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Customer Serviced

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Customer Service?d

I met Ben at my workplace several years ago. He is a tall, distinguished looking gentleman, who is in great shape for being in his late 40?s, and is the President and CEO of a small company which my employer does a lot of business with. He and I talk almost daily doing a lot of coordinating since I am the go to person at my job. Since he was one of our biggest customers I have became quite familiar with Ben?s charming personality, and his subtle sexual innuendos in our conversations. Some might say his flirtatious conduct bordered on sexual harassment, but I enjoyed it very much?it excited me in some small way. In fact Ben made business visits to our company a few times a week and without fail he would always stop by my desk to flirt like a horn dog. Ben didn?t hold much back in the platitudes with plenty of sexually suggestive comments in the mix. I really found the attention kind of exhilarating, and on several occasions I actually found myself wet after his visit. Of course what woman doesn?t like to be appreciated, right!

After he left from visiting I had to remind myself that I am a very happily married woman, I knew the stirring in my loins was something that I would have to ignore. And the fact that he was married also gave me even more cause to just take all his flirting as just talk.

My husband Tom is the sweetest man a woman could love, and always wants to please me in every way. He always puts my sexual satisfaction first in our marriage. Tom and I have dabbled into the Swingers Lifestyle on several occasions, mostly just soft swing stuff. He has told me many times how he enjoys the thought of me having sex with other men and hoped that one day we could make that happen. So, I knew he wouldn?t mind me flirting a little, or possibly doing more than flirt with Ben; I knew it would be a turn-on for Tom. But, I just resigned myself to think that the teasing between Ben and I was just an innocent way to release some sexual tension and help each of us get though the tough days on the job, but last week was different.

Ben is always the one to crack the salacious jokes or send sexually explicit e-mails now and then. Some of them have even made me blush as I read them, but that little devil inside me really enjoyed the naughty side of him. Ben asked me several times to meet him at his Thursday night watering hole so he could buy me a margarita and chat. But I just brushed him off as being a flirt.

Last week was no different except I sensed a different tone to his invite. ?Please, come have a drink with me Rachel? he practically begged. I knew ?drinking? and ?chatting? was not the only thing Ben had on his mind. So I reminded him that, I was married and so was he, and that we couldn?t do that. But deep down inside me I wanted to say ?yes? to him?I found him very interesting and frankly I was sexually attracted to him from the first time we met five years ago.

That night as I drove home all I could think about was meeting Ben on Thursday; wondering if that was even possible, what would Tom think! As I walked through the front door I felt I needed to share everything with Tom. Tom and I have always been honest about our total commitment to each other and how we felt about swinging; He was all for it but I was the one who always had reservations about being with other men, therefore our sexual experiences with others have been somewhat limited.

As I entered Tom asked ?What was the matter?? He could always read me like a book and knew if I had something on my mind. I asked Tom to sit and then told him the sorted history and details of my business relationship with Ben and how his flirting had grown increasingly persistent?and how it made me feel somewhat aroused. Tom asked me if I had any romantic feelings toward Ben. ?No? I replied sharply, I just like the feeling I get when he flirts with me, I?ve actually been wet several times after his teasing. Tom was very understanding and I could tell more than a little excited from my disclosure. He said ?Rachel, I love you, and I trust you?it?s your decision?

?All Tom has ever wanted was for me to be happy and satisfied especially as we explored swinging?, but this was unchartered ground for Tom and I.

I asked Tom again?if he was sure. Tom leaned over on the couch and planted a wet French kiss on my lips and looked into my eyes, answering ?Yes, I?m very sure?. As long as you come home to me and tell me all about your night, Is it a Deal? He asked??It?s a Deal?, I said.

I was surprised by the exciting rush that instantly ran through my body sending tingling sensations all over. This would be the first time Tom and I agreed to do something like this?I was actually going to meet another man for drinks. But, deep down inside my instincts told me it would probably be more than just conversation and drinks.

The next day at work Ben called late in the afternoon, and I intercepted the call. ?Are we on for tomorrow night?? He asked in a teasing manner supposing I would give him the brush off as usual. ?Yes, we are? I said confidently smiling with excitement. ?Really! What about your husband?? ?Oh, He knows everything? I said. He told me to have a good time and come home and tell him all about our night. Ben was speechless, but finally uttered the time and place for us to meet. It was an authentic Mexican restaurant that had the reputation of great food, large drinking crowds, and hot young scantily clad waitresses which were known to allow the customers to see a nipple slip or two.

When I got home from work that night Tom asked if he could shave me and have some hot sex, he always likes my pussy to be totally smooth. I knew what he was up to, besides a hot night of sex, Tom was preparing me for the date tomorrow night, even though I had insisted Ben and I were meeting just for drinks and chatting, that?s all. Tom and I made slow love that night as we talked about the rules for my date. I was amazed by what he didn?t say; I thought he would tell me I could do anything except fuck Ben, but he didn?t. He just told me to have fun and be home by midnight. I think my love and commitment to Tom grew stronger that night as we talked, he willingly was giving me the freedom to do as I pleased, unconditionally. So now the ball was in my court.

The next day?s work was a breeze. No matter what problems I encountered all I thought about was margaritaville just hours away. I had given Ben my personal cell phone number and he sent me a brief text at 4:30 and all it said was ?Can?t wait to see you tonight Hottie!? As I drove home I called Tom to send my love, since I wouldn?t see him until midnight because he had to work late. I laid out the sexiest (naughtiest) cloths I could find?a very short pink mini skirt with a cute pink thong, and a see-thru white sleeveless blouse which left nothing to the imagination. I thought to myself that everyone at the bar was going to see my perky breasts and nipples tonight. I then jumped into the bathtub before dressing for the evening. I got all ?dolled up? as Tom likes to call it putting on the sweetest perfume and sultry eye makeup for the evening. Taking one last look in the mirror before I left, I realized I had forgotten my shoes, so I quickly slipped on my favorite platforms with five inch heels which perked up my ass so high I swear people could see up my skirt. I drove as quickly as I could and the closer I got the wetter my pussy became.

I was nervous as I arrived at the bar, but I could see Ben waiting for me near the door. He feigned to stagger when he saw my sexy outfit and commented that I looked Sooo! HOT! Ben was a real charmer; I guess that?s one of his successful business traits. But tonight I could tell he was genuine; adoring me with compliments which made me feel good.

We both had a light dinner with several drinks; mine! frozen margaritas with no salt. I don?t usually drink more than two in an evening but between the rowdy atmosphere in the bar and the music and dancing, I was working on my fifth drink in no time and getting drunk fast. Ben was a gentleman though and wasn?t taking advantage of me, except when we were slow dancing and he slipped his hand under my blouse caressing my breasts and nipples. As his hands skimmed my hard nipples I moaned rather loudly and told him I liked that, and gave him a gentle kiss on his lips. Ben and I chatted, laughed, and the night wore on we ordered three more margaritas, definitely putting me in the category of officially drunk?I could barely stand! Ben knew I had to be home in two hours so he helped me to his car since I was in no condition to drive, and took me to his beautiful townhome at a nearby lake where I could sober up a bit. I was drunk but I had enough sense to know Ben wanted to fuck me and frankly, I wanted him also.

Ben didn?t waste a moment guiding me inside and steering me toward the bedroom. We both fell into each others arms onto his large bed and all I could feel was a lust for sex. The room was spinning as Ben unbuttoned and removed my blouse. I still can hear him saying ?OMG you?re beautiful? as he exposed my breasts. I was so horny by that point I was grabbing his stiff cock through his pants but he pulled away and slowly slid his hands to my miniskirt removing it very slowly so he could savor the moment. He slowly removed my thong while taking in the sweet musk of my pussy?I was moaning with excitement as my thoughts raced back to the huge bulge in his pants.

He planted soft kisses between my thighs as he spread my legs and marveled at the wet folds of my pussy lips and told me how he had dreamed about seeing me naked. My body was beginning to quiver with excitement as I reached my way to his pants again. I unzipped and removed them as fast as I could which wasn?t easy in my condition. I was in shock when I saw the size of his bulge in his underwear and I gasped an audible ?OMG? as I freed his massive cock.

Tom?s cock is around 6 ½ inches long and fairly thick but Ben?s cock was the biggest I have ever seen up close other than in porn movies; he must have been a solid 8 ½ inches long and at least 2 inches in diameter. And he wasn?t even totally hard yet.

As he finished undressing, I laid there in awe of his manhood hanging like a horse. I grabbed his cock and began licking precum oozing off of his beautiful mushroom shaped head. Ben got harder and harder as I stroked and licked his shaft like it was a giant lollipop; it was difficult to get much of him in my mouth but I took him until I gagged. As I took a breath I told him I had no idea he was so hung and then I went back down on him like a hungry slut, sucking him fast and furious.

Ben and I 69?d on the bed and I spread my legs apart so he could lick my soaked pussy while I ravished his cock for several more minutes. I was in heaven with this stud who turned out to be a fantastic lover?kissing, licking and pleasing every inch of my body.

After about 30 minutes of foreplay Ben?s 8 ½ inch cock was hard as a rock and I knew I had to feel him inside me, I couldn?t take it any more. I pushed Him to his back and I straddled his pole, slowly lowering myself all the way down on it until I felt his cock pushing hard against my cervix. The sensation of being completely filled by his large girth was overwhelming and I quickly got into stride rocking on his cock, the smell of sex in the room was thick and I could hear the sound of his cock sloshing in and out of my pussy, it was incredible. I was moaning louder and louder with each stroke.

My husband and I usually talk dirty when we make love so it seemed natural to do the same with Ben; I told him to ?fuck me like I was his little slut?. The dirtier I talked the more aroused we both got. I could feel warmth building fast in my pussy. It took several more hard strokes and then I let loose with the most intense orgasm of my life; screaming out for him to ?Fuck me harder? as I picked up the pace and rode him like bronco; wanting to savor every inch of his manhood. I?ve never been able to cum vaginally, until that night on Ben?s cock, it was a surreal moment. His cock was so thick and long, it felt like I was riding a baseball bat, and the sensation made me explode clenching my pussy hard around his throbbing cock. ?OMG? I shouted as I continued to quiver and cum again! And then again!

Just then I felt Ben?s cock swell even larger as he groaned and called out my name, ?Rachel I?m coming!? As he blasted his cum deep into my vagina, I could feel the warmth of his cum flood me inside as he continued to pump me like a wild man, filling my entire cavity full of his sticky spunk. As Ben pulled out I brought my legs together and clenched hard to keep his cum from making a mess on the sheets.

We both laid there exhausted and totally satisfied. But, just then I glanced at the clock, and my thoughts turned to Tom waiting for me at home. ?I have to go? I said urgently as I slipped off the bed and dressed, still holding my legs tight like some kid aching to use the bathroom. Ben came over to me and gave me a wonderful French kiss and I reached down and gave his still firm cock a squeeze thanking him for a memorable night. I asked him to drive me since my car was at the bar and I was still in no condition to drive.

We arrived in my driveway at 10 minutes to midnight and I could see Tom peeking out the corner of the curtains. Ben walked me to the door just inches from where Tom was spying. ?I had a wonderful night? Ben said. ?The pleasure was mine? I said as I moved close giving him a long deep kiss. Ben responded, as I had hoped, grabbing me close, and slipping his hands under my blouse to caress my still excited nipples. I knew Tom could see every detail since he had the outside light on over top of us. As Ben turned to leave I told him I would see him tomorrow afternoon on his usual visit at work.

I slipped into the house and saw that Tom had rushed away from the window to our bedroom pretending like he hadn?t seen anything with Ben and me. As I came into the bedroom I smiled at Tom and asked if he missed me. He said ?did you have a good time Sweetie?? ?OMG Yes!? That bar was great, we should go back sometime?its wild and they make the best margaritas too. ?How was Ben?? Tom coyly asked. I had a really good time Hun, we had a little too much to drink, so He took me back to his condo to sober up a bit. As we walked through the door we headed straight for his bedroom.

I looked into Tom?s eyes, to gage his response, as I told him everything in detail. He is a really good lover I said and his cock is huge. I told Tom how Ben?s cock made me cum vaginally for the first time in my life and more than once. Tom?s cock was getting hard as a rock and wet as I told him every detail of the entire night with Ben. ?I brought home a surprise for you? I said to Tom. I can?t tell you yet what it is?It?s a surprise I said as I started kissing him to begin our own foreplay. Tom moved down to suck my breast and he said he could still smell Ben?s cologne on my body and how it made him excited. As he made his way between my legs he said he could still smell Ben?s cum too.

I suggested we move to a 69 position with Tom on the bottom. I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth as I straddled his face and felt his tongue probe my still sopping pussy?. ?MMmmmm? Tom murmured loudly as his tongue got its first taste of Ben?s cum. Just then I relaxed my clenched pussy and the huge flood of salty cum flowed into Tom?s mouth. I could hear Tom?s mouth gulping as the huge load of cum gushed out of me. Tom drank Ben?s entire load and paused to thank me for such a great gift before tonguing my clit to a hard orgasm.

Tom and I made wild love until around 3 in the morning. He asked me if we could do this again sometime with Ben or maybe even some other guys that Tom said he knew. As we agreed to repeat the night I fell fast asleep in Tom?s arms knowing how much he must love me to allow me the sexual freedom to be with another man.

The next morning I woke up to find Tom had already left for work but he left me a sweet love note on his pillow next to me?He asked if we could make one Friday night per month our special ?margarita? night. I can?t wait!

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