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Dark Adventure

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I met Dustin at the local Rave and while he wasn’t anything special, there was something about his eyes that drew me to him, maybe it was the way they seemed to look beyond my surface and down into my soul. I was surprised when he came over and asked me to dance as I was now sweaty from dancing and a slow song began to play signaling the Club’s impending close.

“I’m a bit sweaty, you sure you want to pick this dance” I relayed sure he would shrug and walk away. “I’m very sure” was all he said with a smile that lit up his eyes, which were the richest brown I’d ever seen.

“OK, let’s go”, I smiled shyly back.

As we danced, I heard a faint sound and realized it was my heartbeat in my ears. I remember wondering if he could hear it as well. While dancing we exchanged names and a little chit-chat. In all too short a time, the song ended and Dustin released me slowly. “How about joining me for a drink down at Sam’s Pub just down the street?” he said still holding my hand.

“I don’t think my friends will let me take off with someone I just met.”

“Well, why don’t I introduce myself and I’ll leave my business card, with cell number, so that I seem like such a dark stranger” he confidently offered.

“Here they come…we can give it a try” I replied not really knowing why as it was one of our rules that we don’t let any ourselves get swept up leaving with someone none of us knows.

“Sandy, Paula, this is Dustin” I offered as they staggered a bit coming up next to me. “Hi girls, looks like you’ve been having a fine night tonight. Let me introduce myself, I’m Dustin Banks and I work at the Lincoln Electric and live just up the street from it. While I’ve only been in town about a month, I feel this is going to be home for awhile. I would very much like to invite you all up to Sam’s for a drink if you’re so inclined.”

“Sure” they chorused.

What a great idea, invite my friends so we can all get to know him. Wish I’d thought of that! So off we went like a merry band laughing while we gathered jackets and purses from our nearby booth.

We talked and as the night ended my friends we’re satisfied that I could remain with Dustin while they went home preparing for the work. After all, we only lived a few blocks away and I didn’t have to go in until noon tomorrow.

After they left, I noticed a change. Dustin’s eyes that I thought were brown were now almost black, and he was watching me intensely. “So Dustin what hours do you work?” I asked trying to break his stare. “I’m off tonight, as my job is nightshift, 9:00pm to 5:00am, six nights a week.”

“Wow, I didn’t know Lincoln had a nightshift with those hours.” I said with surprise.

“I work on the machines and they don’t want production staff in while that’s going on”

“What exactly do you do to the machines?” I asked. “Let’s just say, I’m a mechanic”, he said with a smile that didn’t quite make it to his eyes which were now almost blue. And while I registered their changing color, I didn’t seem to think anything of it; odd, but nothing about it concerned me.

“Pam, have you thought much about the dark of night? It’s sounds, brisk wind, silent streets.” He question seemed to come out of nowhere, but at the same time intrigued me. Maybe this guy was deeper than most I’d met.

“No, normally I’m needed at work by 8:00am so I don’t get to spend much time admiring the late night” He learned forward and took my hand as we left Sam’s and entered the street which did seem strangely quiet now that he’d mentioned it.

“Can I show you something before going home? It’s just beyond the Park Statute about three blocks from here” he asked all the time staring me in the eyes and rubbing the back of my hand ever so lightly.

“I suppose” was all I could say and almost tripped as we moved still locked in our gaze.

When we entered the park and neared the Stature, I felt the brisk wind and heard the shuffle of a rabbit. How funny it was that I just began to feel the night. When we arrived, Dustin showed me a statute of a fairy like creature with its stomach made as seat for two almost large enough to lay in.

As many times as I’d been by here, I had never noticed it before and by its size, I couldn’t believe that I’d missed it.

“What is it and when did it get here? I asked amazed. “It’s an old statute which reflects the creatures of the night offering travelers a place to lay and rest. Some are repelled while others embrace the revitalization it offers.” He answered while moving closer and finally sitting on the end which looked like the fairy’s hand.

“Which would you do Pam, embrace the night, or turn away?” he asked as he pulled me down next to him.

“I would embrace it”, I said without hesitation or thought. It was an automatic response which quickened my heartbeat.

“Just as I imagined you would” and with that he kissed me gently moving his tongue as to both tease and excite me. I remembered thinking I should move away, but instead moved closed into his arms.

Before I knew it, I was moaning as his hand moved into my blouse cupping my breast and circling my nipple with his nail. I didn’t know what was happening but knew that I couldn’t stop so I shut off my inner voices allowing myself to enjoy his touch and tongue.

As we moved further into the Fairy’s arms I once again looked into Dustin’s eyes which actually reflected my face letting me see the arousal etched there. When he gently removed my blouse and bra the air blew across my mounds, exciting my nipples even further.

I was now beyond worrying about being seen by anyone, but I knew that we were totally alone in the park and that being seen was the least of my concerns. All I could think of was his hand as they pushed past the waistband of my pants, rubbing my belly with his palm as the fingers moved further and further into my pants. I felt the cool air move in when his hand made the opening, and was chilled by the cold fingers as they moved down my groin and traced a path to my waiting mons. I gasped, which brought a moan from Dustin causing me to clutch him even harder to me as I knew I was reaching that point of no return, when I would fall completely into the darkness.

I felt my remaining clothes being removed, one piece by one piece, until I was totally naked in his arms in the statue’s grasp. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me, to possess me completely here in the night. As he rose to finally satisfy me, seemingly floating against the laws of gravity, I saw his eyes one last time, and they were now blood red. I felt helpless as he towered over me, but I was in no hurry to escape. His arms enveloped me a she continued to lavish kisses up and down my throat, moving down to my breasts and my fully erect nipples.

I never saw him remove any clothes, but he was totally nude and I felt the power of his arms, chest, and body as they pushed against me. It was strange to me that I could feel the power and strength, but it was odd that although I was still quite hot and sweaty from dancing, he was cool to the touch.

But my mind was shut off from any reasonable thinking, all I knew at that time was that I wanted to experience whatever gifts that Dustin would provide to me. I knew that he did not expect or desire anything from me, it was all about him giving to me……. As my head fell back in erotic pleasure, his grasp around my back allowed my crotch to rub up against his body and I could feel the wetness of my vaginal juices as they rubbed all across his crotch.

I knew there would be no problem taking him into me, I do not think I had ever been so wet in all of my life. He wasted no time once he decided it was time to stop kissing and caressing and move onto the final act. Dustin turned his hips slightly and his love tool moved into position, I lifted my leg and he entered me easily and swiftly. I felt an immediate and amazing feeling of fullness as it seems he reached further and further inside me. The fullness was strange and it felt amazingly………… cool. Nevertheless, he started his thrusts and in no time he was bringing me to orgasm with only a few stokes. And it was during that moment of pure ecstasy, in which I had no thoughts of anything, only the feeling of pure pleasure that was coursing through my body, starting at my inner thighs and tearing a path up into my brain…. And soul!!! For at that time I sensed his teeth on my neck and then soon felt their sharp points puncture my skin as he sunk his fangs deep into my juggler. My pleasurable thoughts turned to horror immediately, I thought to fight this attacker off of me, to flee for help and stop this assault. But he had entrapped me in his web far too deeply, and my moan became loud as I orgasmed again from the bite, and it was the most intense orgasm that I have ever had.

I had flashbacks from hundreds of previous orgasms, from the first time with Timmy Horton behind his parent’s barn to the college frat parties, my experiments with drugs and the orgies they drove, my first “true love” and the many masturbations in between – they seemed to combine and expand and all hit me at once as wave after wave of erotic pleasure crashed over me, from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I now knew that this was a transformation and that Dustin was not a common man. I tried to resist but my body did not react when I requested to resist, it soon became a slow surrender to the dark night that I knew I wanted to embrace.

Dustin finished his drink of my life fluid and stepped back, looking at me. I knew that I had changed but was not sure what would happen to me next. Instead of feeling weak, I felt invigorated, as if I had been given an unlimited supply of energy. It was then that I realized that he was very giving to me because he enjoyed the same pleasures that I had felt. As he drained energy from my throat for himself, he had been injecting me with his own life fluids that revitalized me!!!

Dustin had given me so very much, it seemed silly that I had ever wanted to resist!! He also gave me the power to give this to others, and each time I gave it, I would enjoy the recollection of all of my “victims” sexual memories as Dustin had enjoyed mine. I was ready to enjoy a life that comprised of nothing more than finding pleasure again and again and again. I could feel the desire in me, I had to find a new supply of energy to drive my new found passion.

I also knew that Dustin wanted me to find others… other men, other women, other couples……. Yes, this dark adventure that I was put on will keep me happy for many many years…. I wonder where Timmy Horton is living now, and if he would like a visit from an ex????

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