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Dealing to a Stranger A romantic, eroctic, sci-fi thriller

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Dealing to a Stranger


© Copyright: ado (2012, work in progress)

Dealing to a Stranger


Wednesday the 31st of October


?Playing number two, changing a thousand,? Kim said as she picked up the bills after counting them in front of her customer. She used the pusher and stuffed them in the currency hopper before turning back to count out his chips.

?I heard number 2 and changing a G Kim,? the pit boss Missy said, standing a few steps away marking the entry in her ledger.

?Thank you Little Orphan Annie,? Kim flung over her shoulder, smiling broadly as she started taking chips out of her tray. She deftly stacked the chips into a larger group before breaking them into smaller stacks of 5 chips each, letting the customer see the count also.

?I?m Wednesday. Wednesday from the Addam?s Family. Don?t make me come over there and kick you in the kneecap, let me borrow your step and I?ll be able to reach higher,? Kim retorted with mock indignation.

Kim finished counting and then showed the customer with a hand flourish. She restacked the smaller piles of chips, into two larger ones. Then she pushed them to her new customer.

?Isn?t little 10 year old Wednesday a lot taller?? She started to offer 4 foot 11 inch tall Missy her dealer?s platform, but even her hands stopped pushing his chips when she looked into his eyes. He had the bluest, blue eyes she had ever seen. They looked electric blue, it was like they glowed a bright blue. Kim didn?t hear Missy?s retort to her about getting another endless reference to her diminutive height. She was lost in his eyes, her heart stared pounding in her chest, she couldn?t stop staring at them. Something grabbed her soul, it was like turning a light on in a pitch black room, she came alive. Each heartbeat the first, the smoked filled air of the main floor tasted as sweet as a flowered alpine pass. The noise from the machines and the people faded around her, nothing mattered but his smile and those gorgeous eyes. She was frozen in place, unable to move, she fell in love so fast it was like being hit by a truck. She jerked her hands away from his chips when his hands touched hers. It was like she had been mildly shocked.

?Sorry,? he said, ?these are mine, right?? He pulled the chips she had just released halfway across the table, towards him. Looking down, he broke eye contact.

Kim jerked out of her trance when he looked down. She almost fell off the box step she had to stand on to be able to reach across the table. She felt light headed. She took a deep breath, her hands visibly shook as she started to cut, then shuffling her deck, she looked back up at him. He was watching her. The half decks of cards she held in each hand sprayed across the table, instead of neatly joining together like they had thousands, tens of thousands of times before.

?You must be as new at this as I am, how do I play this game??

?What?? Kim stammered as she tried to capture the escaped deck.

?I?ve never played this game, what?s the objective?? He reached into his shirt pocket, pulled out a pair of sunglasses. Sliding them on, he covered up his extraordinary eyes.

Kim mentally slapped herself as he looked back at her. She seemed to almost still be able to make out his eyes behind the mirrored lens of the glasses. She wanted to reach over and take the sunglasses from him. To become lost in them again, she had to actually mentally will her body not to do just that. Her knees still felt weak, she managed to take another deep breath as she pushed the two deck halves together, neatly this time. She could almost feel the heat of passion from him, a warm glow of safety, mano perfectus, the perfect man sat just feet from her, smiling at her.

?Do you know how to play poker,? she managed to stammer praying that he knew that much so he wouldn?t leave her table?

?Yes Kim,? he said, ?pairs, straights, flushes, and so on,? he smiled.

She inwardly sighed with relief, Kim wanted to crawl up on the table and kiss him. Rationality slowly came back, ?Well, this is the same, sort of. You will get dealt three cards. High card wins, then a pair, three card straight, three card flush, three of a kind, 3 card straight flush, then a three card royal flush.? Explaining the game helped her keep her mind and body from going around and dragging him from Sam?s Town?s Casino. Kim pointed at some printing in front of his spot on the table, ?That is the table ante, 10 dollar bet minimum per hand up to the maximum of 1000 per deal.? She pointed at the yellow circle with the word ?pair? printed inside the circle, ?That is a side bet, if you play that you must have at least a pair to win. The payout is one to one for a pair. 3 to one for a straight, 5 to one for a flush, 40 to one for three of a kind, 100 to one for a straight flush, 500 to one for a royal, the payouts are printed next to your chips.? He smiled at her again, her heart skipped a beat and started hammering again, ?I have to have at least a queen high as one of my cards or you win automatically, so even if you have a really bad hand, you still might win the table bet if I can?t get at least a queen.?

?You do have the option,? she continued with her explanation as her racing heart slowed, ?to fold your hand. If you decide to play the hand, then you have to match the ante bet. If you?re feeling froggy,? she smiled a coy smile at him, ?you can match the ante bet before I deal and do a blind hand, the payout doubles then, but not on the pair bet, it still pays the regular payout. Pretty simple, huh??

He gave her a big smile, ?I?m game, let?s see how lucky I?ll be tonight.? He placed a 25 dollar ante bet, two 5 dollar chips on the pair bet and then picked up another 25 dollar chip and placed it in the play square. ?Do you know what your name means??

?My name?? she questioned as she pushed the deal button on the machine next to her. She loading the other deck into the its? hopper at the top of the machine as it started spitting out hands. The machine seemed to take a few seconds longer to start dropping the cards, she would tell Missy later and have the unit replaced or looked at.

?Kimberly,? he said pointing at her name tag as she slid his cards under the play?s chip.

?Now don?t look at those till I have sorted my hand. No, what does my name mean??

?It?s old Scottish for ?King?s Garden?.?

She wished, girlishly, that he were a king and would come around and pick her so they could go somewhere, anywhere and he would spend the rest of the night tasting her fruits. Kim flipped her cards, looking in horror at the pair of aces and the 4 of spades in her hand. She reached out, her hand shook slightly again, she flipped up a 6 of diamonds, the next a two of diamonds, she prayed hard to the Casino Gods. They answered her prayers for once, the last card was a king of diamonds.

?You won,? she squealed loudly! She looked triumphantly at his winning hand.

?Well Kim, pay the man his winnings, it?s your break time,? touted Missy, Wednesday Addams, Little Orphan Annie, Kim hadn?t felt or heard them approach her table. 6 foot 5 inch Wayne towered next to Missy waiting to take Kim?s place as the relief dealer for her 20 minute break. Kim paid out 10 reds for the pair bet, 2 greens each for the blind ante and the play. She reluctantly stepped off the step, pushed it with a foot under the table and gave Wayne her table after sweeping the deck across the dealer?s position, cards face down.

?Don?t you dare go anywhere, I have to take a break, I?ll be back in 20 minutes,? she said breathlessly with a smile.

He smiled back at her, ?I?ll be here Kim.?

Missy touched her elbow as she stepped away from the table, letting Wayne take over, ?Are you OK Kim??

?No Missy,? she whispered back to her, ?I think I?m in love.?


?Relax Missy, I know policy.? Both of the women looked over at Wayne?s customer.

?He is a cutie.? Missy said back to her, ?A big cutie.?

?Keep your hands off, you?re a married woman, remember.? Kim pointing at the ?Eye in the Sky? security cameras sprinkled across the ceiling?s expanse, ?And, you so much as wink at him and they?re gonna record one hell of a cat fight. Please don?t let him leave Missy, please? I?m begging you as a friend just this one time. If he loses then comp him 200 bucks, I?ll hit the ATM and make it good, just this one time, Missy. Please keep him here. Please??


Both women looked back over at the person on the other side of Wayne, ?Don?t blame me Kim, I tried to warn you. If he does leave, I?ll have Mike follow him, but just out into the parking lot Kim. And, just this one time.?

Kim kissed the top of Missy?s fake Wednesday Addams? black, polyester wig, she looked over her shoulder, he was smiling at her, ?I love ya Little Orphan Annie.? She floated off to the employee?s break room.

Missy said to Kim?s retreating back, ?It?s WEDNESDAY ADDAMS, dammit!? She turned back to the guy opposite of Wayne, she smiled and gave him a wink. He smiled a crooked smile back at her, before watching Wayne play his cards.


It was the longest break she had ever had since she started working at the casino for the last 10 years. She had started here a few months after she had turned 21, each second now seemed like her entire lifetime was passing again. She couldn?t stop thinking about him, he filled her. Every other break she had, had been a blessing, able to rest her feet, grab a bite to eat, take a much needed potty break. This one was pure hell on very slow, rusty wheels. She had been hungry before, now she couldn?t take a bite of the power bar in her locker. Her stomach seemed filled with psychotic butterflies. Some of the other dealers had tried to speak to her about this or that. She finally had to escaped to a restroom stall just be alone with her thoughts. She tried so desperately to collect herself, strengthen her resolve, she would close her eyes and his would be there, glowing brightly back at her. She took her purse out of her locker, going to a sink, she washed her face with cold water, hoping that would help. The TV in the corner droned on about a quarter of a million people fleeing before a series of fires in California, she ignored their sufferings. After re-applying her make-up, she looked at herself in the mirror, assessing. It was over-kill, she washed her face again with the water turned to the coldest setting. She forced herself to put on as little as possible, to look as plain as possible, a whole 4 minutes sluggishly crept by. 2 of the last 8 minutes were spent pacing the balcony area to the hotel?s buffet. Kim looked down onto the slots below her, watching to make sure he didn?t walk by. She couldn?t see the gaming tables from here. Kim went down early.

Kim moved quickly through the holiday crowded floor, flashing, blinking machines, hundreds of people, some even dressed up for the Halloween in costumes. Everything, and one, blocked her vision of the table she did all but run too. Her heart pounded in her chest, she reached a point where she could see Wayne standing at an empty table. A hundred tons of lead smashed her heart flat. The warm glow inside her seemed to wink out, replaced by the coldest cold she ever felt. She started looking for him, seeking him. She took as much time as she could, searching the crowded floor, dragging herself back into the hell of her old life, alone, being alone. She crossed between two semi-full Blackjack tables into the pit area. Missy looked up and smiled at her as she passed around the pit bosses? stand. Wayne?s bulk had hidden the stack of chips still there and the chair?s back leaning against her table. Her heart decided that this was a very good time to start racing and jump into her throat.

Missy poked her side, ?Had Mike make sure he didn?t get lost coming back from the restroom. Even had Mike show him the way there when he asked where it was.?

Missy caught Kim?s elbow before she could relieve Wayne, ?Be careful girlfriend, I?ve seen that look you have on your silly face before. It was on mine before a goddamn bastard slapped it off me. If it?s too good to be true, then it usually is.?

?Thanks Missy, I owe ya, I owe you big time.?

Missy grabbed her elbow again, ?Big Brother is always watching, everything, everywhere. If you start something, you better damn well take it out of here, understand? I can only do so much.? She turned and picked something off her stand, ?He didn?t have a player?s card, shame on you.? She looked at Kim again, ?I copied down all his ID data. I?ll just hold on to it till the next time I see you. Give these back to him when he gets back, I want all the dirt, OK?? Missy held his ID and the casino?s player?s comp card up in front of Kim.

?Done Missy,? she took the two cards, ?I usually don?t kiss and tell, but I owe you this time.?

Kim almost floated back to her table, she poked Wayne in the back, ?Take a break Big Guy.?

He chided her, ?Your soon to be love toy went to the potty.?

Kim looked over at Missy, saw her take one of the fake, black, pigtails of the Wednesday Addam?s costume and use it to hide her eyes as she jotted another entry into her notebook.

?How did he do Wayne??

?Lost maybe two or three, won on about five, must be 3 or 4 ahead. Plays damn funny, just keeps doing blind hands, seems to work for him though.?

?I got it.?

Wayne swept the deck across the table and started towards the next table down the line to relieve them for their break. ?Have fun tonight Kim,? he said over his shoulder, ?I?ll give you more hell in about an hour, ? he laughed.

Kim glared back over at Missy, she still held up the pigtail blocking her eyes, but not the huge smile she wore.


Kim glanced down at his picture ID/driver?s license. Samuel Oscar Stranger, his eyes even seemed to glow in the ID?s picture. Baltimore Maryland, the date of birth had to be in error, she did the math in her head, 59 years old. She would have bet her life he was maybe just into his mid 30s, maybe closer to her age of 31. She put both the ID and the casino?s card next to his chips.

She looked up just in time to see him walk around the end of a bank of quarter slots. An older lady played an end machine there, he said something to her, the lady said something back. He stopped, talking to the lady, they both laughed, he stroked the lady?s shoulder and then patted the slot machine twice. He went to the short steps leading down from the half floor. He had taken maybe three or four before looking back over his shoulder at the lady as she pulled the slot?s handle. By the time he reached the floor two steps later, the lights went off on the machine the lady was playing. The clanging of a jackpot could be heard where Kim stood. He glanced again over his shoulder, smiling as the lady danced around the machine. His head turned to Kim from 50 feet away, his smile broadened, white teeth flashed in humor. 10 feet from her table he pulled his sunglasses back out, slipping them on as he took his seat after readjusting the leaning chair.

?You must be a mean dealer, no one wants to play with you,? he said as he placed the same bet he had on their first and only hand together.

Kim fought fire with fire, ?I only play with the best.?

He pulled down his sunglasses with one hand as he lost miserably to her hand, his blue eyes looked at her over the top of the glasses. ?Maybe I should go and find a kiddie table before you clean me out.?

?Suit yourself, aahhh Mister?..? Kim baited him.

He placed the same bet, then picked up the comp card and his ID. He slipped the comp card in his shirt pocket, pulled out a billfold and slid the ID into it before putting it back in his pocket. ?Stranger. Please no stranger jokes, I think I have heard them all. How about calling me Sam? Sam I am.?

She took a baby step out onto the branch, ?Sam sounds wonderful to me,? she had to wait on the machine again, it seemed to take longer before it dealt another hand.

?So ?Sam I Am?, what do you do for a living besides losing at poker?? She flipped her hand, then she turned over his. In three years of dealing three card stud she had pushed maybe 50 times, but never like this. They had the same cards, only opposite.. He had the 2 of hearts and the 8 of hearts with the queen of clubs. She had the 2 of clubs and the 8 of clubs with the queen of hearts.

He smiled at her, ?Think they?ll notice if we switch cards? Looks like I need a Queen of Hearts.?

She didn?t take her eyes off herself mirrored in his lenses as she knocked the table twice as a sign of a push, picked up his pair bet and then raked his hand to hers. Kim looked down to collect the cards and shook, her hand now had the queen of clubs in it, she pushed his hand back open exposing the cards, but trying to hide them from the overhead cameras. The queen of hearts was safely tucked between the 2 and the eight. She quickly collected all the cards on the table.

?Well, looks like you helped me find her,? he smiled that wonderful, mischievous smile like he had when he came down the stairs.

?Anybody need a drink here,? a waitress asked?

He said, ?I think we both could use one, unfortunately she can?t have one, a double Bailey?s Irish Cream, straight up, no ice please.? He picked up two chips, turned, placing the 25 dollar green chips on the waitress? tray.

He turned back to the still stunned Kim as the waitress thanked him profusely and left, ?I make people happy.?


?You asked me what I did for a living Kim. I make people happy, that?s my job. It?s a shitty job, but somebody?s got to do it.? He gave a small chuckle, ?In actuality, it is a pretty fun job to have, some people are a little tougher than others, but? ? He made the same blind bet, tapped the play chip twice with a finger, a jackpot alarm went off behind him.

He smiled at her as she looked over his shoulder, the same lady that had hit a jackpot a few minutes before was now dancing around the same flashing machine. The floor boss that had just paid her jackpot, a few feet away, looked at the machine in astonishment.

Screw climbing out on a limb, she flung herself off the tree, ?You did that, didn?t you.?

He placed both hands to his chest, ?Moi? Prove it, I didn?t move an inch. If you?ll notice, I haven?t even touched a card hand since I sat down here, that includes the ones Wayne dealt too me.?

Kim?s hands shook slightly as she handed out the next hand. She turned hers over and had a pair of 4s with a king of diamonds. She tentatively turned over his first card, queen of spades, then the ace of spades, she already knew what the next one would be before turning it over. ?Missy, paying a royal flush,? she said before revealing the king of spades.

Missy came over to look at the hand and ensure the payout. ?Why aren?t you the lucky one tonight Mr. Stranger, congratulations.?

?It?s not me tonight Missy, Kim is being the lucky one for me.?

?Well Kimberly, you just keep on being lucky for Mr. Stranger, he certainly seems to be enjoying himself tonight, wouldn?t want his lucky streak to end now, would we?? Missy stayed till Kim paid out the 5 purple chips, then Missy went back to the books to mark her ledger. The waitress came up with his drink. He took the drink, the proffered napkin, picked up a purple chip and placed it on the waitress? tray.

?Sir..,? she started to say.

?Yes, I know what it is Ma?am, and it?s yours now.?

?Bless you Sir,? she started to walk away with her full tray till another table made some noise about her not giving them their drinks. The waitress did a graceful turn and quickly went over to the demanding table, passing out the rest of the drinks on her tray.

?Sam I Am? picked up one purple chip and dropped it into his shirt pocket, ?At least I should break even huh,? he said to Kim. He picked up the last three thousand dollars in purple chips and placed them in front of Kim.

?I?m not sure I should take that,? she said as he collected the other four green chips he had won on the hand.

?Why not Kim??

?I don?t know how you did it, but you did something.?

?I didn?t do a thing Kim, I never touched the cards. You cut the deck the customary time, you then shuffled them. After the machine sorted them you handed them out and turned them over. I?m very sure they are not only reviewing the recording of that hand, but every one I have had since I walked into this establishment. You have done absolutely nothing wrong and I haven?t touched a single card.?

?But,? she started as she placed the three chips in the dealer?s, joint tip holder.

?Do you think that Mrs. Parsons, the lady that won the two jackpots hasn?t spent at least twice what she won tonight over the last ten years of her coming here. She has never won a jackpot till tonight, her luck was due, I just sort of helped it along. You had better deal a hand or they might wonder why you are not. I?ll make sure I slowly lose all the chips I have before me. I?ll not leave here with a single penny that I didn?t come in with. I just plan to redistribute their profits somewhat.?

Kim dealt out the next hand, before she turned over her hand, ?Is it my night to be happy?? She wanted to hear the right answer, she desired a yes with all her heart, just one single night.

?I said earlier, some are easy to please, some are a lot more complicated.?

She turned her hand, a king, a four, and a three. She turned his, a king, a four and a two, she reluctantly collected all his chips. He promptly replaced the bets, tipping her two green chips.

It was like a black cloth dropped over her life, smothering her in endless darkness, ?Guess that is a very polite way of saying no.?

She cut, shuffled the cards and was passing out a new hand when he answered, ?I don?t make people happy for just a night Kimberly, I make people happy for the rest of their lives. To be happy for just one night means you will always be looking backwards to that one time. No one I have ever made happy has looked backwards unless they are saying to themselves, ?That was when everything changed?.? He lost the hand, again he tipped her 50 dollars.

She dealt another hand and he won with a straight, she paid out the four green chips and 6 red ones. He took all of them and placed them in front of her keeping his original bet only, then tipped her 50 dollars more.

?Are you married Sam??

He held out his ringless left hand, ?No, I was once very close. She died in an aircraft accident a long time ago.?

?I?m sorry Sam.?

?Yeah, I am also, but then I wouldn?t be here now. I would never have met you.? Kim dealt a new hand, she didn?t even wait for his approval, she played his hand for him. His pair beat her hand, he pushed the chips he won at her, then tipped her another 2 green ones again.

Kim broke the house rules then, she caught his right hand as he was pulling it back. The fourth finger had a big gold ring with a large, blood red stone, she looked at the ring. It caught the overhead lights and flashed a glowing red twice before going back to a deep, bottomless red.

He gently pulled his hand from hers, he looked at the ring closely.

She dealt out another hand as he still stared intently at the ring. The waitress asking him if he needed another Bailey?s jerked him from his examination. She already had one in her hand for him. He looked at her with a strange look, looked at the table, looked back at the ring and bobbed his head a couple of times thinking. Sam picked up 260 dollars in chips and piled them on the waitress? tray and took the drink from her hand. He drained the one at the table and handed her the emptied glass. Kim turned his cards for him, he lost, she collected the chips. He maxed the pair bet, and split all his remaining chips on the ante and play bets.

Kim was going apeshit, she had done something wrong, he just stared at her with her bewilder face reflecting back in the sunglasses. She dealt another hand, flipped hers and started to rearrange her hand.

?Stop,? he demanded in a low voice!

He touched his cards for the first time pulling them from under his stack of chips on the play square. ?I am across the street staying in the Resort Casino,? he pointed at her 4 of diamonds, 2 of clubs and 9 of spades, ?that is my room number, come if you dare to be changed. You will not leave as the same person.? He stood, drained the new drink, put the empty glass back on the table, ?I fold.? He threw his hand face down on the table.

?But I lose, I don?t even have a queen.?

?Neither do I.? He walked away from the table, stopped, came back, ?But I need one, please come.? He walked away from her, quickly disappearing in the crowd of people.

?What happened Kim? Where did he go,? Missy asked?

Kim reached over and flipped his hand, an ace, king, queen of hearts shocked both the women, he had just walked away from the table?s maximum $25,000.00 payout.

?I need to leave Missy, I need to leave now. I have to go to him.?

?Give me 5 minutes Kim, I?ll fix it, even if I have to deal the damn table myself.?


It was more like 15 minutes before Missy found someone to take Kim?s table. Kim spent all that time looking for him from her step perch, hoping he waited for her, but knowing he hadn?t. It was like she could sense him, she knew in her heart he was no longer close. She was again in the lady?s locker room pulling off the casino?s knit shirt and donning her blouse. She searched her purse, found her perfume, spritzed the air in front of her and walked through the mist as it fell. She took her brush to the mirror and looked at herself as she straightened her hair. ?Do not come if you don?t want to be changed?, ?You will not leave as the same person?, doubt entered her mind for the first time. She left her doubting self standing in the mirror. Grabbing her stuff, she left the locker room and the casino. Cool, October air flowed around her as she walked to her car. She climbed inside, doubt waited for her there, she fought with herself again. Buckling in, starting her car, she drove off leaving doubt in the parking lot this time. She went out the RV entrance, the Resorts Casino?s lights flashed brightly at her from across the street. She stopped to look both ways before crossing the street, doubt caught her there as she waited for an approaching car. She leaned forward and placed her head against the steering wheel. The sudden bleat of a car?s horn behind her made her jerk upright. Kim hit the left turn signal and turned away from the entrance to the Resort?s parking lot. She would go home. She would go home and then to bed, alone, alone again. ?But I need one, please come?. She wished she could have seen his eyes when he said that too her. Then she was glad she hadn?t, she would have walked out right then and there with him. A red light stopped her slow progress away from possible happiness at an intersection. The only car?s lights around her were the red ones from the car that had beeped at her, receding in front of her in the distance. The light changed green with a turn arrow, her resolve threw doubt out of her car, she turned around and went back. Kim had had one night stands, what woman hadn?t, if this was just another, so be it, she wasn?t going to be alone again tonight. She needed to be held, she needed to be needed. He had said he needed her. Kim pulled into the Resort Casino?s parking lot.

Stepping out of her car, she clad herself in as much resolve as she could muster. If doubt found her again it was going to be a fight to the death. She strode purposely to the main entrance of the hotel and casino. Entering, she went left to the main elevators, waited, entered, pushing the button for the 4th floor. She spent the ride up looking at herself in the elevator?s mirrors. Asking herself if she really wanted to do this. The elevator coughed her out onto the fourth floor. Kim left doubt for the very last time, turned right, walking briskly, following the increasing room numbers.

At 409 her pace had slackened, now just a leisurely stroll. 419 she moved even slower. 425 her hands started to shake, she slowed to a crawl. 427, her breath was catching and her pounding heart threatened to jump out of her chest. 429.

She stood before the double doors leading into the suite. Her hand half raised to knock on the door. Doubt?s bigger brother, indecision assaulted her then. ?You will be a different person when you leave?, did she really want to change? Will she really change? Become a different person? She lowered her hand, she almost turned away from the doors. But, she knew deep in her heart that he was right there, again it was a feeling of certainty. Just on the other side of the door, mere feet from her, his hand poised at the door?s handle. He was waiting on her to just knock on the door and he would open it for her, changing her forever. He was waiting on her to make the decision whether she was willing to change or not. She knocked twice quietly, the handle turned, the door opened, she started in.


Doubt, indecision, anxiety, fear, all were swept away in an instant as she looked at his smiling face and unbelievable eyes. ?I am so glad you came Kimberly, so very glad, please come in.?

He held the door for her as she entered the room, she heard the door closing gently behind her. She turned around to face him, ?Sam,? she started to say.

He held up a hand stopping what she was going to say next. ?You first have to promise me three things Kim. And you must say yes to all three of them or I will have to ask you to leave.?

?If it?s too good to be true, then it usually isn?t true?, she thought, ?What are the three things I have to promise you Sam??

?Number one, you saw or you think you saw some strange things happen tonight, you must never mention what you think you saw to anyone, ever. Promise??

?Yes Sam, I promise to never talk about tonight to anyone, they wouldn?t believe me anyway, I?m not sure even I believe what I saw.?

?Good. Number two, you must not ask anything about me, if I tell you, then OK. Anything I tell you falls under condition number one, you must not mention it to anybody. Promise??

?Yes Sam, I promise. And number three??

He smiled a goofy grin, ?You must kiss me as many times as you can or till our lips fall off, whichever comes first. Promise??

Kim sighed in relief inwards, she smiled back at Sam, ?I promise as long as you promise to do the same.?

?Deal,? he said.

Kim gave him back her quirky smile, ?No thanks, I get enough of those at work.?

They both laughed together at her joke.

?Will you promise not to lie to me Sam? Just don?t answer my questions if you have too, but please don?t lie too me.?

?I promise Kimberly.?

?I am only going to ask you a few, OK? Have you ever done this, what we are doing, what we are going to do, with another woman??

?I have been with other women, very few, I?m not a virgin. But to answer your question, no, this is a first time like this for me also.?

She chuckled girlishly, even happier at his answer, ?I?m certainly glad you?re not a virgin, it so hard getting them trained to do the right things. Will you make me happy, just for one, single night Sam, please??

?No Kim. I told you earlier, I never make a person happy for just a short time.?

?Will I be happy for the rest of my life when I have to leave you tomorrow Sam??

?Yes Kimberly, I promise.?

?I guess I?d better get busy on your condition number three then Sam,? she let her purse strap slide off her shoulder, the purse fell to the ground. She went to him.


Kim stopped maybe a foot from him, it was then she realized, he was big, maybe 6 4 or 5, 220. He just watched her. She ran her hands up his chest to his shoulders, hard muscle hidden under a thick, long sleeved, soft linen shirt. She ran her hands over his shoulders and down his arms, she doubted she could make her hands go half way around his upper arms, ?God, he was huge?! Her 220 weight estimate jumped to 250 at least, maybe more. She moved her hands from his lower arms, crossing to his waist. She let her nails scratch softly up his sides as her hands made their way back to his chest. He squirmed some from her skritching, smiling, still he just stared at her as she explored his body. Her hands were back over his chest, one found a shoulder the other his neck. She pushed up on her toes, letting her body rub against his, she pushed herself hard against him as she pulled him the rest of the way down to her. Stopping, lips just inches away from each other, she stretched the last of the way as she saw his eyes close, her lips touched his. It was like putting your tongue to a 9 volt battery, her lips tingled, she pulled back just a little, parting. One arm moved to caress her head, the other the middle of her back, he pulled their lips back together, lifting her from the floor. She climbed up him to meet his, they kissed passionately.

She panted hard when they both broke the kiss, she lowered herself back to the floor, he let her. She stepped on one of her flats, she hadn?t even felt it come off her foot. Kim laid her head against his chest, hearing the thud of his heartbeats. She tried to clutch at him, there was nowhere to hang onto, she couldn?t even get her arms, under his holding her gently but firmly, all the way around his chest. He picked her up and kissed her again, she had heard about melting in a man?s arms, she never believed it till now, she melted into his arms. Their lips parted, he lowered her back to the floor on unsteady feet, she locked her arms around his waist squeezing him tight, wanting to hold on to him forever.

She reluctantly let him go, ?Sam, I just got off work, I want to take a shower first, is that Ok,? she asked?

?Yes Kimberly, but only if I get to join you.?

She rubbed a nail along his chest, looked up into his incredible eyes, ?Yes Sam, I think I would like that very much. Could I have just a few alone minutes first, you know,? she said shyly.

?To reuse a Bogart line, just whistle when you are ready. I want to undress you, so no cheating and getting naked on me.?

?I?ll wait Sam, I think I?ll enjoy that also.? She reached up to kiss him again, he grabbed her and crushed her to him kissing her hard. Their tongues battled, lips were nipped at, he put her back down. ?I hope you like cold showers Sam, I need one now, another kiss like that one and I?m going to rip you clothes off and take you.?

He reached for her as she pushed out of his embrace attempt. She did a very hard thing by walking away from him and into the suite?s bathroom. She also did something she had never done before, she didn?t close the door, she left it half open. She had started her changing. She looked at herself in the mirror wondering if she should go get her purse and retouch her make-up and lipstick. She fiddled with her hair. She then laughed, in about 5 minutes she is going to be naked and in the shower with him, there goes the make-up and the hair, he is going to see the real Kimberly, a sight few have seen. Something popped loudly in the other room.

?Sam,? she questioned?

?Are you done,? he replied?

?Just one more minute Sam.? She hurried to the potty, pulling down her jeans and panties as she went.

Finished, she was deciding whether to keep on the single flat she still had on one foot, she dried her hands, she left it on for him to take off. ?Sam, I?m done.?

He walked in, ?Oh My God?!!! It wasn?t the Sam she kissed, it was a naked Greek God come alive. She gulped hard as she looked at him. If the man before her had body fat, he had left it in his pants pocket in the other room. He stood before her, a sculptured statue of muscle, spray painted a light tan color, she started to drool looking at him. Except for the light brown hair and eyebrows on his head, not another strand would even dare to blemish the tanned work of art before her. If he was fifty-nine she would kiss his ass, heck she just might do that anyway. He smiled crookedly at her, one huge hand held two filled champagne glasses, the other her shoe.

?You forgot this one,? he said moving to her, handing her the shoe.

She took it from him, bent over and slipped it back on her foot, she couldn?t help but look, he was right there, ?Holy Shit, I?m gonna hurt for a week, maybe two if he?s rough with that?.

She clawed him semi-hard up the outside of a thigh with a hand?s fingernails as she straightened back up. ?Hurt me!? her body screamed to her mind.

Sam handed her one of the champagne flutes, when she had hers, he tapped the rim of his against hers. Ting. They both sipped at their glass looking at each other.

?I guess I don?t get to take off your clothes too, huh??

?You didn?t ask me not too, want me to go put them back on??

She slowly looked him over from top to bottom and then back up, ?No! No, I think you are just fine the way you are.? She took a big gulp of champagne. Her mind was going crazy trying to stop her body from just pushing him down onto the floor and jumping him right there.

He smiled that goofy grin at her, ?So, would you like to join me??

?Yes,? she said trying hard not to pant.

Sam sipped at his champagne flute again, then placed it on the sink?s countertop. He moved closer, Kim waited for him to kiss her, he didn?t. An arm reached behind her back, the other hand found her other shoulder. He turned her slowly till she was facing the mirror over the sink. Sam moved behind her, looking at her reflection in the mirror from over her head. His right hand moved over her shoulder like the pressing of a butterfly?s wing, the touch was barely felt, but it left a trail of heat as it moved to her neck, He used his hand to pull her hair from the left side of her neck, his eyes never left hers till he bent down and kissed where her left shoulder joined her neck. He kissed slowly up her neck. The tip of his tongue touched along the bottom of her earlobe. Her pilot light had already been lit and was burning brightly, he found her thermostat and cranked her up to blast furnace. His tongue left her earlobe, he was watching her again with those eerie eyes. Both hands moved to her ear, he took out her stud, put the parts back together and reached in front of her placing the diamond stud on the countertop.

He kissed her neck and whispered in her ear, ?I hope you don?t mind if I take my time Kimberly??

?No Sam,? her voice broke in a quaver, ?take all the time in the world, the universe.?

He pulled her hair from the other side of her neck, ?The universe is a pretty big place Kim, I might end up taking a lot of time,? he said before he started kissing up to her right ear. He gently nipped at her lobe, she dropped her champagne flute from her right hand. His head and hands blurred away from her in their reflections. The left hand came back and so did the head, he kissed her neck again. His right arm reached around her, placing the flute next to her stud, ?You dropped something,? he cooed in her ear.

Kim tried to turn and face him, his hands stopped her. He kissed her neck again, ?Condition number 1 and 2, you promised,? he said between kisses. ?Besides, tonight wouldn?t be much fun if we both limped around with cut up feet, would it??

Kim looked at him in the mirror, ?Will tonight be fun Sam, you?re not going to turn into a pumpkin or the devil at midnight are you??

He kissed her shoulder through her blouse, there was a slight flash of heat from where he kissed. He looked back up at her. ?I didn?t did I Kim, it?s 12:01. Was tonight fun? Now, it?s time to start a brand new day, a whole new life.?

Kim looked down at her watch, it showed 12:06, she always made sure it was five minutes fast so she wouldn?t be late to work. He didn?t have one on, he had even taken the ring off his right hand, just a man stood behind her, she hoped. He took out her right stud placing it next to the other one on the countertop. Then, slid off her wristwatch, it joined the earrings.

?Will today be as fun as last night Sam,? she said when his hands moved across the front of her shoulders.

One hand traveled slowly up the front of her neck, along her chin line, tilting her head towards his, ?No Kim,? he said softly as he leaned over her, finding her lips. They kissed lightly, parted, ?Today will be the one you look back too in the future and say that was the day when my life changed.?

His hands went to the top button of her blouse, he undid the button. A hand went to the top of the blouse, pulling aside her collar he kissed her exposed skin. She leaned back into him, swaying slightly, she felt him stir, she leaned harder. His hands had found and released another button. The inside of his forearms now just barely touched her erect nipples under blouse and bra as he found another button between her breasts. She reached up and pushed his left arm against her breast, her other hand reached behind her finding his hip. She pulled at his hip as she leaned back more, feeling him grow bigger. He went on to a lower button, she let go of his arm, now both her hands were behind her holding his hips as she slowly ground herself against him. They watched each other?s reflections in the mirror as he finished unbuttoning her blouse, slowly pulling its? bottom from the tops of her jeans.

His hands pushed aside the blouse as he ran them back up the front of her body, lightly over her breasts, she let go of his hips and placed her hands on top of his. She fondled her breasts with his hands, she shuddered and moaned. She arched her back, laying her head against him, grinding her bottom into his hips, he was so hard between them, he moaned into her neck as he kissed her there. She let go with her right hand, dropping her hand, trying to push it between their crushing bodies, wanting to touch his hardness trapped between them. He pushed himself harder against her, her efforts were in vain. His left hand pulled from under hers, going to the top of her hand he fondle her with her hand, the other caught her questing hand. He raised it back to her other breast, she clutched at herself as his started to slide down her body. He squatted behind her, nipping at a cheek through her jeans as hands raised her right leg, taking off the shoe he had given her back. Hands moved to the other leg, now two empty shoes stood side by side.

He nipped the other cheek as heat moved up the insides of her legs following his hands. Knees, thighs, they traveled around to the front of her as they went to her hips, heat followed, burning desire. She dropped her hands, found his head behind her, pushing herself up, lifting on tiptoes, she wanted him to stop there, he didn?t, hands joined at the top of her jeans, below her belly button.

This was madness she thought to herself as he unbuttoned her jeans. He just had her shoes off and some buttons undone, she was almost ready to orgasm, her heart pounded fast and hard. She gasped as he unzipped her zipper. She tried to spread her legs, his squatting knees, on either side of her legs, stopped her. She dropped one hand from her breast to force his hand between her legs, he was so close, heat pulsed through her hips with each of her rapid heartbeats. It was like pushing down on an iron bar, she couldn?t get his hand to go lower. She dropped the other, she lifted herself up off the floor trying to force him down to her. He just raised her higher with her efforts, she thought she felt him bite the lip of a jeans pocket as he fought her body?s desire.

?Please Sam, please.? she begged him!

?All things come to those that have the patience to wait Kim,? she heard him reply from behind her, ?at least for me it has.?

Kim slowly lowered herself back down to the floor she would let him do with her as he pleased, she gave herself to the incredible pleasure of his touch.


Fingers traced up her cotton briefs between her unzipped pants. Found the open tops of her jeans, moving outwards following the waistline. He slowly pulled the waistline of her jeans down, kissing one side of her bottom then the other, working down her bottom as he unwrapped his present she just gave to him. When he reached mid-thighs his hands joined her legs inside the jeans as he pushed them down more, knees were uncovered. He nipped one cheek of her bottom, then the other, he helped her keep her balance as he took out of the right leg of her jeans. The other leg was finished the same way, folded jeans were placed on the tops of waiting shoes at her feet. Hands found the tips of her toes, lips touched the outside of Kim?s right thigh below her panty line, he kissed backwards as his hands moved up her feet, fingertips leaving a trail of warm fire behind them on her skin. His lips reached where one thigh gave way to the other, she could feel his hot breath between her legs as his hands worked their way up her legs. She leaned over putting her hands on the sink?s countertop, she mewled in pleasure. Hands topped her knees, a tongue touched the inside of her other thigh, lips kissed her, she tried to push her bottom into his face, he was so close, she was so close. Hands gripped her lower thighs, her efforts were thwarted again. She gripped the countertop hard till her knuckles turned white as his kisses and hands drove her crazy with lust.

?God damn you Sam Stranger for doing this to me! Take me damn you,? she gasped!

?I?ll will when I think you?re ready Kim,? he replied matter of fact.

She groaned loudly as he finished kissing to the outside of her left thigh, ?I?m so ready Sam, I never been this ready. Take me, please. Please, Sam!?

Hands found the ends of her opened blouse, he tugged at them, she let go of the sink. He pulled the blouse off her shoulders, she let him. Soon, it also joined the folded stack of her clothing. She looked at herself in the mirror, just a bra and some very wet panties were all that was left on her, along with a look on her face in the mirror she had never seen before. It was like looking at different person. He kissed her back as his hands explored her waist and tummy. One hand moved behind her, up her back stopping at her bra back. She reached behind her with her arms to help him, men always fought over trying to unhook a bra. He seemed to snap his fingers, her breasts sprang free from their confinement, the straps slid down her arms, she let the unwanted bra fall to the floor. His hands slid back down her waist, over the outside of her hips. Fingers hooked the edge of her panties in passing, he pulled them down her legs as she stepped out of them.

He rose back up behind her, letting his hands trace another swath of heat up her legs and thighs, hips, waist. When he was almost standing upright she felt the head of his cock rubbing along the inside of a thigh, she shook as he and his body rose behind her. She stretched her arms over her head, catching his head as he rose like a pillar of heat bathing her backside in his glow, he rubbed his body against hers. His cock couldn?t go higher, she raised back up on her tiptoes, holding his neck she pushed herself back on his body. He slipped between her thighs helped by the wetness her excited body could no longer contain inside her. His hands filled with her bare breasts, caressing, she came violently. She clutched hard at his neck as another wave of the orgasm pounded her, her body convulsed again. His hands fell, one to her hip the other right below her ribs, she shook again losing the grip on his neck, he held her upright against him as she shook in pleasure.

One hand went between her breasts, laid over her slowing heart. The other spread wide across the middle of her belly, he was kissing her neck again as the last of her orgasm receded into history. She could feel her escaped wetness moving down the inside of her thighs. She could also feel his hardness between her legs, she briefly rubbed his arm holding her tummy. She let her hand drop lower till it came to the head of his cock protruding between her legs. She let one of her fingers trace a circle around him, he moaned into her neck as the hand over her heart went to her left breast. She half circled him again then pulled her finger up over the end of him, he shook. Her finger came away slick and wet with his pre cum. She raised her hand back up to her face as he nuzzled her neck. She looked at his wetness on the tip of her finger, it seemed to sparkle like a thousand stars. Each ridge of her wet fingerprints caught the bathroom?s many lights, he sparkled on the tip of her finger. She tasted him with the tip of her tongue. He was sweet, not honey sweet, but sweet cream sweet, she greedily pushed her finger in her mouth licking the rest of him from her finger. She wanted more. She wondered what it would be like to be on her knees in front of him, feeling him flowing into her mouth, she tried to push out of his arms. ?One good turn deserves another?.

?Ladies first Kim,? he said to her shoulder as he kissed her.

?Uh Sam, incase you didn?t notice, I think you have already met that condition.?

He straightened up behind, hands now resting lightly on the outsides of her shoulders, looking at her reflection, ?I noticed Kim, you just didn?t ask me how many sub-clauses I have to my conditions.?

She just didn?t believe this man was real, she had to be in a dream she never wanted to wake up from. He had just caused her to have one of the best orgasms she had ever had in her life and all he did was just touch her, kiss her. Now, he was just battling sly innuendos with her and she was growing hot again. ?How many more sub-clauses are you going to make me endure Sam??

He held her shoulders as he pulled wetly from between her legs, he looked at her reflection in the mirror as he whispered in her ear, ?Till you can?t possibly take another one.? He turned from her and went to the shower, she heard quite clearly from him before he turned on the water, ?Then I am going to show you a whole new level to play on.?

?Who are you Samuel Stranger, what are you??

He didn?t answer, ignoring her question as he adjusted the tub?s water temperature.

She went to his side, rubbed her hands over his broad back, he felt like marble under a thin, soft, layer of tanned skin, she could spend a lifetime just counting the muscles on his back, exploring each one. She wanted him inside her so badly. He rose in front of her, she caught him around the neck, he lifted her easily as they kissed. She raised her legs locking them behind his, he cupped her butt cheeks with his hands she kissed the statue of perfection again as she clung to him. He stepped over the rim of the tub with her as though she didn?t weigh so much as a feather. Hot water pounded her back as he slid closed the shower door. The spray of hot, slick, soft water made him hard to hold on too, she slipped down his body and back to her feet, her lips pulled away from his. He dipped, giving her a peck to her lips as his hand found a bar of soap, he raised back up out of kiss reach as he started soaping her shoulders and back. She just reached as much as she could around him as he washed her back. It was just so delicious, she kissed his chest, licking water off his nipples. He was driving her slowly crazy with desire and she was loving every single moment of the long journey. He took one of her arms and dr*ped it over his shoulder, then the other one, he washed under her arms, his hands felt way hotter than the hot, steamy water did.

He dropped lower, soapy delight sliding over yearning skin, she felt his tongue on one nipple and then the other before feeling the top of her tummy being licked and kissed. She moaned and squirmed as his hands soaped her bottom as his tongue explored her bellybutton. All she could do was shake in his soapy embrace and moan, clutching at his head. Fingers slid slickly between the valley of her bottom, they stopped at the entrance to her there. She had never let a man go where she now begged him, in her mind, to explore. The fingers just stayed for a moment, she went back to tiptoes, twisting toes inward, her body telling him to do as he pleased to it. His hands slid lower to the tops of her thighs, ?No?, her body screamed at her! ?Take me! Take me any way! Take me everyway?! He let his hands slide down her thighs and calves. He was kissing between her bellybutton and the roaring fire growing by each nanosecond between her legs. Kim tried to push his head lower and raise a leg to give him unlimited access to her sex. Her body was uncontrollable. She couldn?t stop shaking, jerking, ?I?m gonna cum? her body crowed to her mind gleefully.

?No,? both screamed together as one as he asked, ?Turn around Kim, I?m done with this side.?

No kisses, nothing but his hands as they soaped her feet and the front of her calves. Still, she and her body shook as his hands worked up higher. She tried to find him with her bottom, his hands on her legs stopped her. Her body gave Kim an ultimatum, find him or it would. It didn?t even bother to wait on her reply, legs spread till they touch the sides of the tub. A hand found the tile in front of her as the other grasped the pipe from the shower head, she arched her back, it could do no more, she could do no more, she waited, her body vibrated. Water washed down her back, he had been there the whole time, his licks and kisses touched her like the water hitting her and running down her body, only hotter. She pushed her face against the cooler tile as hands pushed open the tops of her thighs. The tip of his tongue touched her hard clit, electricity flowed between them, her and her body exploded in pure pleasure. She gasped his name to the tile as she clung to the showerhead, his hands where there to help her keep upright as the orgasm body slammed her soul. A soapy hand washed her as she gushed cum all over his fingers.


She was back in his arms being held tightly, the water pounding down on her chest, ?Pinch me Sam. Let me know I am really awake and this isn?t just some wonderful dream that I?ll have to wake up from.?

He did.

?OOoww! I was just kidding Sam!?

?Hey,? he chuckled to her ear, ?you said to pinch you, I did. Don?t get mad at me if you ask for it. I?ll do anything you ask me too Kim. Anything.?

She had so many questions, she was so afraid that one of them might be answered by his silence. She didn?t ask the one that she so desired to hear an answer too.

?Is it my turn yet??

He slid around her and adjusted the water before coming back behind her, ?Almost,? he whispered in her ear.

She felt the cooler water washing the heated passion from her body, he held her tightly. The water grew cooler, still he just held her, she bathed in his body?s heat. The water went cold, she looked down, ?Oh shit!?, the knob was all the way to the coldest setting. She tried to break away from his tight embrace as icy water found her. She started struggling, cursing him like a demented longshoreman as he held her under the ice cold water. He let her go, she ripped open the shower?s curtain and fled the freezing hell.

?Goddammit, I?ll make you pay for that one Sam Stranger, mark my words,? she said from the safety of the being out of the shower, shivering.

He stood in the shower, reached down after a few seconds and turned the water off, ?You did say you needed a cold shower, don?t ask me for what you need to make you happy, I have to give it to you.?

She came back quick, ?You said you have to give me anything Sam too make me happy for the rest of my life.?

?Yes Kim, I said that.? Sam said back.

?If you want to make me happy Sam. Forever. I want you, forever.?

?God Damn him!?, he didn?t answer her. He just looked at her with those uncommon eyes, silent.

The hundred tons of weight was exchanged for a hundred million tons, the end results were the same, he smashed her heart flat. Her very soul cried out. Sadness filled her, her heart didn?t want to bother to beat any more, her lungs cared less if they took another breath. The coldness of the abandoned shower filled her soul. One night and she would ache forever over the empty, endless ones without him to come, she would wilt without him, die. They hadn?t even really started, just played. She would leave before it went any farther, she couldn?t bare the pain of knowing him just one single night. Too embrace perfection and then no longer being able to even touch him again. His promises of happiness, a lie, without him happiness was an impossibility. Darkness took her, she wished she had never met Samuel Stranger.

?I am yours forever Kimberly,? he said quietly to her.

Dark thoughts of a life without him filled her soul.

?What?!? ?What did you say Sam??

?I have to make people happy, your request is the most complicated one I have ever had to deal with. In all my questing, no one has ever offered to repay the happiness I have freely given, but you. I accept your offer Kimberly Collett, I searched for no one to do that single, simple task, I have found you by accident. I am yours Kimberly, do with me as you please. I don?t want to be me without you, forever. Will you accept my offer??

?Sam, do you mean that??

?You asked me not to lie to you Kimberly, I haven?t. Will you accept me as I am??

?Will I know you? Will I know the real you, Sam Stranger??

?Yes Kimberly, only three others know the real me, I am one of them, you will be the fourth.?

?Is it a bad thing to know you Samuel Stranger??

?It depends on you perspective Kim. I have done nothing wrong, I have done no harm to anybody, but myself.?

?Will you love me Samuel Oscar Stranger? Forever??

?Yes Kimberly Collett, I will love you till my body?s last breath, and then much more.?

Kim never even thought to wonder how he knew her last name as she jumped into his arms.


She hugged him tightly between kissing him wildly. She was never going to let go of him. One of his hands cupped a butt cheek as the other explored her body, they took turns. She locked her legs tighter behind him, arched her back, she helped the exploring hand feel a breast. When they changed places, she helped the other. He easily pushed an arm between her leg and him, then the other. She had just a toehold on his sides, he lifted her and kissed her breasts. Kim put both hands on the top of his head, squeezing her breasts together with her arms, guiding his head from one erect nipple to the other. He pushed her away from him and dropped her on her back. She clutched madly at his head as she fell backwards. She saw his smiling eyes twinkle as she fell away from him. Kim tried to get her arms behind her to cushion the impact, she didn?t. She hit flat on her back.

After bouncing a couple of times on the mattress, she looked confusingly around her. She was on a bed, she had been in the bathroom, she was now in the main suite?s bedroom. How did he do that shit, she knew better than to ask him. She knew the answer she would get back, none, just silence. She stretched out, he just stood there watching her, smiling. Kim patted the bed beside her, ?Plenty of room for two here, care to join me Sam??

?I will in less than a minute Kim, I need to get something first.? He turned away from her and went to the other king-sized bed, his suitcase was perched on the bottom edge. He lifted the lid, rummaging around inside as she pulled at the top cover of the bed. She pushed the pillows back into place and yanked down the blanket and top sheet as he closed the lid of the suitcase. She thought he was getting prophylactics, she didn?t care if he knocked her up with a dozen babies, she wasn?t going to let him wear one. She wanted to feel his cum gushing inside her body. She crawled up to the headboard, kicking at the sheet, blanket and cover as he came back to the bed. Two strands of shiny wire were hanging from his closed hand. He crawled up the bottom of the bed and to her side.

?Kim I don?t want to give you the wrong impression, but I have something for you. If you want me to be happy also, I want you to keep it for me.? He held out his closed hand, she saw that the wires were braided ends to whatever he held in his hand.

?I promise Sam,? she looked down as he opened his hand. The two ends fell lower, stopped only when they were stretched out from the amulet in the center of his palm. It was gorgeous. A blood red gem, like the one on his ring, wrapped in a wire configuration around the edges. The wire was a blue-white tinted, shiny silver that went around the deep red, clearish stone, it looked like a drop of fire nestled in a bird?s nest. The wires, wrapped around the stone, turned into the braided ends of the necklace. He handed her the necklace. She held the beautiful piece of jewelry in one hand, she used her other hand to hold the ends of the necklace. She looked at the stone, the room?s lights must have caught an edge, the stone pulsed a bright red twice. She looked at the braided ends, the weave was so perfect, but there was no clasps on the ends, no way to secure it around her neck, just two braided ends that stopped, just a little thicker where the wires of the braid looped back on themselves.

?Sam, I can?t take this. It must have cost a fortune.?

?There is only one other like it, that one belongs to some friends of mine. I want you have this one.? He seemed to sigh as she looked at the wondrous piece, ?It has never been worn Kimberly. I want you to wear it, forever.?

?I think you need to get it fixed first Sam, there?s no way to close the ends, no hooks or clasp,? she held up the ends for him to see.

Sam rolled over, straddling her hips, ?Here let me show you,? he took the necklace out of her hands. ?Pull you hair up.?

Kim reached back and pulled her damp hair up, he moved forwards holding just the ends now. Guiding them around her neck, she felt the amulet touch her skin just above the swelling of her breasts, it felt warm against her skin. His hand seemed to touch behind her neck for half a second, before fingertips were tracing the braids back around to the front. He leaned back, his bottom just brushing the tops of her thighs, he looked at her as she let her hair back down. The necklace now hung around her neck. He climbed off her and out of the bed.

He held out his hand to her, ?Let?s go see what it looks like on you.?

She let him pull her out of the bed and over to a full length mirror. He turned on a floor light next to the mirror. She went in front of the mirror as he stood behind her looking over her shoulder.

?I can?t decide which one is a better work of art. I think one makes the other perfect.?

?So I?m not perfect unless I have this on,? she goaded, elbowing him in the ribs?


?Better shut your trap Mr. Stranger or you?ll be talking to yourself,? she gave him another playful dig in the ribs.

She twisted around some looking at herself in the mirror, she held the amulet thinking of Sam, she centered the setting It seemed to pulse red around her neck twice as the gem caught the nearby light. ?Are you sure you want me to have this Sam??

He smiled at her, his eyes seemed to sparkle a brighter blue, ?There is no other person on this world I would rather have wear it than you,? he said to her. He turned and went to the edge of the bed, jumped and landed in the middle. The bed groaned under the impact of his body, the headboard hammered the wall loudly.

?Don?t break the damn thing before we even get to use it,? she laughed at him.

?There?s another one.? He patted the bed next to him, ?Let?s break this one and the other, I can afford to trash this whole place if I wanted too. Plenty of room for two here Kimberly,? he patted the place next to him again.

She reached around her neck to take off the necklace, she couldn?t tell where the ends were. There was no way it could?ve slipped around, the braids split up making the gem setting. She slipped the necklace backwards and looked at the braid, nothing, just the braid, even the little thicker parts were gone.

?Turn it back around, place the setting in your hand, and mentally ask it to come off.?

She looked at him dubiously, but did as he said. She held the setting in her hand and ask it to come off. The two end pieces fell from around her neck, swinging from her hand holding the amulet.

?How the hell,,,? she started to ask.

Sam cut off her question, ?Conditions 1 and 2 Kimberly, I?m not going to answer your questions, yet.?

?Will you tell me someday Sam,? she asked as she came over and sat on the side of the bed.

?Yes Kim.?

?Promise Sam??

?I promise Kimberly. One day I will tell you everything you want to know about me.?

?I am so glad you said that Sam, it means I will get to see you again. But you ain?t getting off easy buddy, when that day comes I?m going to have an awful lot of questions to ask you.?

She didn?t want to push her luck any farther. She sure as hell didn?t want to make him ask her to leave and she knew if she pushed him, he would. She threw curiosity out into the hallway, he could go play with his buddies doubt and indecision. She looked down at the amulet in her hand, ?So Mr. Wonderful, how do I put this magic charm back on??

?Just push the ends together.?

She laid the setting on her thigh and picked up both ends, she pushed them together. The ends fell apart, they wouldn?t join together, ?I think I broke my magic charm.?

?Try it again, but around your pretty neck this time Kim.?

So, she did. The ends joined instantly behind her neck when she pushed them together. ?Shit,? she muttered to herself. She glanced sideways at a smiling Sam, ?I think I?m going to need a notebook to jot down questions in if I hang around you too much.? She picked the amulet off her chest, she ask it to open, the ends fell free. She put the amulet behind her neck and watched as she pushed the ends together. They touched together, slightly off-centered, they straightened themselves up and joined seamlessly right before her shocked eyes. ?How the living hell do you,,,,,? She held up her hand at him as she adjusted the necklace with the other one, ?I know, I know, conditions 1 and 2.? She started to ask the necklace to open again.

?Leave it on Kim.?

She did.

?Enough of his magic show shit?, she thought, ?I?m going to show him her famous sword swallowing act?. Kim crawled up on the bed, turned around and straddled his chest, she took him inside her mouth. Her tongue licked the end of his cock as he grew bigger in her mouth, she pushed her head down, he left the back of her mouth sliding down her throat, still growing. She pulled back up, just keeping his head in her mouth, battering it with her tongue. She heard him moan her name, she pushed her lips down around his hard, stiff erection. She didn?t stop till her lips touched his body, she pushed down harder taking every possible bit of him inside her. She did a couple of slow half strokes of his cock before coming up for a breath, he was huge. She felt his hands slid up her thighs to her waist, she started moving back down on him as his hands started pulling her. ?It?s my turn big boy?, she dug her feet into his armpits, it was going to be a fight. It turned out to be an incredibly short fight on her part, he just flat out over powered her with ease. He pulled her back as he wiggled down under her, guiding one knee over a shoulder then the other one. Kim grabbed his erection, her hand slipped on her own juices, she grabbed him with the other hand also, trying to pull herself back to him. She wanted so badly to taste him, feel him gushing in her mouth, flowing down her throat.

?Sam. Please Sam,? she begged him.

?Just one more little-bitty sub-clause to go Kim, I?ll just file the others away for another time, this shouldn?t take much more than a second or two.?

He lied to her for the first time and she didn?t mind one damn bit. And, he was a full 10 story, bastard prick to her body for the next 40 minutes or so. Every time she was ready to cum, he would go to the back of an opposite thigh and start licking, kissing and nipping softly at her leg till that blissful moment to come escaped her. The he would come back to her, driving her up another wall. The first two times she had panted his name as he pushed her up the side of Mount Ecstasy with his tongue. After that, all she could do was arch her head back and try to say his name through teeth biting hard at her lower lip. His hands freely roamed her shaking body. A tongue sliding inside her, lightly using her clit as a punching bag, lips sucking, long slow licks that curled her toes, circling tongue, pushing hard at the base and flicking upwards. She had no idea how many times he pushed her to the edge, she groaned in pleasure when she reached the edge. She whimpered softly when he stopped and waited, kissing nipping thigh and then starting all over again. She reached her point of no return finally, spreading her knees wider, she ground her sex in his face, clawing hard at his hips. His tongue was inside her and she rubbed against his upturned chin to come to a shuddering orgasm. She came all over his face, she almost screamed herself hoarse yelling his name. Her body fell down on his, twitching spasmodically, he lapped at the flooding river of her cum.


She just lay dr*ped across him till her body quit shaking, her pounding heart slowed, no longer threatening to burst from her rib cage, ragged gasps became breathing. Kim?s first real thought was about whether she even dared to try and go to another level with him. He just rubbed his fingertips along her bottom and lower back, ?Oh God!?, she felt heat coming back, he was driving her crazy with pure lust for him. She snuggled her head into his wet hip, sliding her hand up the other leg, it slid wetly on his hip. He must have cummed and she had missed it! She ran her fingers back over his hip, he squirmed a little under her, she opened her eyes, lifting bloody fingers to taste him.

She kicked him in the face as she rolled off him and the bed. His hips and their sides had deep scratches, some were freely bleeding scratches, all made by her as she clawed him savagely during her orgasm.

?OH GOD, Sam! I?m so sorry,? she swiped her wet face with her other hand, it came away red with his blood.

?Looks like I?m going to have to make you cut off those claws,? he chuckled to her as he poked a finger at one of his wounds.

?Sam, I?m so sorry,? she didn?t know what else to say or do. She had wrecked his hips, both had many welts all over the tops and sides, both had deep, still bleeding scratches. She could see where some blood had flowed off, and onto the sheets.

?Please Kim, I?m OK. I suffered way worse than these baby scratches. I?m just not sure I should push you into level two without some body armor, I kind of like my heart in my chest.? He laughed at her sad face, ?It was all my fault, I made you do it. If you?ll forgive me by getting a damp wash cloth, we?ll call it even. Deal??

She turned and rushed towards the bathroom, she looked back at him over her shoulder, he was watching her, Kim ran right into the door.

?UH, Kim,? he laughed as she rubbed at her bumped nose, ?I personally find it helpful to watch where I?m going, but to each, his or her own.?

Red faced, she quickly disappeared into the bathroom. She took one of the artistically folded washcloths next to the sink, stuck it under the faucet and turned on the water. Getting the cloth soaked washed off his blood on her hands, she had blood on her left cheek. She rung out the washcloth and went back out to him first, she would come back and clean her face later. Kim knelt beside the bed, she rubbed one of the bleeding wounds, he flinched.

?Sorry Sam,? she said, ?did that hurt bad??

?No Kim, the washcloth is cold, but try daubing instead of rubbing, it is just a bit tender. But no Kim, it doesn?t hurt, I have suffered with a lot worse.?

Kim turned back and worked some more at his left hip. She was almost done when she looked back at him, he smiled at her, she half smiled back, turned back to finish this side. His hand grabbed her arm, he pulled her away from her job, his other hand took the washcloth out of hers. He pulled her closer, lifted the washcloth and started daubing at her face gently, he had to scrub slightly at some of the dried blood.

?There you go, you sort of looked like a scary, blood-soaked vampiress there for a minute.? He gave her the cloth back, acted like he fainted, moaning with a giggle, ?Nurse? Nurse, I need a kiss, I?m sinking fast. Aaargh,? he let his head lean over, she could see his damn, glowing eyes watching her under almost closed lids.

?Shoot,? she snickered. She grabbed his short brown hair, pulling his head upright, Kim rose and perched on the edge of the bed, she dropped the cold, wet washcloth on his broad chest, seeing him shiver some. She used the just emptied hand to hold and raise her left breast up, ?Just when I was going to let him suck on my magic breasts, the poor sap ups and dies on me.?

She lifted her breast, leaned her head over and licked her nipple, ?Oh well, plenty more fish in the sea where he came from,? she dropped her breast after rubbing her fingers on her hard nipple. ?Wonder if the poor goof has any money in his billfold, he doesn?t need it anymore,? she started to push away from him.

Goddammit he was fast! One instant playing dead, the next she was in his embrace, his face just inches from hers, he watched her watching him as they kissed. He fell back dragging her and their kiss with him. They parted, she pushed up from his chest, ?Sam, now I need that cold shower, I?m burning with desire for you Sam, I?m on fire Sam.?

?I?m burning for you Kimberly. I want you Kim, I need you so badly.?

Kim kissed him again, ?I guess that means it?s finally my turn.?

?I?m yours Kim, please me.?

?I?m going to show you pleasure like you have never seen before Sam,? she said as she pushed out of arms.

He grabbed her arms pulling her back to a short sharp kiss, ?You have already Kim,? he whispered in her ear.


Sam scooted over some making more room for her on the bed, Kim twisted around putting her hands on the bottom of his chest. She rubbed her hands down him, off his chest and into the hollow of his stomach. He didn?t have a six pack, his ridged tummy was a six pack of wine bottles, she rubbed a hand down the centerline as muscles stretched away. This guy had to be one really serious bodybuilder, and he had really done one hell of a job building. She felt his hand caress her back, she looked for the washcloth, finally finding a damp edge sticking out from under his back. He lifted slightly as she pulled it from under him. She went back to finish cleaning the hip she had been distracted from. He looked better, some of the welts were just barely seen red lines, he wasn?t bleeding anymore. She finished the left hip, climbed up on the bed and straddled his chest, now working on the right damage she had inflicted on him. She cleaned him carefully, gently, slowly. Her body cursed her continuously, take him it demanded to her. She ignored her own demands, and finished her task. Kim tended to her god?s wounds. Just one little speck of blood remained, she threw the washcloth to the floor between the beds. She leaned down and kissed his left hip where she had given him so many booboos. She switched to the right hip, kissed him softly there also. She leaned over, grasping his legs well below the damage she caused, she took his cock in her mouth. She tasted his sweetness and the coppery taste of the one last drop of blood left on him. She sucked him as he grew hard in her mouth. His hands, that had been caressing her back, now rubbed her with hard softness. He groaned loudly as he explored un-reached parts of her throat. She had to breath, her body forced her mouth backwards, up his cock. She left his rock hard cock in her mouth, she grabbed him with a hand, her thumb almost touched her fingers, she squeezed him hard, sliding up him helped by the wetness she left. He shook under her. His hands quit massaging her lower back, they rubbed hard on her bottom, down the outside of her hips, back to her bottom. She saw a single sparkling drop emerge from the tip of his cock as her hand reached the top, she leaned back down with her head, tongue tasting sweetness, then down, taking all of him again.

?Kimie,? he moaned as he shook again under her.

She came back up for another breath, his hands pushed hard at her butt. She folded herself trying to take him again in her mouth, he kept pushing her down his body relentlessly.

?YES! YES! YES,? she and her body screamed together!

Her hands walked down his hard, muscled legs as she raised her hips so she wouldn?t cause him more pain, centering herself over his cock. His hands pulled at her bottom spreading her, she lowered herself. ?Oh my God? she felt him there, little bitty hip thrusts, he rubbed the head of his thick cock against her. She reached back with a hand, lowered a micro-inch, she rubbed him against her. She guided him into her, lowering herself on him, hanging her head gasping. Deeper, stretching herself tightly around him, deeper! She tasted her own blood as she bit her lower lip when he filled her, she came around him. Something in her mind snapped, she became an animal of lust, nothing mattered as she shook with an orgasm she didn?t even think was possible too have, she wanted more, now! She took him.

Kim raised up, squatting on him, she dropped, feeling herself strain to try and take all of him inside her as the last racking part of her orgasm flowed around him inside her. She put her hands behind her back and clutched hard at his chest, she ground her body on his cock. She shook with pleasure. She raised, his hands on her butt helped her, she dropped herself back onto him screaming in ecstasy. She raised herself up, he thrust up with his hips lifting her. Her body locked, his didn?t, he thrust upwards as he held her up, faster the tempo increased, faster. Another string of her sanity snapped, as he thrust up she pushed back on his chest driving herself hard on him, She pulled back growling deep as he almost withdrew from her body, he came back she jammed herself back on him. They locked tempos, moving quicker together. All she could say was a guttural ?Yes Sam,? faster she said that as an orgasmic wave lifted her. Up higher, faster. She crested the monster wave, ?Sam. Sam, Sam,samsamsamsam.?

Kim couldn?t ride the crest anymore, it threw her off into space.







Kim?s knees slammed together, her pussy grabbed his cock as he tried to pull back, his cock pulsed in her, a jet of hot cum gushed inside her. She savagely jammed herself on him, her cum joined his as another gush sprayed deep inside her. Her knees knocked together, her thigh muscles just decided they were pretty damn happy doing whatever they felt like as her mind was preoccupied trying to keep her sanity. Her hips decided that was a good idea also, they all decided to go somewhere, all in different directions. Her clawing fingernails pulled from his chest as she fell off him, stupid lungs, they had forgotten to breath. She hit the bed unconscious.

She floated on a sea of a billion billion galaxies, the whole universe was below her. Just blackness above, two bright blue suns shined down on her. She basked in their wonderful glow, they came closer, they turned into his eyes. She reached out to them, her arms glowed a bright yellow, golden color.

?Kimmee,? boomed softly through the empty void of space.

The untold billions of galaxies below winked out slowly, she tried to clutch at the universe, she didn?t want to leave, ?No,? she moaned softly. The blackness turned a deep, blood red, ?No please.? The eyes slowly disappeared, all that was left was an orange glow all around, she opened her eyes. He was right there, his arms holding her, his beautiful eyes watching her.

He chuckled lightly, ?Guess you weren?t quite ready for level two.?

She cuddled him tightly, ?Is there a level three Sam,? she asked his neck?

?Yes there is Kim.?

?Will you take me there Sam??

?Yes Kimberly, one day I will, I promise.?

?Will I want too come back Sam??

?You will come back Kim, because I will be by your side, we will go and come back together.?

He pushed slowly away from her embrace sliding backwards, she crawled after him as he leaned against the headboard. She looked up, ?Fucking Jesus Christ?! Now his chest was smeared with blood where she had clawed his chest. She could clearly see four bleeding wounds from fingers and an offset bleeding one from her thumb. Its? matching inversed bleeding companions on the other side of his chest. She was ripping this poor guy to pieces.

?Sam, I am so sorry, I never done this before.?

?I?m glad it?s me Kim,? he pointed at her chest, ?I thought it was yours.?

She looked down, her breasts were also smeared with his blood from their embrace.

Kim, climbed off him and stood up, she reached down, grabbing the washcloth from the floor. She threw that one in front of the chest of drawers, she headed back to the bathroom for a new one.


She stopped and turned back.

?Watch the door this time Kim, and bring back the champagne flutes,? he chuckled at her.

?Fuck You, Sam Stranger,? she flipped a bird over her shoulder as she went into the bathroom, chuckling herself.

?I think you just did that Kimberly Collett, but if you insist, I?m willing to go again if you promise to wrap towels around your hands.?

She took a quick potty break as the sink?s water heated up. She might be ripping him up, but he was shredding her soul and she loved every moment. He was doing something to her, it was like he pulled open her chest, reached inside and pulled out a brand new Kim. She took a dab of his toothpaste gel, pushing it around her teeth and mouth with her tongue. Washed his blood off her breasts, pushed the cloth between her legs, she was sore. The only time she could ever remember being sore was her first time. She rinsed out the washcloth, grabbed her glass and drained the small amount left. She grabbed the other glass and started for the door, stopping. Smiling to herself, she took two big bath towels and dr*ped them over her shoulder, Kim went back to Sam and more.

?Ah you brought protection from my wildcat.?

?Who is going to protect me from you Sam??

?Sorry kiddo, you are your own, and I make a Bengal Tiger look like a newborn kitty.?


Kim sat down the flutes, then she sat on the bed, carefully cleaning his wounds, she kissed each one. He wasn?t Arnold Schwartsenegger big, but pretty damn close. She didn?t so much a see the smallest mole or hair anywhere, chest, shoulders or arms. She finished with his chest and decided to re-check his hips, she turned in the other direction. Her hand stopped, the scratches were gone, just some barely seen red lines were all that she could find. She turned back to him, flipping the washcloth over her shoulder.

?I don?t think I really needed to do this did I Sam??

He didn?t say a word, just smiled at her.

?Who are you Samuel Stranger? What are you Samuel Stranger??

?I?m happy Kim, for the first time in a very long time, I am happy.?

?You?re not some psycho alien from an another planet that is going to pop open my head and suck my brains out are you??

He gave her a goofy grin, ?No Kim, I?m not psycho and I quit sucking brains out long ago, they?re tough to get through a straw.? He rolled off the other side of the bed, walking over to a champagne bucket next to the TV stand and grabbed the bottle. He picked something off the chest of drawers and came back.

Kim pushed herself back into the bed as he filled the flutes, ?OH FUCK!?, he had answered everything but the part about being an alien from another planet!

He handed her a glass and tinged the rims again, ?Kim please remember conditions one and two. You are only the fourth to know, we are stranded here, many others suspect we are here, we are forced to hide from them or they would lock us away forever, test us like lab rats, kill us, dissect us.?

?What would they find Sam.?

?They would find nothing Kimberly Collett, I am as human as you are, I just have a few extra options not given to the standard models.

?I think I?ve seen and experienced some of those options. I?m not disappointed yet, just no brain sucking OK??

?I promise Kim.? He chuckled, ?And, no damn alien jokes from you either.?

?You are one aren?t you??

?Nope. If you cut me, do I not bleed??

?Yeah, you do bleed,? she poked at his hips, just a few very faint traces of the scratches were visible, ?but you sure as hell heal pretty damn fast.?

?Kim I promised to tell you one day, I will keep that promise, just not tonight, please??

?I think I?m gonna need about twenty notebooks for all the questions I am going to be asking you.?

?I promise I will answer every one.?

He took another sip and then placed the flute on the nightstand next to the bottle. Sam got up and went over to the desk light and turned it off, he parted the thick dr*pes just a few inches. The glow from the parking light security lights caused the sheers to glow softly. He came back to the bed, climbed back in, leaning against the headboard, held out his hand and opened it, his ring was in his palm, the gem flashed twice.

?Put your amulet in your hand,? he instructed her.

She did.

?Close you hand around it, think about me, I?ll tell you when to open your hand.? He closed his hand around the ring, reached over and turned off the bedside light. The room was plunged into semi-darkness, just the glow through the parted dr*pes. She could barely make him out next to her.

?At least his eyes didn?t glow in the dark, that would be way too trippy to deal with?, she thought.

?Open your hand Kim.?

She did.

The amulet in her hand and the stone in his ring of his opened palm pulsed brightly together twice, momentarily brightening the room. She closed her hand around the amulet, waited a second and then opened her hand, nothing happened. She closed her hand and thought about him, she opened her hand, her stone pulsed brightly twice, his stayed dark. He turned the bedside light back on.

?In the 70?s and early 80?s they had pieces of jewelry that were called mood rings. They were a chemically impregnated plastic polymer. Different galvanic skin temperatures caused them to change colors, it was a chemical reaction to the different skin temperatures. These are sort of like love mood stones, they only connect to their mated stone. They will only work on one person, if given to another after they have tuned themselves, they will not function. As long as I love you, mine will flash once, if you love me, mine will flash twice. Yours functions the same way.? He closed his hand, waited a second and opened his hand, his stone pulsed bright red twice. ?The brighter the flashes, the closer I am too you, the dimmer the farther away.?

?Place yours against your chest,? he waited till she did, he closed his hand for a second. He opened his palm.

Kim felt two slight pulses of heat against her skin as his stone pulsed again.

?I will feel the same response to my ring when you think of me.?

?They?re magic Sam.?

?Kim if I could take an airplane back 300 years into the past, they would burn me at the stake for being a witch. How about a plasma TV back 100 years? How about a DVD player 50 years? An I-pod 20? They are just a piece of technology, our technology. They can do some other stuff, but they are a sign of affection for us. I had this one for the person I traveled with, I was going to give it to her when we returned back home. She died before I could give it to her. I want you to have it now.?

?She?s the one that died in the plane crash??

?It wasn?t a plane Kimberly, it was our ship, it crashed due to a thunder storm and a computer malfunction in 1947, outside the town of Roswell, New Mexico. We are stranded on your world. And, we are hunted by your government.?


?You?re really a human, not just an alien in a human suit??

?Down to my DNA Kimberly, that part?s pretty complicated, one of my friends is a molecular biologist her name is Ccrsst, her mate, her husband was an exo-biologist. His name is Trassaa. My unasked mate was a exo-geologist her name was Veettaa. I?m sort of the dummy of the group, or was till I can here, I?m a communications engineer, my name is Slaammu. Now, it?s Samuel. You mustn?t mention any of this to anybody. If they find out you know of us they will hunt you too, and then use you to get to me, me to them. I?ll not even tell you their new names to protect them. We have gotten pretty good at hiding in plan sight.?

?I promise I?ll never tell a soul Sam.?

?I have just one more important question then I will say little more.?

?Does my ring lie to me?? He clutched the ring, then opened his hand, it pulsed twice.

Kim grasped the amulet, she opened her palm, it pulsed twice. ?Your ring doesn?t lie Sam, neither does my amulet.?

?I have never been as happy as I am now Kim. I want to finish mating the stones.?

?More magic Sam??

?I have no idea Kimberly, I?ve never done this before, I just know how it?s supposed to be done. Right now, even I am not sure what will happen. The stones were not supposed respond to the other without their being first mated. When you touched my hand, my ring acted like it had been mated, it has never touched the other stone. When you put on the necklace it also acted as though the stones had mated. They are not responding as they should. ?

?We?re not like going to blow up the damn planet are we??

He climbed over her hips and sat in her lap, ?Guess it would sort of defeat the whole purpose of getting the damn things if you ended up blowing your mate and yourself to pieces.?

?So we?ll be mates Sam, the locals here have other mating customs.?

Sam looked sideways at her and gave her his silly grin, ?I think I?m going to have to read up some on the local rituals Kim.? He gave her a big shit eating grin, ?But, I promise to uphold all the local customs Kimberly Collett.?

?Just don?t you forget that one Samuel Stranger, as soon as I get my notebook, I?m going to jot that one down first.? Her face turned a sad, serious look, ?When will you be coming back Sam??

?That one I have absolutely no idea on. We have to do this right, I don?t want to spend the rest of our time together running and hiding. I?ll come back as soon as I can Kim, you might have to be ready to just go when I do. To walk away, right then and there, and not look back.?

?I promise Sam, if you ask me to leave, I will go with you.?

?OK, put your fingers in your ears in case we do blow up the planet,? he center the amulet on her chest and slipped on his ring.

He gave her a peck to the lips, came back and took his time. Sam leaned back made a fist with his hand and pushed the two stones together. Nothing seemed to happen at first as she craned her neck looking down. Slowly both stones started to glow dimly. Sam reached over, keeping the stones touching and turned off the light. The glow became brighter and kept building in intensity. The darkened room started to gather a reddish hue as the stones brightened more. Soon they were glowing so brightly that they were hard to look at without squinting. Both flashed brilliantly twice, it left an after image in Kim?s eyes, they both went dark. After a few seconds the glow came back to both, like they had a light embedded in the stone, not bright but a steady, warm, red glow. Sam pulled back his hand, both kept the warm glow, she picked hers up and could see clearly through the red stone, she turned it over, just the wires holding the stone, the glow seemed to come from inside the gem. Sam crawled off her lap and stood, he walked through the dark room and into the black opening of the bathroom, her glow dimmed some. She saw his red glow from the ring come back out of the bathroom, as he walked to her the glow brightened.

?I wonder what the range is on this things, Ccrsst did warn me that they can be a bother,? he seemed to muse to himself. ?Kim, these things also work as a sort of ranging device, when they get close to their mates they start glowing. It?s to let you know that the other one is very close,? he slipped off his ring. ?Take off the amulet.?

She did as he pulled off his ring. Both the stones kept glowing softly.

?We?re going to have to make sure that we keep them hidden when we are together. That would explain why those two don?t wear theirs around much in public, be tough explaining away a glowing gem around your neck or one on your finger.? He took Kim?s necklace and his ring, placing both on the chest of drawers. ?She also said they can be a bit annoying at night when you are making love, like carrying around two red flashlights.? He reached down and picked up something from the floor, he covered the two glowing gems up with one of the washcloths she had thrown down. He went over to the dr*pes and closed the gap, the room became very, very dark. She felt him climb back into bed beside her, he pulled her back down into the bed, away from the headboard. ?I don?t want to be annoyed by anything right now. I want you Kimberly,? he whispered at her in the dark.

She purred in pleasure, she had to keep touching his arms as they touched her. It felt like he had grown about a dozen more and they were freely roaming her body, leaving wakes of fire in their passage. She squirmed in delight under the assault to her senses. She guided his head around her body, pulling him up to kiss and then pushing him to a part that desperately needed his kisses.

She had no idea how long this lasted, and she didn?t give a flying shit, she wanted this moment to last forever. He crawled between her legs, she slid the top of her feet up his legs, hooking her heels on his waist. His arms ended up above her shoulders, she slid hers up his, over his big shoulders hooking hands behind his neck. He was right above her in the dark, she could just barely make out his eyes in the darkened gloom, it was like the dream she had of him, just darkness and two dimly glowing blue suns. Using legs and arms, she pulled herself up to kiss him again, his cock slid along her wet, excited body. She hung from him as they kissed, she lowered her head and shoulders back to the bed, loosened her legs a little, tilting her hips up.

?Take me Sam.?

He did.

She pulled up as he lowered himself into her. Slowly, gently, he never took his eyes off hers till he leaned down, moaning her name quietly in an ear. Fire, on fire, on fire, heaped on fire, poured inside her, she joined him as she raked at his shoulders and back. They stayed together till the unbelievable sensation left her, he hadn?t shredded her soul, he had jammed an a-bomb under it, vaporizing it to atoms. He moved from over her and rolled on his back, she instantly rolled over to him, holding him tight a knee across his hip. She rested her head on his arm stretched behind her, and drifted happily off to sleep.


She woke up in a gloomy room clutching a pillow, ?Oh Sam that was wonderful.?

There was no response, she reached out her arm, there was no Sam either. She sat upright, ?Sam!?


She jumped out of bed, she looked around, she wasn?t in the same bed she had drifted off in. She went to the dr*pes and pulled them open, sunlight flooded into the room. Her clothes, shoes, studs, watch and handbag lay along the bottom of the bed she had went to sleep in. The bed looked like it had been a prop for ?The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?, it was wrecked, liberally peppered with wet spots, still damp and his blood, now dried. But, there was no other trace of Sam, nothing. His suitcase was gone, so where his laptop and briefcase that she had noticed, the closet was open and his suit bag was missing. Not a trace of Samuel Stranger remained, nothing.

Kim clutched herself, ?Sam why didn?t you wake me,? she moaned sadly to herself and the empty suite. She had wanted to take him to the airport or wherever he needed to go, kiss him goodbye. She went to the chest of drawers and lifted the washcloth, his ring and her necklace were gone! She searched the empty drawers, she went to the nightstand and searched there also. She flung aside her neatly stack clothes searching, tried to dump empty shoes out, she ransacked her purse, then dumped everything out on the bed, nothing! It was gone! He was gone!

?OH Sam, I?m not happy dammit,? she raged to the empty room and the world. She started crying, sobbing, he was gone. She went into the bathroom to get something to wipe her tears. Flicked on the lights and almost fainted. The amulet lay on top of a pastel blue envelope on the sink countertop. She quickly flicked off the lights and found the necklace in the semi-gloom from the half-opened door. She held the setting and thought of Sam, she almost didn?t dare open her hand, she did. The stone pulsed two flashes in the gloom. She quickly put on the necklace, pushing the setting hard against her chest, a few seconds passed, two warm pulses of heat seemed to go straight into her soaring heart. He was out there somewhere thinking of her. She twirled around like a girl just getting her very first kiss, she almost ended up on the floor when her hip smashed into the sink stan

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