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Email Affair True Story

I wasn't going to write again but I just almost got lost in the parking lot. I wasn't paying attention to where I was parked. I was too busy thinking about the shower. You know how it is when you're thinking and immages just pop up into your head. Well, I came into the bathroom and saw you in the shower. I saw that you couldn't resist anymore and you were jerking off wanting me. So I came in and ran my hands up over your chest and then shoulders. Then I slid down on my knees and started licking you. Using not the tip but my whole tongue. Then at the top I would circle around with just the tip. with my mouth slightly open I'd just let it slide up and down with all the water flowing on top of it, wetting my mouth. After some more licking you came down on your knees. I wrapped my legs around you and let you in, with all the water still dripping all over us.
I wish you would take your turn and finish the scene. I'm still waiting for the last one. You keep leaving me hanging, just like when we were young. I've just got to get in my head you on top of me, but I'd rather you do it than me.

End of Story