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First Male Client

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I was finishing up my paperwork for the day in the reception area of my Skincare studio when a very attractive man can in the front door. I welcomed him in and introduced myself as Denise, owner/operator of my studio. He told me his name was Ron. He had been by my studio and wanted some information about waxing. He was staying in town for about a month on business and wanted to have his body hair removed from his back, chest, and midsection area. He was a fanatic about going to the gym regularly and had noticed quite a few guys that worked out were very clean with no hair on their backs and chests. Ron found out they had waxing services to remove the hair. Since he had free time while on business he wanted to take the opportunity to finally have the hair removed.

I was a little taken back by his request. I have been in the business for over 10 years and knew about doing waxing services on men, but I have always had my regular women clients and for some reason had never had a request from a man before. My studio was private and I am a solo proprietor so I don't do any promotions. However, business had been slow recently and I knew I could do a good job for him. I explained the procedure and that it would take about 4 visits. Ron replied he was fully prepared to see it through. He asked about the brazilian waxing. I explained to him in a professional tone that the brazilian procedure was the full and complete removal of pubic hair and buttocks hair and all the hair in the pubic area. He thought for a moment and said that he also wanted that but he called it manscaping. I told him that it could be done, but we would approach that procedure as we progressed. I directed him to wear a pair of bikini underwear in preparation. He agreed and we set an appointment for the next day at 1:00 p.m.

That night after having a glass of wine to relax I thought about Ron and the appointment tomorrow. Since I had never provided waxing services to a man I was a little apprehensive but at the same time intrigued at the idea of doing a brazilian (or manscape) wax service on a man. I knew that it would be awkward especially around his genitals, but I also knew that men have it done all the time so I convinced myself that I would be able to remain professional and proceed in a clinical fashion.

The next day I could not concentrate on my regular clients knowing about the 1:00 appointment. I found myself wondering about how I would conduct myself. Finally, about a half hour before the appointment, I went into the powder room to freshen up. I looked my self in the full length mirror after freshening up my makeup. Being 35, with auburn flowing hair, very nice breasts, nice figure, I thought I would make a very good impression on Ron. He seemed a bit younger than me, about 6 ft, very trimmed body and very good looking, so I wanted to make my best appearance but at the same time remain professional.

Ron was punctual for the appointment and I showed him into the service room. I explained again about the procedure and told him to remove his clothing and lie on the table face down. I went out while he prepared and returned in a few minutes and entered after knocking and asking if he was ready. My first reaction was how much more of my table he took up than my normal women clients, then, I took in this body. He was tanned and in very good shape, firm muscles, no fat. He had on the bikini underwear that I had suggested. I took a towel and dr*ped it over his buttocks. Then I began waxing his back. It took about 45 minutes to finish and give him time to recover from the pain. I rubbed some soothing lotion on his back to cool down the inflammation and to relax him. After a few more minutes I asked him to turn over. I held the towel until he was settled and the put the towel back over his mid area. I noticed that he did not have a great deal of chest hair. I told him I would now work on his groin area and that we would do the chest on the next visit. I gently folded the towel down so that this groin area was exposed. Much to my relief, his cock was flaccid and down to the side so I pulled down his bikini to see the area above his cock. He had quite a bit of hair. I suggested to him that it would be best to shave him first, and then do the actual wax on another appointment as it works best to wax on short hair. He said that was a great idea since he was not looking forward to the pain. I told him the shave would be painless and then the waxing would be easier with little hair. He seemed to relax knowing the next part would be easier. I had already put him through enough already.

So I got my materials ready for the shave. I applied some warm clear cream to the hair over his cock and began to gently shave away the hair on his abdomen and above his cock. As I was proceeding with the shave, I noticed that his cock was enlarging, gradually turning upward as it enlarged. Then I watched as the head on his cock came out from under the bikini briefs and continued to enlarge. I tried to go on with my shaving but it was becoming harder to avoid touching his fully erect cock and shave the area around it. Then Ron broke the tension saying that he was sorry about that but nature was just taking over. I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of his beautiful cock. I told him it was OK but that maybe we should stop for the day and pickup at the next appointment. He asked "Are you sure?" and I said yes and that I had another appointment coming soon. I told him to get dressed and I left the room, hoping that he hadn't noticed my shaking. He came out in a few minutes and said he was very happy with the days work and he was looking forward to the next time. We set an appointment for one week later and he gave me a hug before he left. I could feel his still hard cock against me and was glad to see him leave before I fainted from being so hot.

Needless to say, the rest of my day was a blur as all I could think about was Ron and his beautiful cock. That night I had a fantasy dream about the appointment and about the next meeting. I decided to live out my fantasy with Ron. The rest of the week until his next appointment was awful. It seemed like time had slowed down. I really had to concentrate to get through my other appointments and the days, but finally the day of Ron's appointment arrived.

I woke up early on the appointed day and spent some extra time getting myself ready for the day. I felt sexy and anxious after my morning pampering. I chose to wear a short white gauze dress that I had for a special occasion. I put on my lacy red bra and low cut panties with lace along the top. Then I looked at myself in the mirror. Anyone would be able to see thru the gauze dress and see my bra and panties. That was the effect that I wanted. I had deliberately not booked any appointments before Ron so I would look fresh and ready. I put on my favorite perfume and was ready for the appointment.

Again Ron arrived at the appointed time. I stepped into the door to greet him, knowing the sunlight would allow him to see all of me through the gauze dress. His reaction was what I had hoped for. I could feel his eyes looking at my body and his smile indicated his pleasure. I gave him a hello hug which he responded to by kissing my neck. We chatted briefly and I told him to go to the room and undress. He smiled and said don't wait too long. Before going in I made sure the front door was locked. Ron was lying with his front side down. He had on the bikini briefs like before. I told him that his back looked fine and that I would begin on his buttocks. I began waxing his tight ass taking care to caress the lower part as I waxed. I gently slid my hand between his legs and he spread his legs to give me room so I could wax close to his balls. As I did it, my hand would graze his balls which produced a sigh from him and he spread his legs a little wider. I was able to finish getting the hair off his tight ass in a short time. Then I asked him to roll over so I could work on the front. He complied and this time his cock was already becoming hard. I told him I wanted to shave his area some more to get the remaining area below his abdomen. He said OK as I got out the equipment. As I was about to start, I told him it would be a lot easier to do it without the bikini brief and if he was OK with it I would remove them. He said definitely since they were uncomfortable for him. So I removed the briefs and I got my first full view of his cock which by now was fully erect and straight up. I gave a slight gasp as I viewed it. It was beautiful. Fully erect and hard it was easily 8" and thick. I pretended to start the shaving again, this time shaving all the close areas around his cock. I then had to get on the side so I moved his cock with my hand to one side, then the other. I wanted to engulf it with my mouth which was about 4" away as I worked close. He could feel my warm breath on his cock as I worked. Then the best thing happened. I felt his hand on my leg, feeling my leg up and down as I worked. Slowly he worked his hand up to the inside of my legs up a very close to my pussy, which by now was soaking my panties. I spread my legs wide enough to give him easy access while I tried to continue working around his cock. As I was cupping his balls to get at that area I felt his hand reach my panties at my pussy. By now I was hardly able to stand. Suddenly, I heard a knock at the door. I glanced at the clock and realized that my next client was here a little early. I told Ron I was sorry but we had to stop for the day. I tried to get myself composed and put on my lab coat to look presentable and left to let in the client. Meanwhile, Ron got dressed and came out. I apologized for not finishing but he was OK with it. I asked him to come back Saturday. I am normally closed but could meet him here and we would have some privacy. He smiled and said sure and that he would like me all to himself.

It was 2 days till Saturday and I was giddy with anticipation. Finally it arrived. I carefully prepared myself for the coming event, and put on a very sexy casual dress with 8 buttons down the front holding it on. I left off my bra and panties and left the top 2 buttons undone so my breast curves would be revealed. And I left the bottom 3 buttons undone so the dress was open almost to my nude pussy. I was fully prepared for what might come. Ron was at my door when I arrived. He let out a little whistle when he saw me. We went inside and he gave me a warm hug this time pressing his cock against me. I responded by pressing back against him. I took him into the room and stayed there while he got undressed and naked. As he lay on his chest I told him his back area was fine and that we would concentrate on his front so he rolled over. He cock was already becoming hard and erect. I pretended to examine the area where the hair had been removed by rubbing my hands around the base of his cock and balls feeling the smoothness of his skin. Meanwhile he began helping himself to my body. He reached up and unbuttoned my bottom button leaving just 2 still done. Then he moved his hand between my legs and up to my pussy. Without panties, I was ready for his probing fingers. I spread my legs to allow him entry. Meanwhile, I had wrapped one hand around his hard cock and was rubbing his chest with the other. Soon I was stroking his cock as he was finger fucking my wet dripping pussy. I then teasingly licked his cockhead with my tongue then wrapped my mouth around the head as I licked it. I told him I needed to work on his chest, and I got upon the table and straddled him. I leaned forward as he unbuttoned my last two buttons and removed my dress. My pussy was about 4 inches away from his cock. He started feeling my tits and then kissing them. As he did so, he pushed me down so that his cock was at the opening of my hot pussy. I felt his cock and gave a moan. Then I slid back more as his cock entered me. More and more I moved back until I could feel his entire cock in me and could feel his balls against my pussy. We both then began fucking with abandon, me up and down on his cock as he pushed up to drive it into me. It was wild. We were both fucking each other as we kissed and he squeezed my tits. I could feel his cock getting even harder knowing he was close to cumming as was I. Then suddenly he began to shutter and he came and I felt his come in my pussy I began cumming too. Both of us wrapped in an intense embrace as we came together. After we finished I laid on his chest, feeling he hard cock soften. Finally I climbed off him, and took his cock completely in my mouth as l took the last cum of ours off his cock and swallowed it. I gave his cock and good cleaning before we kissed again, sharing the taste of cum together. He told me I really knew how to satisfy a customer.

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