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Charmed Life

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Hello! My name is Jeremy and I'm a 23-year-old college graduate who lives in Southern California. For nearly three years now, I have been dating a wonderful lady by the name of Lisa, whom I someday hope to make my bride. I consider her the absolute perfect woman for me, and my needs. She is 20 years of age and a college student at a local university.

Not only is Lisa extremely sweet and kind-hearted, but she is also stunningly beautiful. At 5-foot-9 and 120 pounds, she is trim and fit, and also has long-flowing blonde hair and pretty brown eyes. She has a sensational, curvacious figure and the sleekest, sexiest pair of long legs that I have ever seen on a female. This lady is a dream come true for me. She is everything I could ever want in a woman. I really do love her, with all of my heart and soul.


Within the past week, Lisa and I have become room-mates, in addition to our romantic relationship. I am quite happy as one should expect, because I consider this breakthrough a stepping-stone along the path to marriage. Lisa moved into my apartment with me, leaving her family for the first time in her life. Her family lives close by, though, and are always welcome to come over and visit. I get along great with both of her parents, as well as her brother and sister (both of whom, by the way, are a bit younger than Lisa).

Anyway, since she has moved in with me, sexual activity between Lisa and myself is at an all-time high. She has lived here for five days thus far, and not one day has gone by where the two of us have not made love together. I can guarantee you that I am not one to complain about this. I still have to pinch myself sometimes. How in the could *I*

have found someone so spectacular, in both body and spirit?

Needless to say, before meeting Lisa, I "struck out" too often. Not all the time, but enough... much more than one would like. So I really believe that I'm leading a charmed life these days, with someone so exquisite (Lisa) beside me along each and every step of the way. Lisa is the type of woman who could have her pick of any man. But she chose me.

Either my life is charmed, or I'm a lot more desirous than I think I am. Trust me... my life is charmed.

To share a recent experience (I just love to type), I'll take you, the reader, back in time a few nights. It was a lazy, quiet Friday evening. Lisa told me earlier that she was too tired to go out and catch a movie and some dinner, so we stayed home that evening. I was camped on the sofa in the living room watching television for most of the night.

Lisa was in and out. Sometimes she would watch television with me; other times, she was milling around the apartment, doing things. I'm not really sure exactly what.

I had not seen or heard from Lisa in nearly an hour when she spoke behind me, "Jeremy, I'm going to take a shower."

Laying on the sofa, I could not see her behind me. I just heard her statement, and replied in a leisurely tone.

"Okay sweetheart, take your time." Then, I focused back on the television screen. Pre-season basketball was on!

Several seconds, at least five, went by until Lisa spoke up again. "Would you care to join me in the shower?"

My eyebrows raised at the sexy, sultry tone of voice she had just used. Would I care to join her? Would I ever!

Quickly, I sat up on the sofa and looked at her. I had to suppress a lustrous smile... Lisa was standing at the beginning of the hallway, completely, gloriously nude!

"Last one in the tub's a rotten egg!" she giggled, before darting off down the hallway.

I couldn't help but to laugh now, while turning off the television via remote control and getting up myself. This wouldn't be the first time Lisa and I had taken a shower together. But it's still very exciting for me, just to even think about... let alone actually do.

Once in the main hallway, I could already hear the shower running in the restroom. I took my shirt off and dropped it upon the floor along the way, then went into the restroom and found Lisa in the shower herself. She had the foggy glass door closed, but giggled and waved at me anyway.

Within seconds, I was completely nude as well, ripping off all remaining clothes and tossing them onto the floor.

I then opened the sliding glass door far enough so I could step into the shower, then closed it behind me.

It took me a few seconds to adjust to the hot water which shot down onto me from above, especially since I was used to the cool air conditioning which had been blasting all day.

But before I could think much about that, Lisa was in front of me, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and pressing her full breasts hard against my chest. I slipped my arms around her as well, and then her mouth found mine for a deep and loving kiss.

Getting frisky in the shower is one of Lisa's favorite activities. I never really gave much thought to the idea until she suggested it to me, a few years ago. Since, it has become one of my favorite activities as well.

The hot shower water was shooting down onto her shoulders and back, but I could still feel it hitting my body too. It is very erotic to do this sort of thing in the shower... I can definitely attest to that.

I moaned against our shared kiss once Lisa slipped a hand between our pressed bodies, and found my cock. Her long, sleek fingers encircled it, and offered a firm squeeze. I moaned again, and this time, I watched as Lisa's brown eyes opened and looked directly into mine. There was a sparkle in her pretty eyes, and she even giggled through the kiss upon giving my shaft another squeeze.

Her long blonde hair was already soaked, so I gathered a clump of it with my right hand and pressed it against her back while increasing the ferocity of our kiss. My tongue dove deep into her mouth, wanting to taste its sweetness.

Lisa's tender hand continued pumping my cock as our tongues swirled and twirled around together, in a mixture of love and passion. The thick steam which had engulfed the entire restroom was not solely because of the hot water. (!)

I felt a washcloth against my shoulder, and broke the kiss to look down and notice Lisa holding it there. Her hand was no longer on my enlarged cock. I then looked into her eyes, and she offered me her patented flirty smile.

"How about giving me a washdown, Jeremy?"

My eyes opened wide at her request.

"What?" she laughed, in a teasing voice. "What did you think? I called you into the shower just for SEX?"

I had to laugh at her tone of voice. She was trying to be cute, and was successful in her attempt. "No, Lisa," I replied through a smile. "No, of course not. Sure, let me soap you up, and I'll be happy to wash you."

Lisa gave me a humorous, sneery grin before turning her back to me. She gathered her long blonde hair and placed it over her left shoulder, so it hung down in front. This way, I had full access to her back, and did not have to worry about her long, beautiful hair getting in the way.

I got some liquid soap from its container and began to spread it all across her back and shoulders. The water was now beating down onto her flat stomach, and I watched and heard her moan while spreading the gooey gold liquid into her soft skin. Eyes shut, she arched her head back slightly and let out another moan. I could tell that Lisa was truly enjoying herself at this moment in time.

She squealed and grinned as I placed the washcloth upon her back and began to slide it around, working the soap into her pores. Her eyes opened and she looked back at me, then offered a big smile as I rubbed and caressed her back with the washcloth. I pecked her lips with a quick kiss and then nuzzled my face against her neck, my hand in constant motion.

Needless to say, my erection was at full strength now.

And Lisa was making me even more excited, playfully jutting her bottom back against my shaft in a continual manner.

Once her back was completely lathered up with the soap, I slid both hands down to her hips, the washcloth in one of them. This time, I pressed myself hard against her bottom, my enlarged cock trapped between us. I slid the washcloth around her hips, my mouth busy kissing her ear and cheek.

My shaft still pressing hard against her bottom, I moved both hands up and encircled her breasts with my palms, the cloth still in one of them. I cupped and squeezed her large breasts, and then she squealed as I slid the soapy washcloth through her ample cleavage. Her hands soon covered mine, and all four moved in sexual unison as I squeezed and rotated her luscious breasts.

"You like this?" I whispered in her ear.

"Hmmmm," she purred, nodding her head in the affirmative.

"I love you, sweetheart," I said, kissing her neck.

"I love you too, Jeremy," she responded in kind.

"I'll always love you," I added, emphasizing the point.

"Always and forever, I'll love you, honey."

Lisa moaned and turned around, then kissed me again. The shooting water was now centered on her back again, and it rinsed her skin free of all the thick soap as we kissed. I dropped the washcloth, then cupped and squeezed her rounded, firm bottom with both hands. She sighed against me in response, but continued forth with the kiss.

Not for long, though.

Seconds later, Lisa broke the kiss and then took a page out of my book, planting several kisses along my neck and shoulders. I do that to her quite often.

I ran my fingers through her wet hair, watching the water shoot down onto her upper back and neck as she kissed me. I massaged her scalp, rubbing and digging my fingers against it. Then, I felt her right hand enclose around my enlarged shaft once again. I sighed and cupped her head in response.

Suddenly, I found the hot water beating down onto my own stomach. I looked down and noticed that Lisa was now on her knees, her hand busy pumping away at my cock. I sighed as my body shivered in lust, and I had to hold onto the nearby towel rack just not to fall over, and keep my balance.

The shower water slid down my frontside, over and past my cock, but that did not stop Lisa from giving me yet another splendid offering of fellatio. Her lips wrapped themseleves around my pulsating cock, and then her head started bobbing back and forth, like a swinging pendulam.

I still held onto the nearby metal rack, not wanting to become too lightheaded and subsequentially lose my balance.

Lisa simply loves to give blowjobs to me. There is no doubt about that, either. And there is also no doubt, in my mind at least, that she is the absolute best when it comes to giving head. Certainly, I have not had any better.

I arched my head way back and let out a loud sigh as she continued her expert oral work. Her tongue and lips, along with the added stimulation of hot shower water coarsing over my shaft, brought a quick and unexpected orgasm.

Lisa momentarily gagged as the first cum-shot erupted from my shaft, certainly not expecting one quite yet either.

But she quickly adjusted, and started guzzling my cream down her willing, greedy throat. The cum spurts eventually grew weaker and weaker from me, but her head kept bobbing back and forth, much like a machine. Her mouth is very much like a machine... a blowjob machine. Lisa can just keep sucking, on and on if she wants, and never become bored.

She quit, however, and looked up at me with a saucy, sexy expression. That sight started another erection for me.

I reached down and grabbed her shoulders, then pulled her up into a standing position. Then, I embraced her and once again, offered a deep and passionate kiss. I was very hungry for what her mouth had to offer. Lisa could give me a blowjob from now until the end of time. Me, I could kiss her mouth forever, and never become complacent or bored.

I was very content with this specific kiss, but Lisa had her hands on my shoulders, gently pushing me away. That broke the kiss and then she pushed down on my shoulders, making me drop to my knees. Then, Lisa brought one leg up and placed her foot upon the edge of the tub, and gave me a heated expression. I knew what she wanted.

The hot water beat down upon her back as I moved my face between her outstretched thighs. I spread her tiny slit with fingers from each hand, then started lapping away.

Lisa's body tensed and she moaned as I feasted upon her delicious treasure box. I kept one hand in close, and used it in unison with my lips and tongue, sliding a finger in and out of her. My other hand was on her bottom, gently squeezing and pinching its supple, tight flesh.

Eating Lisa, I could already tell that she was wet...

and it wasn't because of the water. I could taste her own love juice, slowly seaping out as I licked away at her slit.

I wanted to make her explode, though... just as she had made me explode earlier.

So, I increased the tempo, and really began to work on her pleasure cove with my mouth and finger. Lisa cried and shrieked in passion above me, and almost lost her balance.

She had to grab onto the same towel rack that I had used, and it helped maintain her footing.

I really had Lisa rocking in passion and lust, my mouth giving its best effort to please her. Thus, I was quite surprised when Lisa suddenly opened the shower door and quickly stepped out.

I had to collect my senses for an instant before looking out at her. She already had a towel in hand, and was drying herself off at a maddening, furious pace. "Let's play hide and go seek!" she exclaimed, like a small child. "If you can find me, I'll give you a surprise!" With those words, Lisa dropped the towel and darted out of the restroom.

Hide and go seek? She was being playful now, and I had to laugh outloud while replaying her statements in my mind.

I already knew what that "surprise" would be. It was a special place where my cock enjoyed being inserted into.

I turned off the shower water and stepped out of the tub, and then gave myself a quick rubdown with a towel as well.

I dried myself off more than Lisa did herself, though.

My next move was to exit the restroom. I walked over to the bedroom and glanced inside, but did not see Lisa. It was the natural place to look first. Then, I went to the laundry room and looked there. Again, no sight of her.

"Where are you, my little sex toy?" I called out, in a teasing voice, while walking toward the living room. "I want to claim that special surprise you promised me. Where are you?" She wasn't in the living room or the dining room.

I looked in the kitchen, and she wasn't there, either. I checked the two side closets. Nothing.

Having given a look to every room, I went back to the restroom and felt for a wet spot on the carpeted floor.

Lisa had not did a good job drying herself off. I found a wet spot, and followed its trail to the bedroom. Ahh, she was here. I should have SEARCHED it earlier, I thought.

Sure enough, Lisa playfully screamed and giggled once I found her laying on the floor, on the other side of the bed.

"I want that surprise!" I said in a forceful but playful voice, pulling her up to me. Gently, I pushed her down to the bed, onto her back. Then I got onto the bed, on my knees, and positioned myself between her widespread thighs.

Suddenly however, it seemed, Lisa changed her mind.

"I want to be on top," she said, rolling out from under me. "You can be on the bottom this time."

It didn't matter to me.

I let her position me flat on my back, upon the bed, and then she straddled my hips, her slit hovering just over my bulging cock. Lisa moaned and sighed in pleasure as she lowered herself to my shaft, it sliding deep up into her.

Once firmly implanted in her, I reached up and found her hands with my own, and grasped them tightly.

The expression upon Lisa's beautiful face tightened as she started to bounce up and down upon my erection. I held her hands firmly, and she did the same to mine, as we tried to catch a rhythm together. I ground my hips in a constant circle as Lisa continued bouncing, wanting to create as much movement and excite as possible.

Lisa squealed and cried in lust as she started bouncing faster. It truly was a beautiful sight, to see her face awash with passion, her breasts hopping and romping about wildly, her wet hair flying, as my hard cock filled her up.

Still grasping my hands, Lisa brought her own hands to my chest and leaned against it for support as she continued impaling herself upon my shaft. I still rotated my hips, and occasionaly jutted them upward, which always brought her a quick jolt of erotic pleasure. We had caught a rhythm.

"Let go," Lisa breathed, still bouncing. I complied, releasing her hands. She responded by placing her hands underneath my arms and then my shoulders, and bringing me up into a seated position. Lisa embraced my body with her arms and wrapped her long legs around my waist, but still managed to keep my shaft inside her the whole time.

In this position, both of us sitting up, our faces were directly in line with one another. This gave us the chance to share another kiss. Of course, we took that opportunity.

As Lisa continued her bouncing action, I reached downward and roughly gripped her bottom. Using my strength, I made her bounce even faster, which only increased the already heated passion between us.

When Lisa screamed against our shared kiss, I knew that her orgasm was imminent. I waited a few seconds for her explosion to commense. When it did, I let myself go as well.

Both of us writhed together in mutual climax, clutching and embracing each other very tightly. I now had one hand on her back and the other upon her bottom, squeezing it very gently and soothingly. Both of Lisa's arms were around my shoulders and neck, hugging me like a prized posession.

My mind in a daze and sapped of most of my strength, I pulled my mouth away from hers and let out a warm, contented sigh. Lisa sighed as well, and then gave me a soft kiss.

"I love you, Jeremy."

I smiled at her. "I love you too, sweetheart. Now...

and forever." We embraced again, but this time slowly went down to the mattress and rolled onto our sides, facing each other. It was time for a much needed rest!

After regaining our strength, Lisa and I got up and went back to the restroom, and actually took a real and complete shower. We started one earlier, kind of, and just finished it off. I washed her hair, which I really enjoy doing, and then she washed mine. Afterwards, Lisa and I dried off and then had a snack, before heading off to bed... where the two of us made love together, again.


I'm happier than any person has a right to be. Lisa and I are living together, and I have plans of her marrying her one day very soon. That goal is very attainable. And best of all, she loves me just as much as I love her.

I really do lead a charmed life.

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