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I had been, with my wifes permission, trying for months to get our neighbor to respond to my advances. Last night was really fun and scarry at the same time.

I was outside around 10:00pm leaning against our vehicle smoking a cigarette, as I usually do. My wife and kids sleeping soundly inside, when our neighbor came outside. That's something she never does at this time of night.

To my surprise she saw the close of my smoke and came walking across our lawn to where I was standing.

She isn't the most attractive woman in the world, but you know how you get those thought? You know, curiousity. You just wonder what she would be like and things like that.

Well she was one of those.

Anyway, back to the story.

She walked over.

"What are you doing out this time of night?" I asked her as she walked around my truck and leaned against our van about 2 feet away.

"Just thought I'd see what's up out here. I saw you through the window there and just thought I'd be nice and say hi." She told me as she turned toward me.

"Hi." I said, sort of trying to hide myself from her view. This time of night our street is vacant and pretty dark except for a few porch light and such. I always come outside in a tshirt and boxers. This night was no exception.

"What's going on with you tonight?" She asked.

"No much. Just come out here everynight before bed and have a smoke. I am surprised you're out." I told her relaxing a little as we talked.

"Yeah, I know. I can see you sometimes when there is a moon or cars come by. You always look like you're waiting on something." She said.

"Have been for some time now. Looks like I'll have to keep waiting." I told her turning a little her way.

"What have you been waiting for?" She asked.

I figured she must be a little slow or something or just maybe wanting me to flirt a little more.

My wife had told me that she would respond if it's just me and her. She never comes around when it's just me unless she needs me to work on her car or something like that. So I figured what the heck and gave it another try.

"I think I have made it pretty clear what I've been wanting and waiting for." I told her as I slide about a foot closer to her.

"Oh my. I thought you were just kidding and were just cuttin up." She told me as I could almost see her blush in the dark.

The front of my white boxer briefs was beginning to stick out some.

"Nope, not kidding at all. My wife even told you that you could have me if you wanted to." I told her as I reached over and put my hand on her shoulder. Normally she pulls away, but this time she didn't.

"Well, I don't think my husband would like this at all." She said.

"Well, I think what he doesn't know want hurt him." I told her as I pulled her over toward me. I thought for a second that she was going to run straight home and lock the doors in fear. But, she leaned into me.

Just about then the moon came out from behind a cloud and there was no way she could miss the massive hardon poking out the front of my shorts.

"I have had thoughts but I wasn't sure." She said as I let my right hand gently brush across her right breast. Just to let her know I wasn't kiddin.

To my surprise she reached down and began to fondle my cock through my shorts.

"So I take it that you want to do something?" I asked as I reached inside her blouse and felt her bare breasts. Her nipples were hard as rocks and seemed to poke out about half and inch.

"Yes, but someone might see out here." She said as she went inside my shorts and felt my throbbing cock.

"Thats part of the fun." I told her as I pulled her blouse up and exposed her breast for whomever was watching.

We didn't realize it, but my wife had woke up and looked for me. She had looked out the window and saw us in the dark and went out the back door and sneaked around the house to about 10 feet away from us. She had a perfect view of our activities.

Just then she sank down to her knees and took the entire length of my cock into her mouth and throat. I'm a little over 8" and she seemed to have no problem with it.

Right then my cum began to fly out of my cock. I must have short a cup full but she just swallowed it all.

Once my cock was spent she stood back up and began to pull her blouse back down.

"Oh no. You're not getting off that easy." I told her as I pulled her to me and picked her up. I walked over to my truck and sat her up on the hood. Reaching up I pulled her pants down and let them fall on the driveway.

Before me was a pretty little patch of brown hair and a clit that looked as big as my thumb.

I pushed her back on her elbows and leaned over and licked her from the bottom the top of it.

Moaning she began to push herself into my face.

I could tell from her reaction that it had been sometime since she felt a mans cock in her mouth or a mans tongue on her clit.

She must have had 5 tiny orgasms before the big one hit. With it she pulled my face into her really hard and trembled on the hood of my truck.

My cock had regrouped and was hard again and I pulled her down for the hood. Turning her around I bent her over the front bumper and spred her pussy lips.

She reached behind me and grabbed my hard cock and began to pull it toward her wet hole.

"What do you want?" I asked her, knowing she wanted me to fuck her.

"I want your cock inside me." She said and with that I pushed forward and she pushed back and my cock sank into the depths of her hot pussy.

I could feel her pussy spasm on my dick and it wasn't long before I felt my second orgasm getting close.

"I'm going to cum soon." I warmed her, thinking she would make me pull it out and shoot on her or the driveway.

Instead she pushed harder back on me and trembled again.

"Cum inside me." She said.

Without another sound my cock swelled and shot stream after stream of cum deep inside her pussy.

Once finished my cock popped out and she turned around and fell against my truck. She placed her hand between her legs and let my cum run out into her palm and across her fingers. She pulled her hand to her lips and licked it clean.

"Wow." I said as I watched her.

"Wow indeed. Can we do that again sometime?" She asked as she finished cleaning her fingers off.

"Sure. It's fine with me. I will have to tell my wife though." I told her.

"Fine. Just as long as it doesn't cause a problem." She said as she pulled her pants up and snapped them.

Just then from around the van my wife walked out.

"It's not a problem at all. That was a great show and I loved watching it." She said as she kissed me.

"Now I can fuck the guy I've been wanting to fuck and not feel bad about you not getting any extra." She said as she turned and walked back toward the house.

"Cool. How about tomorrow night?" I asked our neighbor.

"I'll be here at 10." She said as she kissed me and turn and walked away.

I could taste our combined sex on her lips. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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