrust deep and release, her body pulsing, grabbing and pulling him deeper. He continued to move against her a bit as her clit stayed swollen and nearly painful. She put his hands on his shoulders, still encased in that dress shirt, although slightly damper now, observed that his tie was still on, and sighed.

"OK, wow, um, I don't usually act like this," she said quietly as she admired the hardness of his shoulders under her hands.

"Yeah, well, you just needed somebody to show you how fun this can be," he muttered, withdrawing his still slightly hard cock and leaning down to kiss her neck, near her ear.

"So now is the embarrassing part, right?" she asked shakily, still leaning against the wall willing her body to calmness.

"What? Hell, no, I'm not embarrassed! I feel great," he laughed as he pulled off the condom, tucked himself back inside his pants, zipped them up then popped into the kitchenette to grab some paper towels for her. He had to move away from her a bit, or he'd act like an idiot. She still looked devastating-her hair disheveled in the back from being shoved up against the wall, her color high, and her lips swollen from his kisses. It was one of his favorite looks on a woman-the Well Fucked by Jack Gordon face. He knew it well. He would gladly have picked up her and plunked her down on the floor and given it to her again and again, just to get that connected feeling back. He shook his head, get hold of yourself man, he thought. She's just another pussy-a pretty sweet one at that; and you've managed to break in this office pretty spectacularly, just enjoy the after glow, why don't you?

She took the towels sheepishly, having usually done the clean up part post-sex in private, but what the hell, this New Sara could wipe up in front of the guy who made her this wet. Jack smoothed his shirt and rolled down his sleeves but didn't re-attach the cuffs with his expensive links. He glanced around and then grabbed her shorts from where she had flung them about two feet down the hall and handed them to her.

"Let's go get something to eat-I'm starved!" he grinned as she shook her head, clearing the cobwebs placed there by the very fact of what she had just done, in this hall with this guy who never even came out of his tie or his thousand dollar shoes. She also felt great, to tell the truth, but somehow that felt wrong.

The turn of a key in the lock up front startled them both.

"Shit, shit, shit" she muttered, zipping up her shorts and casting about for her sandals.

"Um, babe, tuck in your shirt in the back," Jack whispered. "You look like you just got fucked up against the wall of your office, you know?" He grinned at her, blue eyes snapping, and ran his hand through his dark hair, setting it standing up.

God-this was going to be interesting if every time he spoke, her pussy spoke back.

"Yeah, thanks, whatever," she mumbled, making her way back to her office to quickly flick the light on.

Jack ambled into the kitchenette, opened the fridge and grabbed a Diet Coke, the coolness of the fridge calming him down a bit. God but she was adorable. And who the hell was walking in on them at this hour?

"Who's here?" the sing-songy voice of Barb, the office sad sack agent traveled back to them.

"Just me Barb," Sara called out, surprised at her voice's steadiness.

"Well young lady did you buy a new car or something? There's some sort of fancy race car in the lot." Barb did not do much business, never had. She was constantly borrowing other agents' cars as hers was always in the shop. She hung out around the office all the time, seemingly never going out to capture any business. But most offices have these-the resident sob story types that managers just cannot cut lose out of the goodness of their hearts. She was also a great listener which endeared her to many fellow agents and kept her from being completely annoying.

"No lovely lady," Jack called out striding out to the hall. "That's my ride as you well know!"

"Jaaack, you devil!" Barb trilled delightedly.

Sara rolled her eyes. Yeah, she forgot about this aspect of Jack. And suddenly she felt really, really cheap. Jack flirted with EVERYBODY. He hadn't singled her out on the phone over the last few weeks. Flirting for him was like breathing; he couldn't NOT do it.

Great, she thought. I just let him fuck me, practically in public, without a second thought. What is wrong with me?

Nothing, the New Sara spoke soothingly into her ear. Nothing another session with him won't cure. Just enjoy, don't think, don't plan, just lay back and take what he has to give you.

Jack had met Barb halfway up the hall, and Sara realized he had headed her off a bit, keeping her from approaching where the building smelled a bit musky. Michigan evenings in June were not hot, but it had been humid this week. There could be no doubt that sex had occurred back here in the hallway, given the combined scents of sweat, cologne and desire.

"What brings you to our fancy downtown office young man?" Barb asked Jack gazing up into his twinkly blue eyes. Jack normally worked out of the original Stewart Realtors office, up near the campus.

"Had to bring something over to Sara, we have a tough deal that's finally coming together. I wanted to deliver it in person and I knew she was here-she's always here, isn't she?" Jack threw an arm around Barb's massive shoulders, knowing full well the affect he had on women.

"Yes, our Sara, she's a hard worker," Barb agreed. "She'll be our top producer in no time!"

Jack looked back to see if Sara was behind them, caught her eye and winked. "Yep, she'll be on top very soon for sure, especially if I have a say in it!"

He was even more determined to really get to know her now, no matter what it took. He allowed himself to feel desire morphing into something else for just a brief moment, before stuffing it back down, deep down, where it belonged, as he watched her face react to his statement.

That ass, Sara thought, as the New Sara reacted to his silly double meaning like a love-struck teenager.

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