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Did You Mean It

As I sit here pondering, what it would be like to have you near me I shutter. . . . .

To do the things we've talked about would be the ultimate thrill. But which one first?????? Oh, so many choices. I dare to think.

You say its for me, what ever I want. Do you mean it? Really? Should I test you?” Hmmm! You spoke about your expertise in oral gratification. How I’d loved to slowly bring your face between my thighs……. Licking, kissing and nibbling as you go right for my hot spot.

As I now sit here, squirming in my chair, my sensitive nipples are hard as rock and waiting for your attention. How I crave your hot damp mouth on my body, hands roaming freely. At this point just a long passionate, probing deep kiss would send me over the edge. To the point of no return……

As I wonder off it thought, I visualize your face, oh so near my hot, wet, throbbing pussy. Pulling your face toward that spot I felt my tempo rise. That lust from within begins to rise as your tongue probes deeply to somewhere It’s never been before. Teasingly you rub my clit with the tip of your tongue sending my body into uncontrollable convulsions of ecstasy.

Never in my life have I felt such pleasure, so intense, so incredible, so complete.

End of Story