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Billy's stomach was full of knots. His date with Susan tonight would be something he had waited a long time for. They had gone out for several months, even kissed a few times, but Susan had never shown much interest. She drove him wild with her long black hair and olive skin.

Susan's mother was Korean and it showed, but her big blond father had given her the genes for huge breasts and a plump ass. Her waist was as slim as any Asian girl's, and her lips were full and pouty. She told her friend, who told another friend, who had told Billy's sister that she found Billy unattractive and dated him because she liked his car and money, and his father the orthodontist's huge house. Billy was really disappointed; he guessed he knew how girls felt when guys dated them just to get next to their tits. He had really liked the dark-haired beauty, and it stung to hear her real opinion.

He picked her up as usual and they went to a nice place for dinner. She was dressed in a white blouse and black slacks. Richard paid for everything as usual. He drove her around in the Beamer, then headed for his house.

"Mom and dad are at the coast this weekend," he explained. "We can watch dad's big tv instead of the one in the den."

Susan's eyes sparkled; she directed him to stop at a movie-rental place and scurried around selecting tapes. The clerk, a weedy fellow in his twenties, couldn't take his eyes off Susan's ass and was very attentive as they paid. Billy enjoyed his envy, and smiled at Susan's happy face.

Back at home, they settled down in Billy's parents' room. This was a huge place, with a small den opening into the bedroom. Susan sat on the couch while Billy went to make the snacks.

Billy popped popcorn while he deep-fried some chicken nuggets and fixed himself a cola. Susan preferred lemon-lime soda and he popped one open and poured it over ice for her. He carefully crushed two tablets of his father's free sample of new Twylude, the sedative with no side effects and a short active period, safe and fast-acting, and sprinkled it into Susan's soda, stirring for a minute until it was dissolved. He fixed two trays and carried them up to the bedroom.

They watched the first movie, a slapdash action spoof, and giggled with laughter. Susan munched the salty popcorn, washing it down with the soda. She ate all her chicken nuggets and two of his. As the second movie began, she snuggled up to him and put her head on his shoulder, yawning. Billy put his arm around her companionably.

Susan raised her head and stared at him, eyes crossed. "Wussa mmm," she said, sagging. Billy hugged her tight, patting her shoulder. She relaxed, letting the air out in a sigh.

She snored a bit, eyes looking through him. Billy enjoyed the movie and her head on his shoulder for a few more minutes, then gently pushed her away. She sat crookedly on the couch, eyes drooping and mouth open.

Billy asked her a few question, receiving no answers. He put his finger in her open mouth. Her lips slowly closed and began to suck. Billy's heart stopped. He carefully extracted his finger and looked at it. His cock was hard as a rock.

Leaving the room for a moment, he came back with a video camera. He turned it on and set it in front of the couch, checking to be sure the view was good. Then he knelt before the gorgeous dark-haired girl and began to undo her shirt. He unbuttoned it and pulled it down around her tan shoulders. Her bra was expensive and well-filled; she murmured as he reached behind her to unbutton it. He hesitated, then confidently removed it. Her breasts were pale and wonderful, with large aureolae and round nipples like pink pearls. He stroked one, then both. She was perfectly relaxed, eyes closed, mouth hanging open. Billy brought the camera over and took closeups of her hooters, then replaced it and knelt again. He had never made love to a woman, never touched a breast, and he couldn't resist putting his lips to the tips. The nipple bloomed under his tongue, swelling and darkening. He inspected it, amazed, then turned to the other one. It was equally sweet, and Billy was in heaven. After a long while, he raised his head. Susan was smiling blissfully, head thrown back. Billy stood and dropped his pants. His cock was rigid and hurting. He carefully adjusted Susan's sleeping head until she faced him directly. He had a bowl of honey leftover from the nuggets; dipping his finger in it, he smeared a little honey on the sleeping girl's lips.

She licked them obediently, then opened her mouth and seemed to beg for more. Billy shivered as he wiped honey on the head of his cock, then brought it closer and closer to her pink lips. When he touched the flesh of her lips, he nearly fainted from pleasure. So soft! The little pink tongue slid out and licked away the honey, sucking him further inside her mouth. Her lips closed on his shaft and suction began. He trembled all over and the hair on his back stood up. Her tongue gently explored his penis, tasting the honey. She was passive, but her lips held him firmly. Billy tried to withdraw; the suction caused his pleasure nerves to flame. Big violet pinwheels filled his eyes. Slowly, he pulled his cock back, then forward. He dripped more honey on the shaft, causing her tongue to curl around him again. His balls quivered. Billy couldn't look away from the spectacle of his cock being sucked. Susan's eyes opened unseeingly and stared into his with total fascination. At the eye contact Billy was overwhelmed; he shot a load right into her mouth. Come dripped from her lips as she swallowed, eyes closing again. She swallowed! Billy came again and again, then toppled backwards, sitting down hard on the floor. His head spun.

Susan was sitting on the couch, dazedly licking her lips. White trails ran down her lovely neck and breasts. Billy unsteadily mopped her up with a napkin, feeling a rush of love and shame. But she thinks I'm a dork, he reminded himself. Guess I am, really.

He checked his watch: thirty minutes of his estimated ninety were gone.

Gently he urged her to her feet, supporting her through the five steps it took to put her on his parents' bed. He unsnapped her slacks and pulled them down. Her panties were black and lacy; her bush was thin and elegant beneath them. Billy worked them down, enjoying the feel of her skin. He knelt at the foor of the bed and kissed her thighs, then her bush, finally parting the hair to taste her cunt. She sighed luxuriously as his tongue moved, and her legs spread further. Billy decided he wanted to dive in and never come up for air. He pulled away, thinking how sexy she was. He brought the camera and filmed her naked on the bed, lovely and unconscious. He rolled her over and admired her perfect ass, touching it and stroking it. Her muscles contracted, making little hunching motions. Billy was fascinated. His time was passing quickly. He set the camera on top of a shelf, still running and pointed at the couch but not visible.

He kissed her buttocks softly, rolled her over and worked the panties back up her legs, then the slacks. Carrying her back to the couch, he quickly fastened the bra around her boobs and got her arms back in the blouse. She moaned and changed position; Billy hurriedly buttoned the blouse and put her head back on his shoulder. He had left the movie running and forgotten the remote was out of reach; so he watched the credits roll to a blank screen, enjoying the feel of her warm body next to his. His hand confidently cupped her breast as she snuggled closer.

Soon she muttered and raised her head blurrily.

Susan was surprised to find she had dozed, and more surprised to find Billy's hand on her tit. Thought he'd never try anything, she mused.

Maybe he's not afraid of me when I'm asleep. She pretended to doze again, muttering his name sleepily and letting her hand drop on his leg, then leaning back and moving her hand to his crotch. His hand caressed her tit, waking the nipple inside the bra, and his cock grew hard in his pants. Why Billy, she thought wickedly, maybe you're not so dull after all. Her crotch was wet and excited. I must have had one heck of a dream, she thought, or did he feel me up? Her mouth was dry and salty, from the popcorn she guessed. Without moving at all she said in her sexiest voice, "What's this in your pants, Billy?" His hand jumped away from her breast, then returned with a squeeze.

He looked at her dead on. "You know what it is, and why I have it." Her heart pounded. She liked Billy but found him too timid; this was changing suddenly!

She looked at the huge tv, showing snow. "You sat here while I slept on your shoulder and felt up my titties!" Billy thought again, she thinks I'm a dork. "Yes, I did, and they're really fine. You're a beautiful girl, Susan. Did you really tell Megan that you only liked my car and money?"

Susan was shocked. "Well, yes, but . . ."

Billy was stern. He squeezed her tit and released it with great finality.

"Are you sure I'm not just dating you for your tits?" He was angry.

Stern. Talking back to her. This was GREAT!

Susan blushed. "Well, Billy, I hope you at least noticed them. They're nice, but I can't really take credit for them. And Megan is a bitch, and I told her that to get her off the subject. I like you, but you always acted afraid of me. We've been out, what? Twelve times? And you never tried to touch me after the first night."

He started to reply, then hesitated. Susan took his hand and placed it on her breast. "Don't stop now, Billy. You were going to explain that hardon to me, and why it's there."

God, thought Billy, if only you knew. Or do you? She couldn't have been awake through any of that. Susan's little hand covered his crotch again and his organ throbbed eagerly.

Susan rose from the couch and stripped easily, standing with one leg bent like a model. Billy gaped at her. I really AM a dork, he thought.

She laughed as she advanced on him. "I wish I had a camera right now.

You should see your face!"

Billy looked at the videocamera on the shelf behind her, still running.

I guess I will later, he thought.

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