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Coming Home Early

I come home 2 days early from the business trip and enter the house
without a sound its late so I know where you are and go upstairs
and find you sleeping, your so beautiful when you sleep laying there
on your back sound asleep. I noticed that the blanket was not totally
on you and your not wearing anything to bed so I decide to wake you up
in a special way. I get undressed and approach the bed slowly I move
the blanket off you and you don’t bat an eye, then I decide to kiss my
way up your slender body I start off at your feet and start to give
you soft kisses. Just enough to make you feel them but not hard enough
to wake you totally at first. i am kissing you feet slowly moving up
kiss by kiss to your ankle and still slowly up to your knees taking
turns from one leg to the other. As I reach your knees, you seem to
be feel something as your must be thinking it’s a dream. Your hands
start to move over your body slowing massaging your full breasts as
I kiss further up your outer thigh of your right leg you instinctively
move your legs apart and I start to kiss my way towards your inner
thighs I slowly kiss all the way up to your vagina but don’t touch
it as I move my attention towards your left inner thigh and kiss my
way back down to your knee and reaching it I start t move back up
towards your waist kissing all around your waist and just above your
vagina trying to avoid your wondering hands as you reach down and
start to rub your vagina I noticed you are rubbing and that your
getting wetter by the min. kissing my way up your belly now. Its
getting harder not to wake you as your are starting to moan from
all your rubbing. O slowly kiss my way up to your full breast and
kiss the left on first softly and slowly I kiss all around the flesh
till I reach the ever so sensitive nipple and all I do if flick my
tongue over it once and your reaction is so big you rub harder and
arch your back at that point I cant avoid your hand as your reach
so fast for your breast that all you grabbed was the back of my
head and it shocked you enough to wake right up. Hello darling
I am home early. Your smile on your face tells me everything
I needed to know and your grab my head and pull me up for a deep kiss
as our tongues intertwine in the kiss. You’re moving your hands over
my back and rubbing hard and digging your nails in to it I broke off
the kiss and laid beside you on the bed resting my hand on your belly.
Did you miss me sweetie. Yes darling I have now lets finish what you started.
So I move my hand down her belly slowly till I reach the top of her
vagina and slowly I rub it and feel the wetness I rub harder as with
each rub between the lips I insert my finger in and pull it out
slowly at first as your kissing my neck and moan at the same time
I keep rub and fingering you for slowly at first and then faster
as with each time I move in deeper and deeper. I am now inserting
3 fingers in you each time as the wetter you are the more I get in
I am moving faster and faster as all of a sudden I feel your vaginal
walls start to tighten around my fingers and I move faster and faster .
then your bring your legs together catching my hand with all
4 fingers deep in your vagina and your lock your legs together
so tight that I can not move my hand at all that when I feel it
you buck up with your hips and the warmth of your orgasm lets
go your Cuming so hard the fluids are pushing there way out
and at the same time you bite down on my neck after a few minutes
like this and you biting your orgasm subsides and you let go of
my neck and start to kiss your way around to my mouth with my hand
still lock in your pussy I start to move my fingers around and
around you approach my lips and we are back into the deep kiss again.
You start to move your hips again and my hand is slowly released from
the pussy lock. Your still kissing me as your roll me back over to my
back and you climb on top of me then your break the kiss and grab me by
the throat with your right hand and grab my cock with your left behind
your back hold me down you move your hips just above my hard cock and
slowly push your way done on it your so wet and hot right now that your
have no problem with getting it in all the way . still hold me by the
throat you slowly move your hips back and forth back and forth .
Your slowly fucking. As I start to fondle your full breast I am not
able to move at all because of your hold on me and after few more
movements of your hips your decide you want me to cum and your start
to fuck me faster and faster still holding me by the throat.
All of a sudden your pussy clamps on my hard cock and your
Cumming again this time you are making me cum as well we are Cumming
together and with your orgasm subsided you got off my limb cock and started
to move up my body till your hot wet cummed filled pussy was to my face
your turned around and lowered your pussy to my awaiting lips and I started
to lick your pussy and clit your lean over and start to lick cum soaked cock
with the mix of your cum and mine on it you start to slowly suck
It and lick it till it is all cleaned up. I am lick and sucking on
your cum drenched pussy with the fluids running over my chin and
down my cheeks. You start to notice that my cock is getting hard
again and you start to suck it even more as the more you suck and
lick it the harder it is getting. And the faster I lick and suck
on your pussy. Your hips start to shudder again and here comes
another orgasm. So I lick harder and as deep as I can into your
pussy and after few more minutes like this you cum for the third time
all over my face your pushing your cum and mine out. You stop sucking me
and turn your body till were face to face you start to lick my face
taking the cum of my face and kissing me as well as your right had is
still stroking me I am so hard as your kissing me your feel my cock
start to twinge and you stop stroking for a second and move to start
sucking me again but it didn’t take long till I was Cumming again this
time you were taking it in your mouth and swallowing what you could
after I was done Cumming you came up and gave me another deep kiss
and letting what of my cum was in your mouth drop in to mine and keeping
the deep kiss till we both just curled up in each other arms and fell asleep.
Waking up the next morning with you in my arms was beautiful.

End of Story

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