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Fantasy "Nadia"

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I work in the service industry. In my travels to different locations I meet several ?women in the office?. Some I have to deal with, others I just have to stop and say hello.

Here?s some background on this one. The first time I saw Nadia I was instantly attracted to her. This woman has loads of sex appeal. Practically every guy I know agrees. She is quite easy on the eyes without being one of those high maintenance girls.

I?m out working on some stuff when I get a call. Seems that an office is having some troubles and they request an immediate service call. I tell them as soon as I?m finished I would be right over. I arrive at the office about an hour later. I?m told that a plug will not hold on to a cord. Simple enough job, I grab a replacement and a couple tools. On the way to the office with the problem I notice Nadia at her desk.

She is wearing a snug fitting blouse with a knee length skirt and black knee high boots. She is kind of leaning back in her chair talking on the phone. I can easily see the outline of her breast and a fair amount skin around the neck area. I stop for just a moment to wave and say hello. She smiles back and I move on.

I head on down to Jeff?s office to replace the plug. While on the floor, Beth stops by to say she is having similar problems. I agree to come by her office next and continue with the repair I?m on.

On my way from Jeff?s office I stop by Nadia?s office again. This time she is just sitting at her desk, looking at some paper work. I talked to her for a few minutes, about nothing really, just talk. I can?t help but to notice how she is dressed and how she slowly moves her hair from her neck. She crosses her legs and lays one hand on her knee and slides it back, just a little, showing more of her leg. All the while she seems to have a sliver of a smile as she speaks and it seems like she looks down towards my mid-section.

While standing at her door, seeing all this and hearing her voice, I notice something else. My once flaccid and retracted penis is growing.

Thoughts of all the things I?ve always wanted to do to her and with her, running through my head. A few moments later and it has already grown uncomfortably large, I seriously need to readjust. I think she is noticing what is happening. I tell her I have to go and she stalls me for a few moments longer. I tell her I have to leave and go work on Beth?s office and I would see her later.

I head on over to Beth?s office. Beth is rather nice looking and has a fair amount of sex appeal herself. She doesn?t really dress provocatively but she looks pretty darn good in a snug fitting pair of jeans.

I get to Beth?s office and see her on all fours reaching under her desk. Oh well, so much for loosing that erection. My mind starts racing with ideas once again. I walk over to her and kneel down beside and ask how she?s doing. She looks back says hi and that she is trying to untangle some cords. She stops for a moment and rolls over to sit on her butt and tells me her problem is on the other wall. I go over to fix it. She rolls back over and goes back to what she is doing. I can?t help but to notice the way her butt keeps thrusting back and forth with some side to side movements.

I?m not getting my work done very quickly, I cannot make myself stop looking at her ass. Suddenly, Nadia says something to get my attention. I look up to see her leaning against the door frame quite comfortably, like maybe she had been there watching for a while. She tells me to be sure to come back by her office. I agree and she leaves.

I finish with Beth?s problem, finally. I chat with her for a few moments about nothing in general. I kind of get the impression she notices my hard on when she asks what I have on my mind. I just say, oh nothing much. I tell her I got one more office to look at before I leave. We say our goodbye?s and I head back over to Nadia?s office.

I notice it?s about lunch time when I get there. I ask her if she would like me to come back later. She says no, that she was staying in for lunch anyway and to come on in and have a seat. We continue on with a conversation from earlier. A few moments later she tells me it?s lunch time and she gets up to close her door. She returns to her chair and sits back and crosses her legs kind of like before. This time she places her hand on her knee and exposes more of her leg. I notice this time that she is not wearing hose.

I can?t help but think she is waiting for me to make some sort of move. Something to let her know I?m interested. I look her in the eyes and tell her she looks absolutely gorgeous today. I then ask her if I could get a better look at her boots. She says sure and then places her heal on my leg close to my hip. I look at it closely and then run my hand up the length of the boot. It?s a very smooth feeling leather. I tell her these are very nice but that I have seen some that go up a bit higher. She asks, how much higher? I slide my hand past the top of her boot, lightly touching her knee and continue moving upward. Oh I would say to about here.

Her skin is smooth beneath my coarse hands. Her body language tells me to keep going. I look over at her other leg and I touch her just above the knee, her body kind of jerks a little, her lips are wet from licking them just before looking up. I pull up lightly on her other leg so that it sits by my other hip. I evenly slide my hands up her skirt a little. I can no longer resist the urge to kiss her. Leaning forward I kiss her for the first time. Our lips touch lightly and I feel her body begin to melt. Her legs fall open more allowing me to lean forward some more for a little harder kiss, out tongues meet and a passionate kiss ensues.

I slide my hands even further up her legs so that I?m practically holding on to her firm ass. Our bodies are lightly touching now. Our kiss has become extremely passionate by now. I can feel her hard nipples through our shirts. I want them in my mouth, I long to taste them. I ease my kiss from her lips, to the side of her jaw, slowly moving to kiss her just below the ear and on the neck. I move my hands upward so I can run my fingers through her hair. I continue kiss and breath softly on her neck. I feel her breast move forward pressing against my chest. I lean back and move my hands down to feel her breast, they are soft and slightly more than a hand full. She reaches up to unbutton her blouse, opens her shirt and then unbuckle her bra. There they are the breast I had only ever fantasized about and now I?m about to take them in my mouth. I cup my hand around the bottom of them and with my thumbs I gently caress her hard nipples. I lean in, I use my tongue and lightly lick around her nipple. I place my lips around it and with a little suction I pull back giving it a light tug. She tastes wonderful. I do this a few more times before moving to the other one.

My cock is throbbing hard, to the point that it?s becoming painful. I reach down her as I begin to stand and lift her from her chair. I get my hands beneath her skirt and then lift her on to the edge of her desk. I go down on my knees and I can see her dripping wet pussy right before me. With her knees lifted to about my shoulders I begin to kiss her inner thighs working my way up to taste her wet pussy for the first time. When I get so close that I can feel her wet pussy on my cheek I move across her clit slowly exhaling my hot breath upon it and then I kiss a little on her other thigh.

I lean back for a moment just to see her pussy before me one more time. Her pussy, my tongue, still virgin to each others touch. I lean forward, extending my tongue and taste her hard clit. It?s wet, covered in her juices. I run my tongue up the surface of her clit and back down one side. I can feel her body begin to quiver as I stroke it a few more times. I take her clit into my mouth and begin sucking in and out with it. I then take my hand and insert two of my fingers in her in an upward motion feeling for her G spot. I notice her body?s rhythm and do my best to keep time with her, her motions keep changing. I can tell she is struggling to keep quiet. Then her body begins to tense up, her legs gripping me forcing me to stop. I can feel her juices coming to the surface and she continues to hold me still.

She finally loosens her grip and I look to see the look of satisfaction on her face. I stand up gazing upon her and begin to loosen my belt. She watches intently to see what I have for her. As I open my pants and carefully pull out my cock that has been hard so long that it hurts now. She seems pleased but never says so, all she says is give it to me. I move the head of it up and down her pussy, teasing her clit a little more. Then without any more warning I thrust my cock deep in to her. She is so wet that I slide in with ease. I hold still deep in her for a few moments to let her get used to the feel of me inside her.

As she begins to relax she leans back on her desk. I move my hands on her stomach and up to her breast as I begin to stroke her slowly. Pulling nearly all the way out and back deep within her again. She feels so good. I see her biting her lip as she makes some low moaning noises. It doesn?t take long until I see her body begin to arch and she has an intense look on her face. I move my hands to her shoulders so I can hold her as I begin to stroke her faster, harder and even deeper.

After a while I can feel my own orgasm reaching. I don?t want this to end but I know we have little time left. I tell her softly as I can that I?m going to come. Her body begins to tight like before. I can feel her squeezing me within her pussy and it bring me even closer to orgasm. Then she begins to grip me with her legs again. I tell her no, I?m close just a little longer, just a little longer. She is having orgasms that seem to get stronger every time. Finally I release with an intensity that makes me weak all over. She can feel every bit of it as I thrust as far as I can within her. She lets out a moan that I?m sure can be heard in the other offices.

We stop for a few moments and then we separate and clean up. We don?t say much after wards, just a hug and a long kiss. I look at her and say we should do this again some time. She just stares back not saying a word. I continue on my day with one fine memory to carry home to share with my wife as we make love later that evening.

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