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Donnas Weekend Part Two

Donna's Weekend Part Two
By Dan

Part Two of Five

"I like movies. Don't you?"

The change in subject caught Donna off guard. "I think you know that
already, don't you?"

"Of course," he continued. "This weekend is going to be like "A
Christmas Carol" for you. Something from your past, something from your
present, something from your future. All three events can be very
pleasurable. And like Ebenezer Scrooge, you don't have any choice.

"I thought so. You may not be aware, but you have been conversing
online with all three parties. Yes, I have been using some of the photos
you've already seen to seed the conversations. You have three VERY willing
partners who already have been invited into your bed and are panting at the
chance to fuck your brains out. One is set for tonight, one for tomorrow
and one for Sunday. When you go back to work on Monday you will be one
very fucked, very satisfied little girl. And if you do everything like I
say, that will be the end of your experience. I will go away, the files
will be sent to you on a DVD and life will go on as normal. If not, well,
you know that already. Are you in?"

Donna just nodded again.

"I knew you were. I can see you rubbing your pussy with your left

Donna wasn't even aware of it, but she had slid her hand down the
waistband of her skirt and was gently caressing her clit as the juices were
flowing. She didn't stop.

"All three dates are set. They know when to show up, what to bring and
you have already given them explicit instructions on what you will be
wearing and doing for them. Your first date is at 8:00. You have 90
minutes to shower, give your pussy a fresh shave, then get dressed
following the instructions I left for you in your closet. There is a box
for each encounter. Don't open the other two ahead of time. I've included
copies of some chats you have been having with each of them so you can read
up on what you are supposed to be doing. They do not know about this, and
cannot be told. Any violation and your secret will be the best visited
site on the internet in 24 hours. Comprende?"

Another nod and Donna was in. Lock, stock and barrel. "Chat Ended"
flashed onto her computer screen and she leaned back to get a better angle
for her fingers that were now plunging in an out of her hot pussy with
increasing intensity. The screaming orgasm that hit her just seconds later
sent her to her knees. After getting her breath back, she collected
herself, stripped and headed for the shower. Twenty minutes later she was
bare, naked and her knees were trembling as she opened the box marked
"Friday" in her closet.

Inside, a bikini bottom to a swimsuit, fuck-me heels in neon green, two
bottles of champagne and three pages of e-mails from her account to

"Oh, my God!" She knew this guy! Donna had flirted with by e-mail after
finding him on a swingers site, then shut him off when he admitted he was
married and the wife didn't know. Not that she wasn't interested, it just
wasn't her style to be "the other woman" when the wife didn't know.
Reading the text message log she found out that his wife was out of town at
a women's conference and he was able to come out and play tonight. At
least he was cute and young.

She put the champagne on ice and read through the emails. Other than
not being from her, they could have been from her. Her husband was out of
town, she needed to be fucked, wanted to go long and hard with someone, and
loved to fantasize. Tonight, apparently was going to be a James Bond
night. And she was the Bond girl.

As it got close to 8:00, her breathing got shallow and she had to focus.
She was to meet him at the front door, glass of champagne in hand, wearing
the bikini bottoms, the heels and nothing else. She had to stop herself
from touching her aching pussy, and the bottoms were going to be soaked
through if something didn't happen soon. Donna struggled to get the cork
out of the bottle then poured two glasses. The front door opened (yes, it
had to be unlocked, James Bond doesn't ring doorbells) and in strode a
tuxedo-clad Brandon, a stubble of beard on his chin (which Donna would
later remember as very un-Bondish) and a swagger in his step. He stayed in
character, took the glass, kissed her hand, then brought his lips slowly to

Donna was in a trance. The softness of his lips and the rough texture
of his face were mesmerizing. He continued the kiss around her cheeks, to
her neck, through the nape of her hair...all while gently holding her close
to him at the small of her back. She brought a hand up to his hair and
stroked through the thick black mess of curls, then grabbed and pulled his
face to hers for a full, luscious kiss. After a full minute, she slid down
to his chest, set aside her glass and looked up into his deep blue eyes.

"I see you are dressed for our adventure." Were his fist words to her,
his breath also a little shallow. They had never talked on the phone
before, so she had no idea was his voice would sound like. The smooth,
melodious tone was like liquor running through her veins and she warmed
instantly inside.

"Whatever you say," she replied.

He stepped back from her, took her left hand and twirled her around.
"Let's dance."

He slipped a disc into the CD player in the corner and held her closely
as the slow, throbbing music started. Their bodies swept together as they
moved across the room, his hands alternating from her hands, to her back,
stroking her sides and gently caressing her breasts. The slow, soft kisses
continued until he twirled her around and buried his lips into the back of
her neck, almost causing her knees to buckle. He gently supported her and
then began using both hands to caress her breasts, paying close attention
to the ripe, full nipples that were fully erect. As he dropped one hand
lower on her stomach, he pressed her body against his full erection, and
slowly swirled his hips to get maximum contact with her. Donna pressed
back of her own volition, and soon his hand dipped onto her bikini, teasing
her clit with small touches while continuing to caress her. It was a long
song, but not long enough for Donna. As it ended, Brandon poured her
another glass of champagne, took her hand and led her toward the bedroom.

When they reached the bed, he started to undo his bow tie but she
stopped him. "My turn" she said, tugging at the satin fabric and removing
the tie. She slipped the jacket off his shoulders and then took her time
with each button on the shirt, finally slipping her fingers onto his chest
to rub through the coarse hair. While kissing his nipples, she continued
to pull the shirt off, and worked her fingers back to tackle the trousers.
She looked up into his eyes just as the zipper fell and her hands stroked
the outline of his cock through the boxers he was wearing. She pushed him
onto the end of the bed with a kiss to the lips then returned to the task,
slipping off his shoes and socks and finally dispensing with the slacks.
Running her hand up his leg, she went into the leg of his boxers and began
stroking his shaft and balls, never losing eye contact with Brandon.

Even when she slipped off the shorts and took the tip of his cock in her
mouth, she never took her eyes off his. She ran her tongue up and down the
length of his shaft and as the sensations built he finally closed his eyes
and leaned back. Donna began working his cock in earnest, alternating
between deep-throating his eight inches of manhood and running her tongue
around the sensitive tip. Her hands stroked the shaft while she played the
tip with her lips and tongue, and then caressed his balls while she took
him deep into her mouth. After a full thirty minutes of masterfully
working Brandon into a frenzy she felt his whole body stiffen and she began
pulling back with her mouth. Then she moved a finger down to stroke the
area over his prostate, driving Brandon into frenzy. The pressure of her
finger combined with nibbling on the sensitive head yielded the biggest
orgasm Brandon had ever head. The streams of cum spurted from his cock
into Donna's open mouth, into her hair and across her breasts.

As Donna playfully swirled the streams of cum that were decorating her
body, Brandon reached over into the pocket of his jacket and pulled out a
small camera. "You said your husband wanted pictures," he said as he posed
her with the still engorged cock, "I honestly forgot when you were giving
me the blow job. It was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced."
After a few more pictures, including Donna eating finger-fulls of the cum
off her body, he stopped.

"Is it set up?" he asked. "I can be ready again in just a few minutes."

Confused, Donna just looked at him, his softening penis in one hand and
the other stroking his chest.

"The hot tub." he stated, answering the question she never asked. "You
definitely gave me the fantasy blow job my wife has never given me. Now
it's my turn to fulfill your fantasy."

Now the situation was clear in her mind. Of course, the hot tub was
ready. Dan always kept the chemical levels set and she had continued with
the routine while he was gone. They'd had sex out there before, so no big
deal. And this guy was hung and she needed to get laid NOW.

Donna grabbed his hand and led her to the door to the deck, It was now
fully dark outside and she felt comfortable walking around in just the cum
and her swimsuit bottom. With the cover off and the jets going, Brandon
went back inside to get the champagne, set his camera up on a window ledge
pointed at the tub, then pulled her close to him and placed her arms around
his neck. The long, slow kiss that resulted made them both forget any
logistics of getting the hot tub ready. Lips and tongues darted between
them, the hands that started high drifted down to stroke each other to
sensual highs.

"Now for your fantasy," he whispered. "Outside. Hot Tub. Four
positions, Lights on."

It took about four seconds for the last statement to register, because
Brandon had just slid aside her bikini bottom and inserted two fingers in
her dripping pussy. As he reached back to flick the switch, and led her up
the stairs to the hot tub, she couldn't even resist.

"I know the trees are so thick that no neighbors can see" he whispered
as he lowered her into the water, his fingers still stroking her aching
pussy, "but just knowing they might is what your husband always says, and
that's why you can't get him to do this." The sentence ended as he pulled
the bikini down her legs, inserted his fingers again and pulled her lips to

Brandon kept up the assault on her pussy while beginning one on her
breasts with his mouth, Her nipples ached as he teased them with his
tongue, nipped at them with his teeth and squeezed the breast with his free
hand. As he slid lower in the tub and pulled her toward him, she did not
resist as his huge cock filled her pussy and she began struggling to take
more of him. The weightlessness made it hard to keep him fully inside her,
but Donna grabbed at his ass with her heels and pulled him closer. He
began a rhythm and the water in the tub began sloshing. She felt an orgasm
building as his cock was filling her like she had never been filled before.
She choked back a scream as the convulsions hit and she writhed in his
arms, seeking mercy from someone that was not going to give it.

"Number one" he said as he lifted her off of him, rolled her over and
placed her hands against the side of the tub. Standing up, he entered her
from behind, barely letting her recover from the previous orgasm. While
the first coupling had been a struggle in the water, this time his cock
drove forcefully into her pussy, each stroke taking her breath as he seemed
to be fucking her all the way into her stomach. He reached forward to grab
her hips and started slowing, almost pulling out before savagely trusting
deep into her. With each stroke, Donna became almost catatonic, the orgasm
within her building up from where the last one left off. Her pussy
tightened around Brandon's thick cock, making his strokes increase in speed
as he jack hammered her pussy. It finally reached a crescendo starting
with "Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh my God!" and ended with a series of
small screams that only subsided when Donna's contractions did.

"Number two" he cooed in her ear as he lifted her from his stiff cock
and sat her on the side of the tub. "Number three coming up."

Donna tried to resist as he lowered his mouth onto her sore pussy, but
his soft tongue and gentle touches soon had her shifting her weight to give
him better access to her clit. The cool breeze felt amazing as his mouth
cycled between gentle licks of her entire pussy to focused attacks on her
clit. The water glistened as the spotlight hit each drop of water that was
garnishing her breasts, and as they dripped slowly from her swaying
nipples. There were no words for her to use to tell him what to do. She
was in a cyclical orgasm and continually felt the tingle of each touch and
almost passed out from the sensations. When she finally got up the energy
to pull his head away from her pussy, she slid into the water and pulled
his mouth to hers, tasting the sweet nectar that was hers.

They finished a bottle of champagne while cuddling in the water, sharing
deep kisses, Brandon then led her out and onto the deck. He grabbed her
wrists, placed her hands on the wall of the house and began to alternate
between drying her with a soft towel and kissing every square inch of her
body. As he reached her feet, he slowly stood, letting his fingertips
trace the outline of her body. Her whole body trembled at the touch and
did not resist as he gently led her to the hammock hanging in the middle of
the deck. After turning on the lights and spreading a blanket, he lowered
himself in and pulled her head down to his slightly erect cock. A few
minutes of gentle sucking brought Brandon back to a full erection and he
lifted Donna onto him in a sitting position where she could control how
deep and how fast the fuck was.

Donna was getting sore, so she started slow and easy. Brandon laid back
and took photos of her face and breasts as she rode his cock, then of his
penis as it almost exited her bare pussy before disappearing deep inside
her. Soon the camera was history as she fucked him harder and harder. He
pinched and twisted her nipples, slapping her breasts, leaving red marks on
the sides. Donna didn't complain, only fucking Brandon with greater
abandon. When he knew he was about to shoot his load into this gorgeous
woman, Brandon gave a vicious twist to her nipples. Donna erupted into the
biggest orgasm of the night and he filled her pussy with another huge load
of cum. After convulsing for what seemed like minutes, Donna collapsed on
top of him.

"Number four" he whispered in her ear.

Donna awoke the next morning in her bed, alone. With no memory of what
happened after the massive fuck in the hammock. As she struggled toward
the bathroom for some needed relief, she saw a note and an envelope on the
bedside table.

The note simply said "9:00 tonight with the Ghost of Christmas Present"
and in envelope were five $100 bills with "Thanks! Brandon" scribbled
across the front.


End of Story

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