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Cosmo Girl

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Just before lunch, my boss called me to a meeting. That was typical and I wondered if she had asked my secretary whether I had luch plans, just so she could be sure of disrupting them. Her office was small, of course ten times larger than my cubicle and was dominated by the portrait of Helen Gurley Brown. I?m a writer, always have been, and the last few years I?ve been making my living as a journalist, working for women?s magazines. It?s a good living and does just fine for me while I?m writing my novel. Last year I scored a job working for Cosmopolitan. I got the job by virtue of my connections to the publisher and apparently beat out one of my boss?s friends for the job. Every day she visits some petty humiliation on me.

The magazine has always been about sex and that?s not really a good fit for me. I mean I?ve always liked sex, but it?s definitely not a force that runs my life. My husband of four years works as a forensic accountant. I?ve always thought of him as the staid conservative one, and have always enjoyed some of the faintly shocked looks I get when I tell of the more sexually adventurous interviews I conduct for my articles. You know the type, ?My favorite 39 orgasms?

So I sat down in the office chair. The March sunlight wasn?t doing kind things to her face. When she smiled I could see a little lipstick on one yellowed incisor.

?Cocks.? She said.

I raised an eyebrow, but didn?t rise to the bait.

?You?re going to do an article on cocks. Something light, but I want good descriptions on at least ten types. I assume you know where to find some to interview??

I raised my pen form my notepad. ?I think that I have the imagination, along with the internet to find the material I need.?

?I thought your last article was a little stilted and had the feeling that you had done just that. I want to have some feeling this time, to feel that you?ve really been there. Of course if this doesn?t suit you I can always go freelance.?

I knew just how much she could hurt me if I refused the assignment. ?No problem. I can do that.?

?Good. I?ll want your interview notes and some kind of corroboration.?

I left her office, my face red with rage as well as embarrassment. Harry, my better half, would probably tell me to quit. As I sat in my cubicle, I wondered how I was going to pull this off. I started scanning the wbe sites that Sally had given me. Adultfriendfinders, & Swingerlifestyle seemed to be the most accessible and I set up profiles on both. I spent the rest of he afternoon working on an outline and headed home at five.

It was Friday evening, usually our date night and I knew who cock number one would be. We had an early dinner and I told Howard I wanted to snuggle and watch a movie in bed. He asked me about my day and I told him about my assignment.

?Cocks? How are you going to interview cocks??

I laughed and traced my finger down his leg. ?I haven?t figured it out yet. But I thought I?d start with yours.? He was wearing a robe and I delicately lifted it away. His cock lay flaccid on his thigh. I traced my finger down its back and on to his balls. They were furry and sat loosely in a bag of skin. I had never really liked balls. Cocks were ok, but I?d never gotten off to one. I was more of a tongue and fingers girl. I thought that was strange now that I thought of it. I mean cocks got off to pussies, I?d had the concrete evidence of that fill mine a few hundred times. Strange that women were designed so differently.

?Is a pussy the favorite place a cock can be?? I asked, as my finger continued its wandering. The cock was definitely responding now. I cursed myself for not getting out my measuring tape before I started, but I placed my finger against it and took a mental note as to its probable length before stimulation.

?Well, mouths are pretty good too. How are you supposed to interview other cocks? Aren?t you going to have to see them?? His cock stretched out, the rubbery glans around its head flaring. I leaned forward and touched it with my tongue.

?I wanted to just make it up, but that bitch Sally insists that I conduct actual interviews. I think I?m going to have to quit if I can?t figure it out. She wants different shapes and sizes.? I could tell he was thinking about it. His cock relaxed onto his thigh.

?So you?re not actually going to do the interviews?? He looked at me and I had a sudden flash that he was excited about it.

I smiled at him, ?Do you like the idea of my talking to other cocks?? He laughed and his cock jumped back to life.

?No.? I put my mouth around him, feeling a little drip of salt pre-cum ooze onto my tongue. ?Well, maybe. Just talking though. But I guess you?d have to see them hard. Maybe you?d have to get them hard.? I pulled him from my mouth and put my hands around his balls. They were very tight now.

I put my hand around his wet shaft and watched the glans bend as my fingers rubbed its slick hardness. ?What?s the most sensitive part??

He pointed to a little flap of skin on the underside. ?There where the skin joins.? I tickle it with my fingernail and watched it bob and then licked it.

?Yes right there.?

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