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Erotic Poem Ties That Bind

Hot and steamy, skin all aglow...with him in sight, she waits for the show. Her eyes of green dance and smile, her juices flow as the water from the Nile. She waits and wants and waits some more... wondering if she'll be bound forevermore. The ties that bind, all leather and new, cause her lips to swell and mist like the dew. Her budded pink nipples, like pebbles of stone, her ass butt nekked and primed to hone.
The slap of his hand, the bite of the whip, she breathes in sharply as he grabs her by the hips. Thrusting with might and pulling her hair, the feel of her pussy all wet and bare. Sweating and panting and moaning galore, he knows that she will be begging for more

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