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Even Big Girls (400+) like to F___!

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Even Big Girls (400+) like to F___!

While this story is fiction it is based on real world experiences with a couple of 400+pound women.

Lets get started. Bill is your average horny old man 58 years old 5?11? about 265 pounds. He is on Testosterone and Viagra and is always horny. He and his wife of 20 years have an agreement that Bill can play so long as he comes home at the end of the day.

FourX is a truly a super size black woman 400+pound. She is in her mid 50ty?s, lives with her family and has never been married.

So let?s get to the story. Bill has been checking out profiles on his favorite web site when he sees a profile for a black woman who says she is supper size and looking for some uncomplicated fun. Bill is open to new experiences and has often wondered what it would be like to have sex with a truly large woman. Bill sends her a couple notes, they chat, and it is agreed they will meet for lunch.

Now Bill has seen pictures of fourX but they do not do her justice. As they meet FourX and Bill embrace and Bill finds he can not even get his arms half way around her. She is supper size! She has what appear to be gigantic tits and they are caught between the two of them. Woow! He thinks to himself-what have I gotten my self in for! They eat lunch and Bill finds FourX is an educated woman who has traveled and understands the world. She is soft, caring, and a very sensual. Now he begins to wonder what she is going to be like with her cloths off. After lunch they head for a near by hotel.

Bill gets the key and as he gets FourX, he can see she is getting excited and looking forward to some fun. Once in side and the door closes FourX grabs Bill and starts kissing him and he starts to get hard. He then lifts her blouse and starts feeling those Hugh boob through her bra. She is softly cooing as he explores her body. Woow is she ever big. Bill can barely reach between her legs. He soon has her bra and top off and he is over whelmed with the size of her boobs. He has seen pictures of big bobs, but it is hard to describe them unless you have seen Boobs this big for your self. No joke each one is at least 18? across and about 10? to 12? thick and they hang down on her belly which is so very large. Bill lifts them and thinks of a 15-pound ham, they are that and more. Her nipples are as big as Bill?s little finger and he finds sucking on them to be HOT. They harden and FourX is soon thrashing all around on the bed.

Bill has her lay back so he can pull off her pants. He hooks his finger in the waste band and pulls off her under ware and pants in one move. She is now naked and there is a whole lot of her. Her legs are so large and her belly hangs so low even with her legs spread Bill can not see her pussy. Bill thinks this is going to be a challenge. But Bill likes challenges.

Bill undresses and lies down beside FourX she starts stroking his cock as they kiss. Bill begins sucking those gigantic boobs and reaches between her legs for those treats so well hidden. It is all he can do to find her slit. But when he does it is wet and dripping and that turns Bill on. After hunting for a few minutes Bill finally finds her clit and as soon as he touches it FourX has an orgasm. So Bill strokes it and she has several more orgasms. She is rolling around the bed and Bill hopes she does not roll on him. All of this is turning Bill on. Bill is now hunting for her love hole and it is all he can do to push his hand in enough to reach it and Bill wonders how he is ever going to get his average 6? cock into it. But he slides a finger in and at this point FourX is going nuts. Bill can not remember when he has had a woman thrash so much when he put a finger in her. After fingering her for a few minutes Bill is up to using his talented tongue on her, but soon finds her legs are just so big that they suffocate him as soon as he gets near her pussy. So Bill gives up thinking he will just slide into her. She is lying on her back and her Boobs have slide off her belly and are lying on each side of her body.

He gets on top of her and she spreads her legs with enthusiasm. He pushes with all his strength and gets his cock to her lips and is able to slide up and down in them and while it feels good, he knows he is not in her pussy. But FourX is having orgasm after orgasm so Bill works at it a while. Bill tries in vain but can not get into her. He knows it is a matter of size not desire. Her belly and legs combined with his belly make it impossible to get his 6? cock into her in this position. He can knock at the door but can not get in even though it is wide open for him. Bill knows now why so many large women want guys that are hung. While Bill might even be able to orgasm this way he wants into her pussy and she no doubt hopes he can get there. With that Bill has her roll over on her belly. Now he can see the place of his desire but her big legs and his belly again only allows him to get to the door but not in.

At this point Bill is discouraged and lies down beside FourX who is still breathing hard from all the orgasms she has had. He rubs her back and her breast that is sticking out beside her. They talk and enjoy each others company FourX has her hand on Bills still hard cock stroking it. Bill is now trying in his mind to find a way that will please both of them. Then it hits him, he has a position he uses with his wife sometimes that they both like it because he gets deep into her. But it is a little tricky as the angle has to be just right to rub her ?G? spot and he is not sure it will work with FourX.

But Bill has to try something and he has FourX turn on her left side and pulls her right leg up towards her massive chest. She does so and Bill can see her wet pussy waiting for him. So he straddles her left leg and helps FourX lift her big right leg and Woow he is in. As soon as that happens FourX has a Hugh Orgasm and he is knocked out of her. He finds the angle is just right for her with him hitting her ?G? spot as soon as he enters her. Bill gets back into position and this time not only does he lift her right leg he holds on to it with all his strength as he pushes into her. Woow does it feel good he can not remember when he has been in such a tight wet pussy. He is now able to get about 3 or 4 inches into her and he knows he will be able to please her and him this way. Every time Bill pushes in it sends FourX into an even wilder orgasm. Bill does this slowly for a while, letting FourX have her fun. But finally it is time for Bill and he picks up the pace. FourX is now out of her mind and Bill is going good, soon he is close and he tells FourX he is ready to blow and she moans but he cannot understand her. As he fires off he can feel her go off again and she seams to pass out. Finally Bill is spent and needs a break. As his cock softens and falls out of FourX he lies down beside her as she seems to come to. Woow! She says she has never been fucked like that and wants to know where the hell did Bill learned that. He is not sure it?s just something he has done for a long time.

It is now time to clean up and head home. Bill and FourX have had a great time and agree they should do it more often and they do.

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