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Fallen Angel

Standing at the water's edge I see,
A hot blinding light hurling toward me.
From the heavens? The stars? The source is unknown
Not of this earth, but other worldly.

The bright glowing beam parts the night's sky,
So bright I feel its warmth in my eye.
A few yards away it crashes the ground
the earth is moved, burning pieces fly.

From the flames a figures comes forward,
A shadowy form, all light rearward.
Female silhoutte, in proper form
Moving my way quickly, here, shoreward.

Without a word or hesitation,
Bearing no cloths or inhibition.
With one goal in mind she strips me down,
Forcefully moves into position.




She said "I came to collect your seed,
You have done well and fulfilled my need"
With a blinding light she flew away
To back from where it was she journeyed.

I awoke on the sand the next day,
Was a dream? Or real? I could not say.
Except for the bite to my inner thigh
She laid upon me during foreplay.

End of Story