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We have worked together for a year now and I have always fantasized about her and how it would feel to take her in my arms and kiss her soft supple lips. I was afraid to tell her of my feelings for her as we are both married. I would just stand back and day dream about her. I knew or felt she knew I was doing this. I would dream of how it would feel to just lick and suck on her sweet wet pussy and have her lips warped around my swollen cock. All this time I have admired her from afar and try not to let on that I was looking at her sweet ass and shapely cunt when ever she was wearing jeans . One day I was making a long run and came in late ( I am a Truck Driver and she is the bosses secretary), to find her still in the office. I went in the back of the office as I always have and done my paper work . As I was getting ready to leave, I paused to ask her if she was going to be O.K. in there by her self. She asked if I would stay for a bit, as she was just about finished and did not want to be there alone. I agreed to stay and tried not to let on that I was day dreaming of her again. She finished her paper work and began to lock up and I waited by the back door to the front office where she worked. Slowly she closed the blinds and turned out the lights. A faint glow of light from just out side the door cast a soft glow across her and I could not help notice how beautiful she was. Are you ready she whispered softly as if some one would hear her. With a lump in my throat I said yes. I turned to open the back door when I felt her hand on my shoulder. "May I ask you something " she calmly spoke. I turned to see her two feet away from me. Yes I struggled to say. "Have you been starring at me for a reason" she asked ? I tried hard to answer her with a lie so as not to let on how I was feeling, "No " I responded, But she could some how tell I was lying. OH come on now I have seen you looking at me as if you were undressing me with your mind" she said. " Well" I started " I guess I have to come clean here right ". "Yes you do " she replied. Slowly I tried to find the words to tell her of how I wanted so much to lay her on her desk and eat her sweet pussy and have her cum on my face.

"I have had this fantasy about you " I started. "Go on " she said. Well I do not know where to start was my reply to her. Start from the beginning she replied. I begane to tell her and I could see in her eyes that she was getting turned on, so I figured, What the hell. I became more grafic as I told her of how I wanted to taste her sweet pussy juices and to suck her soft clint. I could see her getting goose bumps in the dim light. I have wanted to fuck you ever since you started here I told her. With out another word, she began to lick her lips and pull at her blouse. "Do you really feel that way ?"she asked "Yes" I replied with a soft tone. She stepped closer and wr*ped her arms around me and softly kissed me. " I have never had a man dream about me like that " she said and began to remove her clothes. " If you want my pussy that bad" she stated " then come get it but you must agree that it goes no farther then here, this is our secret. " Man I could not beleave what I was hearing. My heart jumped into over drive and my cock swoll to half size just from the thought that my fantasy was about to come true.slowly she removed her blouse and her bra to revail a pair of soft but firm tits that looked to good to touch. slowly I took one in to my awaiting mouth and suckled her fast hardaning nipple.

A soft moan of pleasure escaped her lips. I began to suck harder as she began to grab at my cock that was begging to get out of my pants. I could smell the sweet smell of her skin and feel the softness of her touch as she slowly but skillfully undid my pants and released the bulging throbbing cock that was trapped inside. "I want your mouth on my pussy right now " she demanded. I could not resist her pley. I moved ever so slowly down her belly to the top of her pants. Slowly I began to undo them. I glanced up to see her squeezing her lovely tits and pinching her now hard nipples. I begain to remove her pants and now could smell the aroma of her soaked pussy. I was mad with lust. I wanted to drive my toungue deep into her pussy. To satify the fire that burned deep inside of her. Slowly she leaned back on her desk and allowed me to remove her pants. I could see in the dim light that he panties were soaked. This only added to my desire to eat her pussy more. I removed her panties and stoped just long enough to smell the sweet aroma that arose from them. Eat me now " she begged as the sweet hunny flowed down the outer part of her sexy pussy.

The pubic hair was well trimmed and dark brown. The same color of her seductive eyes. I hate to admit that I am in love with her and could not tell her of my true feelings for the fear of her dennile. She slowly opened her legs more to allow me easy access to her sweet pussy. Slowly she reached down and with two finger slowly opened the outer lips and slowly incerted one in and then brought it to her lips. "MMMMMMM, you do not know what you are missing" she coowed. I could resist no more. Slowly I got to my knees and now could see her waitting pussy even better, as the outer lips were wet with her juices. They were swollen with desire, The desire of wanting my 81/2 inch cock deep in side her pussy. I slowly inched my face closer to her wet pussy and could smell the sweet aroma that was coming from it.

My mouth watered as I eased my tongue to the outer limits of her pussy. The first drop of her sweet dew driped on the tip of my tongue. I allowed it to slide down my tongue and savored every golden taist of it as it teases my taste buds. "Please put that hot tongue of yours in my pussy " she begged. "I want you in me now". I pushed it in slow and easy. Oh the taist and heat that came from her was just like heaven to me. I wanted her to enjoy this as she has never enjoyed it before. I licked her pussy from the bottom to the top taking every drop of her sweet juices into my mouth. She began to softly moan as I licked harder. Slowly I began to suck her now hard clint as she began to pinch her nipples again and coow as a dove. Her hips begain to move in unisun with my tongue. I was so inthralled with the fack that I was eating her sweet pussy that time stood still and I wanted this to last for ever. I took my free hand and began to strock my hard cock as I licked and sucked her pussy. "Yes, Yes , Yes" she began to yell " Eat my pussy like it is the last pussy you will ever get".

My head was now swimming with delight as I pushed my tongue in as far as it would go. She took her hands and grabed the back of my head and began to fuck my face as I ate her like I had never ate a pussy before. I was in love with her and that is what made it so easy to get lost in her. I wanted this from day one. I dreamed of this almost every day, but never imagined it would be like this. Her flavor was so sweet, and her pussy was so hot it was driving me crazy. "Oh yes " she was now wispering as I was now getting face fucked by the woman of my every fanticy. How could I be so lucky to have this to happen. I never thought that it would. My cock was now throbbing like a train on a track. I wanted to sink it in her pussy now but I was not ready to stop eatting her. "Let me get on the floor so I can suck you cock"she demanded. I slowly allowed myself to slip to the floor with her never removing my tongue from her pussy. I turned so that she could have access to my hard thobbing cock. Slowly she placed her lips on the head of my cock which by now had a drop of precum on it. she began to suck my cock as if it was the last cock she will ever getr to suck on. I gould feel the warmth of her mouth as it slipped deeper into her hot little mouth. I began to move my hips to her sucking. She begain to play with my balls as she sucked harder and harder on my cock. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH was all I could muster from the deepths of her pussy as I licked and sucked in unisome with her. I had to stop for a moment to keep from cumming in her hot mouth. She was driving me crazy and she knew it. I have always been able to just think of her on my cock as I am driving and my cock would swell. I was maddly in love with her and I think she knew it. I wanted this moment to be the best ever. I was hopping this would never end. Now I had her and was in heaven. She was everything I dreamed about and more. Her supple breasts were just as I had pictured and her pussy was perfect. She may have only been with one man in her life ( her husband) but she knows what it takes to please a man. I could not take it any longer I had to have her on my cock. I had to sink it deep into her pussy. She must have read my mind, because before I could say a word she told me to drive that hard cock of mine deep into her pussy. I could not resist her, I swung her around and placed her legs over my shoulders and placed the head of my cock at the opening of her dripping pussy. "Shove it in me now please!!" she begged " I want you to fuck my pussy." with out a thought I shoved it in as far as it would go and to my surprise it slid in with little effort. The feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock almost mad me cum right then and there. I had to think of something else to keep from cumming. It was hard to do with her pussy constricting around my swollen shaft, But I was able to control. I began to fuck her pussy slow at first. In and out it slid with ease. It felt so good to have her. I was now pounding her deep and wildy as if she was the last pussy I was going to ever have on my shaft again. "Yes Yes Yes Yes , pound my pussy, pound it like a mad dog on a bone " she wailed. I could feel my balls slap against her ass. "OH yes yes yes yes make me cum on your dick " was all I could hear from her lips as her pussy slid up and down my shaft. I leaned forward and replaced her fingers on her nipples with my mouth and began to suck them like a baby after milk. I could feel her beginning to have the first of many orgasms we shared. As she began to cum on my cock I began to shoot my load deep in her pussy and we were as one as we enjoyed the pleasure of each others body. I kissed her lips and our tongues began to mimic our lower parts as she sucked my tongue deep into her mouth. "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH MMMMYYYYYYYYY GGGGGOOOODDDDDDDD" she began to yell " I AM CUMMING YES YES YES CUMMING ALL OVER YOU HARD COCK" I began to cum again deep into her pussy. I shoved deeper into her as I let this load shoot into her. We fell into each others arms and laid there for what seamed like hours just holding and caressing each other. We had lost all track of time and before we knew it was 8 pm and we had to go. I did not want to leave her side but she had a life and I had one too. We cleaned each other and dressed. How would we be the next day was the Question on my mind. Would we be able to keep every one from finding out??? Well that is another story

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