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Eternally Bound Couple

Eternally Bound

Moonlit room; Shadow of night
The flicker of candles; soft dancing light
She's breathless with wonder as he tightens her tether
Her body exposed for his every desire

As he blindfolds her eyes, he bites her soft neck
She moans her submission, there's no turning back
Moving down her body; he leaves heated trail
His love bites leave red marks on her skin so pale

Such beautiful pain; she writhes in delight
The shock of cold ice; how he treasures the sight
Icy path; Her nipples once pink turned to red
Continues down slowly, he dips his dark head

He loses himself in her soft creamy thighs
Parting her legs roughly; he cannot disguise
The fire within him; ignites such a passion
He gazes intently at his most prized possession

His tongue slowly grazing her swollen pink dream
He opens her petals, indulgent sweet cream
He nibbles her clit as she screams out his name
Grinding into him harshly, she's lost in the game

Orgasmic bliss, she feels the waves crashing
Her bruised wrists are straining, her head is thrashing
She flows so completely he wastes not a drop
He pushes her knees back, consuming non-stop

Rising above her, complete domination
He enters her now; he needs no permission
Rocking together, their passions exploding
His savage love song, her final undoing

Coming down from their flight, he kisses her face
He unties her tether; they tightly embrace
He watches her sleep, soft breathing only sound
To this woman, by her love, he's eternally bound.

End of Story