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Exploring Part 2

"Turn around and lay on your back" he said. I dutifully obeyed, feeling my way to the floor. Following my lovers instructions, I was completely exposed, flushed with nervousness and a strange anticipation.

I whimpered like a little girl as I begged him to fuck me. He said nothing. My body tensed as he teased me with his silences. Finally, his hands appeared on my hips and I was being pulled down into his bent thighs. The heat from his cock permeated like a familiar candle. One of his hands slid down my stomach and cupped my muff as he pried my wet pussy apart and shoved his 2 fingers into the mouth of my cunt. I moaned and moved my body into his.

He drew his fingers in and out of my snatch..oh she was wet!...my juices covered his hand as I heard his first sound of pleasure. He smeared my nectar around my lips and mouth as he plowed them in and out of my box.

He stopped and guided me as I reached down and ran my, what felt like a tiny hand, along this strong shaft. My fingers ran along the underside of his large tool as I gently cupped his balls and massaged their engorged sacs. My fist grew tight around him as I pumped away on his throbbing rod....

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