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Dream Lover - By Sweet Cherie

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It was one of those steamy, hot southern nights. The kind where you leave a trail of sweat every time you move. The humidity was 1000% and her summer dress was clinging to every inch of her body. The moon hung blue and lonely in the cloudless sky and there wasn't even the hint of a breeze. We hadn't had a break from the oppressive heat in more than a week. She could hear the listless chirping of the crickets in a nearby bush---even they wanted it to rain. She stood up and pulled the sticking dress from her body. Swirling the skirt to create the barest hint of a breeze. It felt so cool and she was so hot and needed relief. She wandered down to the pool. Its surface like glass under the summer night sky...There was no one around (not that she would have cared) so she lazily stripped off first her dress, then the lacy bra she wore (setting her alabaster breasts free) and then taking off the barest hint of undies that she was wearing (the ones they call g-strings), peeling them away from the damp clit they were adhered to. She was naked and free. She edged towards the pool's steps and gingerly poked a toe in the water. There was a slight tingle as the sensation of the cool water made its way upward from the toe. She gently stepped down into the dark water and let it cover first her ass and then her breasts, going in all the way to her neck. She began swimming slowly in the moonlit night with eyes closed, just the woman and the water. She was in a dreamlike state and did not hear the bushes next to the pool rustle nor did she see the faintest image of a man watching her. The man stood at the edge of the pool simply watching the naked woman swim. He knew that she wasn't aware of his presence and intended to keep it that way for the time being. He loved the way her wet body glistened in the moonlight. Not knowing she was being watched had made her uninhibited. The man caught a flash of her white breasts coming to the surface, saw their fullness, their womanness, the large, light brown nipples were hard and stood straight up away from those breasts. And then the man felt a warm stirring. He knew that it was only a matter of time before the woman would become aware of him, but he was unable to tear himself away from the scene that was playing itself out before him. The woman sighed, making her breasts rise. She began pulling on the hard nipples...Playing with one then the other ever so slowly. She was not in a hurry. The woman was now lying back against the edge of the pool, eyes still shut, moving her hand along her stomach and downward over the bare pubic mound to her clit. She let her fingers linger there, playfully pulling on it and opening the lips. Sticking first one finger then several inside. Then back to rubbing the clit. Still blissfully unaware of the man who stood transfixed above her. The man could contain himself no longer. The woman's heat was too much for him. His cock strained to be released from the confines of his shorts. If you looked, you could see its hard and swollen outline against them. They made an impression most of the way down the leg of the shorts, stretching the fabric. Slowly, so as not to disturb the woman, the man slipped his cock out of the shorts and began massaging it tenderly...Just watching the woman had given rise to a massive hardon, one that would not be ignored. He had to cum or he would explode. Moving his hand over his cock, he began stroking it while continuing to watch the woman in the water. He heard her moan softly and knew she was about to climax, but there was this swollen cock he needed to deal with. There was a sudden clap of thunder, startling the woman. She opened her eyes and sticking in her face was one very swollen cock. Good fortune had smiled on her. And on the man as well. She grasped the cock with her cold hands and began pumping it. Slowly at first, then with more and more urgency. She opened her mouth and the man could feel her warm breath on his cock, as she flicked her tongue all over it. Then began pressing her tongue to the underside of it feeling for the vein that ran along it. She licked under the tip of the head and worked her way down. His balls tightened. He knew where her tongue was going. With a quick light move she had them in her mouth playing with each one separately, sucking them gently. But, she wonders, did she forget something...Oh yes, and before he could let out a gasp, she had worked her way past the balls to the underside---to his sweet spot. It was more than he could take. She kept an even pressure there with her tongue, pushing and pressing. He moaned. His cock was throbbing and aching for release. He couldn't take it any longer. He turned the woman over, spreading her clit lips as he did and in one quick thrust, was deep inside her. Her hand felt for his balls and gave them a light squeeze while he rocked her gently. But his thrusts became increasingly urgent. He wanted to keep going all night, but knew that he couldn't hold back much longer. He pulled out a little and thrust the swollen wet cock deeper. The woman took in a sharp breath and began to shudder. He give it one last thrust and began gushing hot cum. Sweet release. He began breathing harder and gave the woman one last thrust allowing the cum to splash out of her hot pussy. He scooped some up with his finger and fed it to her. Yummy she moaned. Having given the woman his best, he pulled out and began feeding her his cock all slick with cum and pussy juice. The woman greedily sucked it and he felt a small twinge. He and the woman fell to the grass, both satiated. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a long deep kiss. He got up, leaving the woman lying in the wet grass, pulled his shorts on and melted into the shadows from which he had cum. The woman smiled thinking about the wonderful dream lover she had found. THE END

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