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Crop Circle

I wake and decided to bath in the stream, before the
sun appears at the edge of land. As I'm in navel deep
water, I wash my shoulders and slide my hands to each
breast, and enjoying the feel of my erect nipples
against each palm. My eyes are closed and head titled back
and feel my hair pooling around me, in the still of the eddy.

Slowly one hand trails a wet path back into the water
to my soft folds, and I linger there, in content
Then I hear a faint snap of a twig, and know that I am
not alone..
I slowly sink into the water only to emerge, hair
forward and fling it back over the top, with a line of
glistening water..and feel the smack of hair against
my just immersed derriere..
I make my way out of the stream and as I dry.. you hear
me say so calmly...
"Kynoderi? Is that you?" as I continue drying my breasts
on skins..

But you do not answer, for your mouth is dry and all
you can do is watch me dry my legs and the place you
wish to know......

"I know it's you!...For your stench precedes you", I
say wickedly..

With insult taken, you leap out of your hiding place. I
yipe with shock and mock terror, turn and race for the

You run and pick up the leathers, that had just
caressed my body and see only fleeing black hair with
firm buttocks and legs bounding into the dark morning
and you hear me laughing..

And you make chase..

You are amazed at how easily, I fly through the
thicket. And you hear my trailing taunts and laughter
floating back to you...

"Why do you watch me?, Does not your mother bath you?
Are you watching for lessons!!"

I break free of the thicket and stop to behold a
golden morning colour of gold soft grass, stirring in the
breeze, I stand mesmerized and you reach a point where
you can see me ad enjoy the sillhouette of my body
against the dark branches and sunlight of morning..

I turn!! My hair flying around me as a black mantel
and am shocked at how close you've gotten!!

And flee down to the field, laughing...

I reach the grass and race for the center, trying to
keep you in sight, turning my head left then right,
hair flying following motion of my turns, but to no
avail, you have disappeared!

Fearing you have fallen, I make my way back along
another path, palms out, skimming the soft tops of the
heads of grass...

You jump up and just missed my outstreatched arm. And
away I run back to the center... I turn and once again
you are gone. Standing on tip toe, can't see, then I
begin to jump up and down several times in a rotating
circle as I hunt for you..

Not knowing you are so close, lying in the grass, you
watch me jump and witness the sun between my thighs
and every time I land, it disappears up into the dark
place..and think I wish to do that.. and your organ

I hear a sound! Oh! I see you! And attempt to flee,
but, you have gotten close to grab my ankle and tumble
me down. We struggle, you grab my legs and straddle
them around your hips and succeed in pinning my arms
down along my sides.

I am breathing hard and deep and you feel my breast on
each hand gently rubbing against your thumbs and you
lift both breasts with your thumbs and you have my

I feel your organ at my entrance between the folds of
my lips and feel icefire spreading up to my
face..trembling, I lick my lips, between shallow

You are watching me breath and see my nipples rise and
fall and catch one on the next rise and tease it,then
catch the other, I close my eyes and my breath becomes
faster and shorter.. as I struggle to get away.. But I
am down for good..

You look down full length of my body and feel your
cock in the liquid fullness of my folds and twitch in
eager anticipation..

Without letting go you move your hands, along down my
arms, to my hands and in a sweeping arch you slide
them above my you lean forward, you have
entered!! Not intended! I inhale sharply and deeply,
as you push in.. and my legs grip your waist and
my heels dig in pulling you in to the hilt..

You tilt your head up and exhale sharply as you feel
the pressure, as my velvet glove surrounds you.
You kiss me passionately and I kiss you, our tongues
encircling round and searching and I breathe in the
air of your lungs, then we sharply release to take in
cool air...You thrust and my body arches to the sky
and you nip and kiss my nipples and neck and face and
Meanwhile our fingers are in a tight grip..
Then it happens...
My eyes fly open! pupils wide almost all black and I
see the last star of morning star high above your head
and then see at the fire in your eyes, as you
lose yourself, feeling my muscles pulling your cock

OHH! It is too much and I start to undulate to your
thrust, and I'm rocking my head back and forth moaning
aloud, as you grunt to the sky..

You then release my hands and quickly wrap arms around
my waist and squeeze and pull me wholly on to you..

You feel me rippling along your shaft and though you
try to make it last, you cannot help, but thrust.

I stiffen and one last thrust and I scream your
name..Ky no der eeeee!!!!! Into the morning light..and
you groan with finale release and howl with erupting
pleasure... and we cum and cum and cum, enriching the
ground below us...

Finally, we slow down and study each other's faces, as
our arms and legs are wrapped around each other...

And slowly we smile, then kiss deeply.

Later, as we climb the hill, you turn to extend you
hand, you look down as I reach for you and say to
me.."Look and see what our love has made...!"

I turn slowly and see a lovely lattice circle in the
center of the field, with thick and thin lines
traveling along and meeting at points and in the
center, a circle just big enough for
two bodies and I look back up at you...

"Yes! Our own crop circle!"...And we smile.
The End Tmptd2 copyright 2000

End of Story

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