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Fantasy at a Party

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I see her at the party. I've known her for quite a while, but tonight, she looks especially hot. Not her outfit, her. She looks very classy and respectable. But is it only me, or can everyone see the scent of sex just oozing out of her.

She doesn't know I'm here, we were invited separately. I stay out of sight, just watching her evanescent sexuality continually recharge. She is mingling, and she sees a guy she is obviously familiar with. After initially keeping her distance, the heavy flirting begins. They both glance around conspiratorially, pause, then the door behind them opens and they vanish into the night.

I make my way around to a window. I see them making out. Their hands grabbing and clutching each other. Passion interspersed with giggling. Hers arms disappear between their bodies. I can't see what is going on, but my guess is verified when she slides down his body while sliding his pants off. They turn slightly, almost as if to give me a better view. His cock is released, then immediately captured by her mouth. She takes it all in, causing my own cock to twitch excitedly.

His head rolls back in bliss, and his hand grabs her hair. His ego wants to be found this way, demonstrating his virility, but is also fearful of actually getting caught. Her head bobs up and down, lips following the contours of cock. He thinks his hand is controlling her speed, but that's only for show. Her hands come up and grab his cheeks, he can't get away now. Fear and excitement catalyze him, he's pulsating, and won't last long.

She wants to make him scream like a girl, and his back arches and a quick yelp escapes his lips. She was hoing for more, but swallows it all and pulls any remaining seed clean all the way back to his balls. They hear a rattling by the door. He instinctively moves back, quickly pulls his pants up. She acts like she dropped something, and picks it up. They compose themselves, acting like they are unaware of each other presence, but this would only fool someone who didn't want to know what was plain to see.

surreptitiously, they glance towards the door. The party seems unaware of the carnal delights on the patio. Eyes filled with lust, she takes a step in his direction. But, to her surprise, he gives her a thumbs up and heads back to the door.

She spins around, not wanting him to see the hurt and disappointment. She moves against the railing, looking over the yard. She can't believe he left her this way ... he got his jollies, so we're done.

That bastard.

This was supposed to be a fantasy for two, his AND hers. A tear was attempting to escape, but she was not going to let it out. At some point during her barely contained emotions, she's aware of a presence behind her. Instantly her mood changes, he has come back for her. Beaming, she starts to turn, but he stops her. He pushes her over the railing and holds her there. While she's holding onto the railing with both hands, it's a precarious position, and she wonders if it will support the weight of both of them. A stiff cock is pressing against her butt, and the engineering issues vanish from her mind. She presses back,

He leans over her, hands cupping each breast, squeezing, kneading, searching for the nipple to tweak. Her body responds instinctively to him, he knows just what she likes. She almost missed the "Shhhh" above the noise of the party. With one hand still on her back, he uses his other hand to free his cock. She wants to see it, feel it, taste it again, but that's for later.

Her skirt rises, and his hand slides up her thigh and and stops right before her soaked panties. Feathering his fingers, they slowly creep the final few millimeters, getting so close she doesn't know if they are touching her or not. She squirms, trying to help them finid the mark, but he follows her rhythm, and things progress at his pace. Finally, his fingers push into her wet panties, putting pressure on just the right spot. But almost immediately, his fingers sneak around the side, enveloped by pussy juice, letting them glide in and out, but never quite in her pussy.

Then, a quick tug, and the panties are ripped. Almost immediately his cock is there, pushing it's way in. She adjusts herself, spreading her legs and his cock is buried. But he's not moving.

She is squirming. She can't really do much else. She pushes back, but bent over the railing she really has no leverage. They stay like that for what seems like an eternity. She can't stand it. A flash of being discovered this way first shoots fear, then excitement. She doesn't care about propriety, she would love to be found with a cock buried in her pussy at a party. The thought contracts her pussy, then she feels a twitch in his legs, he lets out a groan and the fucking begins.

It's taken all his might to stay still, but shen she squeezed his cock, his lust pushed him right into high speed. While they keep the moans quiet, the sex slap is as loud as can be, that unmistakable sound of serious fucking. If anyone came out now, they wouldn't stop, they couldn't stop, biology and lust was all that mattered. She feels his cock becoming more engorged, his moaning a little louder, his fucking a little harder. Bend over the railing, being fucked hard, might be caught at any second, she can't help herself, her body orgasms ands screams "Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Fuck me, Fuck me."

Her screams trigger his orgasm, and he screams like a wild beast. Everyone must be able to hear him, and that high pitched screaming must be hers. She's getting dizzy as her whole body moves with his every thrust, every grunt, every spasm.

He withdraws, and moves back. She can't move right now, just staying bent over the railing, but she has to come up for air. She moves upright, skirt slipping down, and looks to see, hopefully, if they have been discovered.

But looking through the door and into the party, on the other side of the room is her companion. Confusion cuts the mood as she realizes he's too far away to have just fucked her. She whirls around, panic in her eyes, wondering who just fulfilled her fantasy.

I just smiled.

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