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Colleen Her Mom And Me

I have been hot for her daughter since we started dating four years ago. I never thought this would happen until it did. She had broken up with her Boy-friend and was living with us in a small one-bedroom apt. Her Mom was at work leaving us alone. We smoked some of the good stuff and both were getting horny as hell. I was bold and asked her if she was wanting some. She smiled and said what would my Mom think about that?

Secrets are best not told...I was having a carpenter hard on attack...my wood was so hard and I told her as much. She swore me to silence and pulled my man hood out of my shorts and into her mouth. GOD it felt so good. She was and is an extremely good/great cock sucker. I was enjoying it, but also wanting to spread her legs and feel her young tight pussy. I put my fingers in her pussy and it was so soaking wet. I moved down and licked her clitty like it was the last supper...Damm it was good. I let her play with my cock on her love box until I could not stand it anymore. I slid in so easy and soon found a nice rythm with her. We fucked like that for over an hour before I pulled out and squirted my load on her smallish tits.. That was the first of many encounters:)

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