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Fire-works on Oak Road

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Parking in my new driveway, I roll down the window to take in the fresh spring air. The 60's style ranch houses were loaded with tall trees, and the smell of fresh cut grass. The air is calm and cool, but thankfully I still had a little light left. Having just accepted a work transfer, things have been a whirlwind! I thankfully beat the moving truck to the new house, but it also meant I would be cleaning and sleeping on the floor.

Pulling some personal items from the trunk, a woman caught the corner of my eye walking down the sidewalk. Without wanting to seem creepy, I pretended to be distracted with the trunk so I could take a longer peek! She was a beautiful, shoulder-length strawberry-blonde with visible freckles across her shoulders and had long, pale legs with a feminine muscularity that seemed to epitomize sexuality. Clad in yellow, thigh-hugging shorts and a white graphic tank-top, she was not a super-model by ?supermodel standards.? But she was something else. Something far, far more attractive. Immensely beautiful, shapely and still fit. Her breasts jutted up and down with each stride, acting as the force jack-lifting my cock each time they went up and down.

When I couldn?t fumble around any further, I grabbed my duffel bag. Before turning to head into the garage, I turned her direction as she looked my way as well. ?Hey, how are ya? Just move in the neighborhood?? she asked. Her pearly smile and naturally red, plump lips didn?t help me conceal my straining cock inside my cargo shorts! ?I?m doing well, thanks. Yeah, just moved in. Moving truck is a day late, but oh well!? I responded, nervously I might add. She walked up the short driveway, breasts jutting and her bright smile seemingly illuminating the entire street. Her freckles were fairly light on her face, punctuating her cute nose. Dropping my duffel bag as she extended her hand for greeting. ?I?m Kathryn, nice to meet you! I live around the corner on Oak Road.? ?Nice to meet you, I?m Rich,? I nervously replied. The softness of her hands literally made my knees weak, and I had to struggle not to crumble to pieces! That moment I felt a small spurt from the tip of my cock. Precum was going into overdrive, and I just hoped we could end the greeting without sporting a fist-sized wet spot!

After some small talk, I learned she lived in the area for several years and did consulting work. As the sun began to set and it got a little darker, Kathryn said she had to get going. ?I?ll see you around sometime, okay?? she said with a smile. She turned and walked away as I replied, ?Sure thing. Great meeting you!? She turned to look over her shoulder, showing her now rosey cheeks. And no, not her ass cheeks?.but I watched those too. Watching those two globes move with as much urgency as her breasts when walking, I about went into overload! At that moment, a surge of confidence came over me. I?ve let such women slip through my fingers before because I felt out of my league, but not this time!

Jogging lightly down the driveway, forgetting my open trunk and duffel bag, I called out, ?H-hey, Kathryn. I can walk you home if you like??

Too be continued?.

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