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Female domination

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The Student

Dianna pushed her hotel door shut behind her and leaned back against it. It was around eight o?clock and it had been a long day of meetings with difficult clients. Slipping out of her shoes, she pulled her top off and tossed it on the bed. The threat of a migraine loomed. Great, she thought, just what I need. She opened her handbag and dug down feeling for her steady companion. But the bottle of Tylenol wasn?t there, and then she remembered. She had taken the last one two hours ago. ?Shit,? she muttered, and she buried her head in her hands.

?Front Desk,? came a deep voice over the phone.

?Yes, this is room 812. Do you happen to have any Tylenol down there?? She leafed through the hotel amenity book while the clerk went to look. The second floor had a pool and hot tub. Damn again, she thought. No swimsuit. She was in the middle of peeling off her nylons, when the clerk returned. The hotel didn?t have any Tylenol, but she could get some across the street. She sighed and hung up. The last thing she wanted to do was to go out foraging.

?One more night and I?ll be back Marlena,? she muttered, feeling the headache intensifying. ?Oh, please, God, give me a break.? She threw her top back on and reluctantly was back out the door and heading for the elevators at the end of the hall. Along the way, a bellhop joined her and together they waited in silence. He was perhaps eighteen or nineteen; twenty would be stretching it, and he was eyeing discreetly. She shot him a friendly smile, and looked away trying not to encourage him. At forty and a professional earning six figures a year, she resisted adolescent boys, although there were times when she toyed with the idea of having one just for laughs. The problem was, Marlena said, is that they get moonstruck and become outright nuisances.

?Excuse me, maam, are you getting in??

She startled and then saw that the elevator had arrived and that the doors were open with the bellhop waiting inside. ?Yes, thanks,? she said, stepping inside. ?Lobby, please.?

He pushed the button and as the doors shut, he said, ?You from around here??

Of course I?m not child, she thought. ?No.?

The boy was quiet a moment and she could see him fidgeting out of the corner of her eye as the elevator made it?s decent. ?I?m from Butte. Moved here a couple of months ago.?

?That?s nice,? she answered, praying the elevator would hurry up and get to her floor.

?Where you from??

?Excuse me,? she said, pinning a hard eye on him. It was a look she gave people when she wanted them to fuck off and leave her alone. She waited for the crushing silence between them to put the conversation at an end. But his dark brown eyes never left her, nor did his charming smile waver.

?I asked where you was from??

Most people wilted under the kind of glare she had given him. Then again she reminded herself he was young and probably didn?t know the difference between a come on and a fuck off. If she didn?t feel like her head was going to split in two, he might be fun to twit. At last she said, ?San Francisco. Look, I have a roaring headache here and I?d really rather not chat if you don?t mind.?

?Yeah, sure. Is there anything I can get you??

?Well, unless you have a bottle of Tylenol in your pocket, I don?t think so.?

?No. But I know where I can get some.?

Dianna cocked her brow. ?You do??

?Yes, lifeguard at the pool keeps a stash in his office. If you want, I could go get some and bring it to your room,? he said. The elevator doors opened then, and the sprawling Lobby awaited her.

Dianna thought about it. ?Tell you what, how about I come with you? I wouldn?t want to put you to any additional trouble.?

?No trouble at all maam.? He pushed the button and the doors closed again. ?How do you like San Fran??

?It?s all right.?

The doors swished back and they both got out. ?Pool?s right down the hallway. You been to it yet??

?Haven?t had the chance. I sure could use a dip right now though.?

?It?s closed but I could sneak you in if you want.

?As tempting as that is, I?ll pass. No suit.?

The bellhop shrugged. ?Bummer.? He was quiet a moment and she could see his mind working. At length, they came to the natatorium, and he turned around and said, ?Tell you what, I got an idea. You want to swim, use the hot tub? You go in and I?ll lock up after you so no one comes barging in. No one comes back here after hours anyway and if they do, I?ll chase ?em away.?

?And who?ll chase you away,? she said, watching him closely. When his face reddened, she pinned an amused smile on him, and then despite her headache and Marlena?s warnings, started to seriously consider having him. ?You wouldn?t be hoping to sneak a peek would you??

He stammered as he tried to deny her inquest. He?s done this before, Dianna thought. Clever boy. ?My Tylenol, please??

?Right.? He fumbled with the keys and opened the doors.

She followed him in, her glance shifting to the oval, blue tiled hot tub that hugged the large kidney shaped pool. It would be so nice to sip on a bottle of pinot noir and slide into it, she thought.

?This, do you?? The bellhop said, handing her a dozen caplets.

She popped a couple and downed them. Feeling better for no other reason than knowing relief was on the way, she decided to have a little fun. ?Right now, I need to fight off this killer headache, but if later I decide I want to take a swim, how do I get a hold of you??

?My shift ends at ten. If you settle on what you want to do by then, ring me up on my cell,? he said, and he pulled out a slip of paper and jotted his number down. As he handed it to her their hands brushed. His skin was warm and smooth and his touch sent a tremor through her body. She met his endearing expression with a long speculative gaze then glanced down at the growing bulge in his pants.

At ten, she dialed the bellhop?s number and five minutes later she met him on the second floor next to the natatorium. He unlocked the door and let her in, then faded into the darkened room to hit the lights. ?I?m only going to turn a couple on. Don?t want to give the impression there?s anyone in here.?

Right, she thought as the sound of running water through the filters hummed in her ears. ?So, you never told me your name,? she said, calling out behind him.

?Kyle,? came a reply. She heard a tinkle of keys and then a couple of soft white lights splashed down on the hot tub. ?You wanted to use the whirlpool, right??

?Yes,? she called back. In the shadows she could see him walking toward her, twirling his key ring in front of him. When he came near, she said, ?So, my little peeping Tom, are you going to hang around, or would you rather lurk outside and try an sneak a peek? ?

Even though it was dim and his face was in heavy shadow, she could see that his eyes were widened. He wavered in front of her and in his awkwardness and naivety there was created a wave of excitement in Dianna she had not known before. Already, she could feel his eyes on her, undressing her, and it sent her heart racing. She reached out and took his hand pulling him over next to the hot tub. ?Sit,? she said, and she slowly lifted her top over her head and dragged it over his shoulders. His eyes glazed over and his breath quickened. ?You like??

Kyle gasped, and his mouth retreated into a tiny crooked smile. He reached out to touch her, but she pushed his hand away. ?No touch. You understand. You can look but you cannot touch, or this all ends.?

He nodded and when his hand fell back to his side, she reached behind her and unclasped her bra. As the straps fell away and the garment dropped to her feet she felt her skin tingle. Suddenly, her hands were caressing her flesh and pinching hardened nipples and the sensation almost made her come. She took a deep breath and gathered herself, her gaze never leaving the young bellhop?s face. Such agony he was in. She knew he wanted to touch her, to run his hands over her smooth warm skin, but she wasn?t going to let him. It was more titillating to watch him squirm and so she ran her finger down to her jeans and around the rim, tugging at her belt. It came undone with a flick and with it, so did the zipper of her jeans.

Kyle was mesmerized, his gaze fixed on her every move and it drove her body into a maddening frenzy of desire. She imagined his cock in her mouth. It would be slick and smooth, his skin salty on her tongue. But she resisted the urge to abandon his torturing ? to abandon her torturing - because she knew they were both suffering. Yet what sweet suffering it was, and with a deliberate tug, she slid her pants down and presented him with his prize.

?Please,? he cried. ?Let me touch you.?

She shook her head and with a smile, slipped her finger over her button and it sent her body into oblivion. Back and forth in figure eights, she fingered herself, driving herself over the cliff, again and again. When the last shudder passed, she took a deep breath and let herself down into the warm waters of the hot tub. ?Did you enjoy the show?? She said making herself comfortable.

But Kyle couldn?t speak, and she saw that his hand had slipped inside his pants. ?I didn?t say you could do that, did I? Pull your hand out, now!?

Kyle?s voice was a rasp. ?Why??

?Because if you don?t, I won?t put my mouth around it later.?

Kyle?s eyes flung open and he wrenched his hand out.

?Now you just sit there and relax. Let your juices simmer down,? Dianna said, and she thought a moment on how to keep the game afloat. At length, she said, ?You know why I want you to relax, don?t you??

?Why,? Kyle said breathlessly.

?Because I like to start with a man soft and let him grow in my mouth. You ever been in a woman?s mouth before? And tell me the truth; cause I know when I?m being lied to.?


Perfect, Dianna thought. ?Tell you what. Do you know where we can get some bindings?? When he gave her a dumb look, she added, ?To tie someone up.?

?Oh,? he said quietly. He nibbled his lip. ?There might be some down in the shop.?

Dianna moved over so that the Hot tub?s jet was pulsing on her button. ?Well why don?t you go get some. Don?t worry, I?ll be here when you get back.?

Looking over his shoulder, Kyle shuffled out of the natatorium, and as the door shut behind him, Dianna began to plot a path towards his education. Tonight was going to be a night he?d remember for a good long time.

Fifteen minutes later, Kyle returned with a coil of cotton cord. He set it down in front of her. ?It?s all I could find,? he said, apology in his voice.

Dianna smiled. He thinks it?s for me - if he only knew. ?Do you have anything to cut it with??

He reached into his back pocket and produced a pair of clippers. ?These should work.? He glanced around the room. ?I?ll go get us one of those chases. ?

?Whoa, slow down Romeo. We?re not doing anything here. Is there a towel anywhere around??

As he ran off to get her one, she climbed out of the tub and stood, her long legs streaming with rivulets of water. Stretching her arms behind her, she struck one of her alluring poses that always drove Marlena wild, and waited for Kyle to return. When he came running up, he stopped and for a moment, Dianna wondered if he had come right in his pants. She put out her hand, calmly snatched the towel out of his fingers and wrapped it around her body. ?Come on Romeo, let?s go,? she said, and she took up her clothes and headed for the door with him panting along behind her like a puppy.

The ride up the elevator to the eighth floor was made in silence, but the tension in the air crackled in her ears. She was now in total control of her little boy toy and she was absolutely certain she could get him to do anything she wanted. Finally, the car arrived and the doors opened. The hallway was empty. It was going on eleven-thirty. She turned to him. ?Just in case someone comes out, I?m going first and after fifteen minutes you can follow, OK? I?m in room 812. You have a master key, I assume??

Kyle nodded as the elevator doors closed between them. Then, with a practiced walk of a CEO, which she had learned to master over the years, she marched down the corridor in only her towel and bare skin with her clothing firmly gripped in hand. No one came out, and even if they had, she wouldn?t have been the least bit fazed. It wasn?t what one wore she had decided long ago, but how one comported themselves in front of others that made the difference. Act like you belong and are in total control and people will say and do pretty much whatever you want them to. Power was everything and right now she was getting ready to wield it like never before.

She shut the door to her room behind her and went to her bags. Whenever she traveled, she carried a toy or two to take the edge off a long day. She opened her large, black leather carry-on bag and took out a vibrating plug and a tube of KY. Six inches would have to do, but at least the batteries were fresh, she thought as she turned it on. As it buzzed contentedly in her hand, she envisioned how best to make use of it. Marlena always liked it as a warm-up for the main event, while many of her male companions preferred it in as an enhancement to her oral skills.

At length, she turned it off and set it just under the bed, next to the nightstand for easy access. It was time to get dressed and she had just the thing to tantalize the young bellhop. A silk, black and white jumpsuit, and under it there would be nothing but a thong and bare skin. She went into the bathroom and brought out her suitcase and unzipped the side pouch. As she dug to the bottom through a tangle of bras and underwear for the thong, she felt a long, firm object under her fingers. A smile creased her face as she pulled it out. She had forgotten she had not entirely unpacked after getting home from last weekend?s romp with Marlena.

The tap on Dianna?s door was soft and she barely heard it from the bathroom. She primped her hair, checked her face and did a cursory review of the room one last time. Her favorite toy and the plug were out of sight, but she went over and pushed them a tad more under the bed just to make sure. The KY she had slipped in the nightstand drawer, next to the Gideon bible.

?Coming,? she said, as a second rap thumped the door. She opened it and let Kyle in. ?Where?s the bindings, in the bag??

For a moment, Kyle eyed her like a kid in a candy store and was unable to utter a single word. Finally, he nodded and with a broken voice, said, ?I bought a six pack.? ?

?How wonderful,? Dianna lied. She was a martini and scotch gal. She took the bag and went into the bathroom. ?Why don?t you make yourself comfortable??

?Yeah, sure,? Kyle said.

Dianna peered around the edge of the door and in the mirrored closet doors could see him shuffling across the room to the window that looked out over the river walk. He was anxious and he should be, she mused. She pulled the cord out of the bag and measured off four, four-foot lengths of it. ?The river?s pretty this time of night, don?t you think??

?I guess,? he muttered. ?What?s ya doing??

?Nothing. I?ll be right out,? she said. ?So, tell me, are you a student at the university??

?Yes, a freshman, why??

?Just wondered.? She poked her head around the door. ?What?s your major??

?Computer engineering,? he said, turning around. ?So, um . . . what do you do??

?Me? I?m in merchandising,? Dianna said ducking back behind the door. ?You nervous??

?Me, no.?

?Hmmm . . . good, I?ll be right out.? She cut and trimmed the last chord. She set the clippers back in the bag and was about to turn off the light when she decided a beer for her young bellhop might help take the edge off and so she reached back in and grabbed one. When she opened the door she said, ?I hope this is a twist off. I don?t have a bottle opener.?

She leaned back on the door, her breasts pressing tight against her silk jumper. In one hand she held out the bottle while the other hung lightly at her side grasping the cords. A lump in Charles? long thin neck rose and his hand trembled as he took the beer from her. ?It?s okay?? she said. ?Relax. Why don?t we go sit down, stretch out??

She led him over to the bed, set the bindings down on the nightstand and pulled the covers back, Pressing him down onto the mattress with a firm hand, she crawled up beside him and studied his face; measuring his youth, his naivety, his simple understated beauty as he nervously sipped his beer. In all her years of exploring the realms of physical delights, she had never wanted a virgin as badly as this bellhop. She reached over and stroked his raven hair, raising gooseflesh on his arm. ?You ever been with a real woman Kyle?? she whispered, and her hand brushed over his side.

He shook his head.

Her finger dragged down the front of his shirt, ?I didn?t think so. Would you like to learn how to pleasure a woman, Kyle?? When he nodded breathlessly, she continued, ?Well then, let?s get started. I like to play a little game,? she continued, nodding to the bindings.

Kyle grinned. ?I never tied a woman up before.?

?You think they?re for me? Oh no honey ? they?re for you!? She said, gazing back at him intently.

Kyle?s gaze drifted from her face to the bindings and them back again. ?Ok.?

Dianna grinned, amused at his innocence. ?I?m not going to hurt you. Instead, I?m going to slowly take your clothes off,? Dianna said. She stepped to the end of the bed and pried his sneaks and socks off. He had long feet with decided arches. She ran her fingers over his damp skin and between his toes. ?Feel good??

Kyle nodded.

?How about this?? she said and she slipped her hands up under his cuff and kneaded his calves. Again he nodded. With her gaze never leaving his face, she ran her hands back and forth exploring him as far as she could from under the cuff of his pants before finally withdrawing and deftly unfastened his belt. As she peeled his pants down over his legs, her lips traced soft wet kissing over his thighs. When she saw his hands rise up from the corner of her eye, she stopped. ?Remember what I said. No touch.? And then she removed his pants and tossed them in the corner.

His legs were smooth and sinewy and from under his briefs she saw a patch of light brown hair and the promise of being delightfully stretched. Her fingers lit on his knee and slowly dragged up the inside of his thighs. With every inch she went, his breathing quickened and she could feel his muscles move under his skin, urging her onward, but she stopped short of the appointed destination.

?Jesus, you?re killing me,? he whimpered.

?Killing you? Oh, I?ve just started. Youth are always in such a rush. Slam-bam-thank-you-maam and it?s all over with. No my dear - fucking is much more than that. It?s about preparation, approach.? She lit up onto the bed like a bird and unbuttoned his shirt then gazed at his broad shoulders and sculpted chest. Better wait till I have him tied up, she thought or I might lose it. She grabbed the bindings from the nightstand. ?Hands to the side, please.?

She tied his wrists snuggly and lashed them to the frame of the bed, making sure he was adequately retrained then resumed gliding her fingers over his body, with feathery strokes. ?You like that??

When he moaned she smiled and put her lips over his nipples, biting and teasing them, then with the flat of her tongue she licked him from his ribs all the way up to his ear lobes and as she went his body arched up to meet her warm, moist mouth. ?This is how you tease a woman Kyle,? she whispered hotly in her ear. You build her up slowly inch-by-inch.

She caressed his flesh, creating him in her hand, rubbing her index finger softly up and down the underside of him. ?Does that feel good? How about this?? And she curled her tongue and slowly licked his neck, trailing down his body to his navel.

Kyle?s body shuddered. ?You did like that, didn?t you? Let?s finish tying you up.? She ran the cord around his ankles and tied him down to the bed. ?Now watch closely,? and she came beside him and pulled out from under the bed, her vibrating plug. ?Have you ever thought about having something nice and long up inside you? Probably not: but I do all the time,? she said greasing the plug with an ample dollop of K-Y. She sat on the bed and giving him a front row seat, gently slid the plug up inside her. ?How do I look??

?Awesome,? he muttered, mesmerized.

She turned the plug on and massaged her button with her finger sending currents of euphoria through her body. ?Do you know what I like to do next?? she whispered. When he shook his head, she bent over and drew out her favorite toy. It was long and thick and wavered in her hand. ?Would you like to see me put it in??


?I need to be lubricated though. Would you like to lick me??

When he nodded, she straddled his face and pressed her bottom onto his moist lips. ?Back and forth, yes, just like that. You?re doing it good, yes!? Her eyes rolled back into her head as she came with a shudder. For a moment she lifted up and caught her breath, then said, ?I think I want another one.? And she lit back down once again over his mouth and rode him to another climax.

?Oh my, you?re not bad. I might have misjudged you,? she said climbing off him. She eyed him dreamily and collected herself. The long dildo at her side beckoned, and she took in her hand and rubbed it on her breasts and slowly pushed it down over her abdomen. With a gasp she plunged it up inside herself and cried out. Deeper and deeper with each thrust she pushed it in, stretching herself, filling herself, aching to consume its entire length. God, she wanted Kyle, wanted him to fill her other place, but watching him watch her, wanting her, his eyes begging her to let him slide into her was so delicious. Marlena had told her more than once that being watched was more erotic than being pleasured, but she had not believed her until now.

Kyle?s body pebbled and a glistening stream trickled down his engorged flesh. Dianna bent forward and scr*ped it off him with a long practiced fingernail. He tasted wonderful and it took all of her resolve not to take him in her mouth. ?You want to feel what it feels like to have magic inside you?? she sighed. ?You want feel what it?s like to be stretched, to feel what a woman feels when a man takes her to heaven??

Kyle?s eyes fixed on her and though he said nothing, she knew inside he was saying yes. For an eternity she felt that they gazed into each other?s eyes and she pulled the long dildo out of her and pressed it up against his back door. The long sleek member slid up inside him a short ways and she waited for him to catch his breath and get comfortable. ?Shall I push it in deeper??

Kyle nodded and his breath quickened as she gently pushed another two inches of it in. ?What do you feel? I want to know??

?I feel like I?m being sucked from the inside out,? he whispered back. ?Oh God, - oh, shit, I think I?m going to come.?

Dianna smiled, and thrusting the dildo over and over again into her young bellhop made her come with a thundering rush as he gushed out in wild spurts over his belly and sheets. It wasn?t supposed to come down to this, She had intended only that he watch and learn, be educated for the next time. But she couldn?t help herself. Watching a man erupt was one of life?s greatest pleasures. That Kyle was a virgin, made it all that much more special.

She gathered his seed up with her fingers and held it?s warmth in her mouth before letting it slide down her throat. ?You taste delightful,? she remarked untying his bonds. ?But unfortunately it?s time for you to go.?

?So we?re not gonna ??

?No, as much as I?d like to have you, I?m going to throw you back in the pond.? She wondered then who had gotten the better of the deal and how it come down that all her plans to thoroughly teach the young man had been set against her. Well no matter, she thought. It was worth it.

Kyle dragged his shirt on. ?I don?t understand.?

?Of course you don?t. But in time you will.? She waited for him to finish dressing before marching him to the door. After giving him a perfunctory peck on the cheek, she sent him on his way and went for her cell phone. The hell with waiting until tomorrow she thought as the dial tone sang in her ear. I?m going home today and she made reservations on the 6:00 AM flight out of San Jose for New York. Marlena was waiting!

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