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Come Over

'wanna come over?' she says... 'I've got some cold beer... You can see what
I've done.' She has been working on her house and wants me to see what she's
accomplished. She's proud that her house is looking better with all the work
she's done lately. It hadn't had much maintenance in the past several years
and has been in need of repair. I've been helping her off and on and
spurring her on to do a lot of it herself. She's been working hard and it's
really looking a lot better. She's given some rooms a fresh coat of paint
and has been redoing her hardwood floors. I'm about to sign off on the
computer at work and I tell her that via yahoo instant messenger. I hesitate
at first... I really should go home and take care of some things there and
arrive on time for a change... but she knows I can't resist a cold beer...
and other delights that she often has in store. She's a really sweet lady,
so affectionate and she loves affection herself and really appreciates
having someone pay attention to her. I've been seeing her for a few years
now and have come to have a genuine love and affection for her. She knows
I'm married... I told her that the first night we met but the events of that
evening and circumstances in our lives drove us into each others arms. I
know if I come over odds are we'll end up in bed together. I have no
complaints there cause she's an excellent lover. She is so giving and eager
to please. Shoot I would enjoy going to see her even if she didn't offer me
beer and sex lol. I arrive at her house and she meets me at the door with a
beer and a kiss. We walk through the house and we agree that it's looking a
hell of a lot better. We talk about our day and this and that... mostly
small talk. She embraces me and kisses me again and tells me how good I feel
to her as her hands and arms are moving up and down my body. I put my arms
around her and hug her tight. I lower my hand down to her ass and give it a
good squeeze. We go to her room and continue talking and we sit on the bed
and kiss. Before I know it we are lying on her bed and she's tugging at my
belt undoing it. I ask her what she's got in mind and she smiles
mischievously at me and says 'I was hoping you would fuck me' wow! What more
could any man want to hear? It doesn't take long and we are both naked....... My
cock is instantly hard as soon as she starts removing my clothes. As soon as
it's in sight she's on it caressing me with her hands and kissing and
sucking me. It feels so wonderful. She does that for several minutes and I'm
just laying there enjoying it. She grabs me by the hand and tells me 'lets
go take a shower' I want the water running over us while I suck your dick.'
Wow again, she's every mans dream come true. She's a nympho and good at it.
She's not really. She just really loves sex but I know it's only because we
have the right chemistry that she's gets so excited and uninhibited. She
hasn't been with anyone else for years. I've encouraged her to be open in
case the right person did come along. I just hope she'll keep me informed
about her progress. She thinks I'm trying to push her aside but that's not
it at all. I'm tied down and feel like I'm not being fair to her. I really
do love her. In the shower we wash each others bodies and as soon as we are
clean she's back down sucking my dick. It doesn't take long and I think
she's about to drowned. We get out and dry off and head back to her room. I
lay back on the bed and just take it all in as she's back down at my dick
devouring it. She really loves oral sex and it shows. She really does know
how to make love to a cock. She looks at it and admires it's shape and the
feel of it in her hand on her lips, tongue and in her mouth. From what she
tells me I think she's really fascinated by the male anatomy. She loves to
run her tongue all up and down the shaft and over my balls. She outlines her
lips with the head. She gently kisses it on the most sensitive spot right
below the head on the underside. I love it. I'm being passive and let her do
all the work. I know she wants me to be more aggressive in our love making
and take more initiative at first but I guess I'm just selfish at first but
I'll move in to action once she's fully warmed me up. She gets a little
antsy I guess cause I'm not doing much and positions her body so I can play
with her pussy whiles she's concentrating on my dick. That's good cause I
can enjoy the view while she's working on me and I can work on her too....... She
lets her pubic hair grow and that's the way I prefer it. It's more
attractive and erotic to me that way. I start to run my hand over her mound
of venus and play with her lips. I run a finger over clit briefly and she
ooooooohs. Hey I think she likes that. I move a digit down her slit to the
opening and I am met with silky ooze. That makes it nice cause my fingers
now moistened can easily slide up and around and her folds of vulva and in
and out of her vagina. Her body now moves with the rhythm of my fingers
moving up and down her slit. Her breath tightens each time my finger tip
touches her clit. She lays back on her back and motions to me to get in the
69 position. One thing she likes better than sucking my dick is getting her
pussy sucked. Pussy is an acquired taste. My first attempts as a teenager
were awkward and I was unsure of what I was doing and what to expect. But it
didn't take me long to learn to love it. I love to bury my face in between a
woman's legs. I love the scent, the silky texture on my tongue, and the
taste. I love that sweet silky feminine nectar. I like to start off by just
getting my nose down there and get the scent first. Nothing quite like a
pussy fresh out of the shower. I like to move my lips over her fur and then
kiss her on her little love button. Gently at first. then lower my tongue
between her lips and slide it down her slit into her honey pot then back up
and take her clit between my lips and gently suck on it and tease the end
with my tongue. I like to gently clench her vulva between my teeth and and
suck on each side of her lips. I match my lips with her lips and dip my
tongue as deep as possible into her cunt. I think I'm as fascinated by a
woman's anatomy as she is with the males. I really love making love with
this woman. she's highly orgasmic and it doesn't take long before she has
wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. She has me buried deep in her mouth. I
guess I'm about average in size for a male at 6 1/2 inches. She has no
trouble taking the full length in her mouth. Well almost no trouble. She's
very good at controlling her gag reflexes but ever once in a while it's
triggered. I try to be cognoscente at all times and not overwhelm her. She
can take me all the way into her throat and I can feel her swallow. I don't
know how she can do it. I wonder if I'm being too forceful at times when I'm
sliding in and out and hitting the back of her throat but it seems that the
more forceful I am the more excited she gets and the harder she orgasms. She
gets very loud when she orgasms also. The sensation is wonderful when I'm in
her mouth and she starts to orgasm and lets out a loud scream. The
vibrations are enough to make me want to cum. She takes a break now and then
and sucks and licks on my balls. When I feel the cool air on my dick and
feel it pressed between her cheek and my leg as she's sucking at the base
that sometimes make me feel the urge to cum also. I try to start out slow
and build her to that first wave of orgasms and then they seem to become
stronger and stronger and closer together. She lets out a gush or hot liquid
when she really begins to cum hard. We always use a pad cause if we don't
her bed will be soaked by the time we are done. This time she builds and
builds and cums harder and harder and screams louder and louder till she
gets to a point that she tries to throw me off. I have my arms around her
legs and have a good grip on her and I continue to suck and lick her pussy
till she's can't stand it any more. She shouts out 'oh please honey I want
some dick, Fuck me now' I position myself on her and slide easily in til we
are joined together at the pubic bones then I bury it a little bit deeper.
she gets her legs straight up in the air giving me the ability to get the
deepest penetration. I can feel that she stretches to take ever last bit of
me. I must be hitting the right spot cause she always tell me how wonderful
it feels. We start out slow and just grind away not moving in and out much
but just grinding and driving deeper and deeper. I feel like my dick gets a
little bit harder and reaches deeper at times. as she lets out another
scream and begins to orgasm. I can feel her vaginal sponge swell right
before she begins to orgasm and release it's fluid when she does. then I
start to pound her pussy slow and gradually build till she cums again and
again. When She seems like she's about at the point of exhaustion I go ahead
and concentrate on the feeling of my cock sliding in and out and build to
climax. When I get to that point I press as deep I can and I feel the head
of my cock swell and the first few spurts empty deep into her pussy. She's
softly moaning at this point and laughs as she knows I've cum. I ask her if
she felt that and she says 'yes... I did, Oh honey that was wonderful.' I
just slowly ride that wave to it feathers out to shore and we kiss and I
fall over to one side in peaceful bliss. I tell her that should hold her for
a week but I know in a day she'll be asking me to come over again and how
can I resist something like that?

End of Story

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