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Charlottes Erotic Diary - Part 1- The Picnic

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I was at a yard sale looking through a box of junk when an old leather-covered book caught my attention. There was nothing special about the book that made it stand out. It looked plain, brown and boring, so I haggled it down to a dime and took it home.

A solid lock protected its contents and the key was absent, so I spent an hour picking the lock before it finally sprung open.

Three words were scribbled on the first page in elegant calligraphic style:

?Charlotte?s private diary.?

The book still didn?t look too interesting, but I casually opened its middle pages to take a quick peek and was surprised to find the diary written in a vivid, story-telling manner. It peeked my curiosity, and eagerly I started reading the story:

11th day in May of 1868 ? The picnic

?Oh Charlotte, isn?t he gorgeous,? Mrs. Bethany Frill said breathily.

Her blue eyes seemed glued to the tall, muscular body of Mr. Graham Crowe.

I shrugged and laid back in the flourishing green grass, lazily observing the gentleman as he was engaged in a game of croquet, apparently not at all bothered by the fact that all his opponents were women just vying for his attention.

?I wonder...? Bethany whispered and then she turned red as her glance went to the subtle bulge in his white pants. Quickly she withdrew her look from his crotch with a giggle.

?Wonder about his cock?? I blurted out and she gasped as if she was mortified to hear me address the name of his member out loud.

I peered at the virile Mr. Crowe, trying to put my finger on what exactly was so attractive about him. His white trousers were baggy at the waist then narrowed as they continued down his long legs. Underneath his long navy-blue coat he was wearing a black vest, and at his narrow waistband I could see a golden chain that was linking to his pocket watch.

He had to be well over six feet tall. His head was covered with thick black hair which fell softly down to his broad shoulder blades, and when he laughed, little wrinkles appeared in the corner of his dark brown eyes and it was as if his entire face transformed from a slightly stern and reserved look to a warm and friendly appearance.

?Do you mind if I go for a walk,? I asked and Bethany just waved me off. I fluffed my skirts and walked until I found a quiet corner, where I could barely hear the cackling from the picnic group, yet if I strained my eye I could still see them. I leaned my back against a solid tree trunk, not at all worried about ripping my skirts or getting them dirty. I was already causing scandals around town by not confining my perky breasts to a corset and for refusing to wear hoops and a thousand skirts, even though it was a million degrees outside.

?Hello milady.?

I heard a deep, friendly voice and looked up to find it belonged to Mr. Crowe himself.

?Tired of the cock teases?? I said dryly, expecting a look of disgust to spread across his face from my blunt statement. Instead he burst into a big smile, and I drew a deep breath as he approached me. He was taller than I remembered, and I had to tilt my head to look at his face.

?I heard about you,? he said.

?I bet you did,? I muttered. His deep voice made my crotch damp, and I hated the effect he had on me.

I refused to like this man.

His big hands appeared out of nowhere and landed firmly on my waist, wandering up my sides till they touched my curvy breasts. My nipples immediately sprung to life as the palm of his hands brushed against them.

?Traitors,? I mumbled. He laughed and bent down to suck a nipple through the fabric in my dress. Eagerly he pressed his crotch against my stomach and the bulge in his trousers had grown significantly larger.

Boldly my hands flew down to his erection, where my fingers started tracing the contours of his manhood through his soft pants. With a groan he tore his waistband off and I helped him free his cock, which eagerly sprung forth, leaning stiff and throbbing against my stomach.

Without hesitation he pulled my skirts up and removed my undergarments. His strong arms lifted me up so my vagina was at the same height as his erection before he sandwiched me against the tree trunk and I clasped my legs around his back as his massive cock slowly started impaling me.

His soft lips captured mine and I opened my mouth to let his tongue invade. Impatiently I stretched my own tongue out to meet him, moaning into his mouth as I felt the head of his cock butting against the back wall inside my cunt. He slipped back out, and by now his rod was glistening wet and slick enough for him to pick up the pace. With long, grand strokes he started thrusting his cock in and out of my tight snatch and I tightened my legs around his waist to make him go faster.

My breathing picked up the pace and I tossed my head back, detaching from his lips and wailing as my quivering pussy tightened up around his cock. When he felt my cunt grasping his cock in a firm, velvet grip he started grunting while executing a last, deep thrust before he started convulsing, launching long, thick streams of cum into my slit.

Heaving and breathing we sunk to the ground in one big tangle of skirts, trousers and naked bodies. His member abandoned my pussy, leaving me empty and hollow and I immediately missed having him in me.

?They could catch us any minute,? I reminded him as he started unbuttoning my satin dress, eager to expose my soft, white breasts and hard, dark nipples.

?I know,? he grinned.

?I?ve missed you,? I admitted.

His brown eyes stared into mine as our lips merged. Without breaking eye contact he pried my mouth open with his tongue, which he penetrated deep into my mouth, only to have me chase him back, and our tongues embraced under the rooftop of his mouth.

My breasts were finally set free and I shuddered as the cool spring air swept across them.

I started undoing his buttons, eager to feel his soft chest hairs against my naked bosom.

I broke lip contact and pushed him over on his back, letting my tongue slither down his neck, making its way down his chest and flat stomach until I reached my destination, which once again had grown hard.

His erection was massive and it was impossible to fit his entire length in my mouth. I did my best and plunged over half his cock in between my lips. His wild moaning turned me on and I moved my body on top of his to give him access to my pink delight while I worked his cock. His tongue danced across my clit, flicking it teasingly. As he started nibbling on it with his teeth while sinking three fingers into my cunt, my body started shaking and for the second time he brought me to a gorgeous orgasm.

My pussy clamped up, capturing his fingers inside me while bathing them in my sweet river that was flowing down my love channel, where his thirsty tongue was lapping it up.

Meanwhile I was preying on his cock. I whipped the tip of my tongue across the head of his erection before I lowered my mouth, slowly taking his cock in until it hit the tight backend of my throat. My fingers kept stroking his balls, occasionally tugging them gently. When he was about to cum, I spit his cock out and turned around, playfully hovering over his cock with my dripping cunt.

?I missed you too,? he breathed as I dipped down on to his cock-head. I dismounted him entirely then lowered my crotch again until I felt his swollen mushroom head parting my nether lips and froze in position for a moment. Frustrated he tried raising his hips to push inside me but I snickered and pulled away, sliding my wet crotch back and forth, thoroughly moistening his rod before I put it back in position and went down on him.

?God,? he gasped as his big cock filled me up.

?They all want this,? I panted as I elevated my body again just to plummet back down along his throbbing manhood. As I rode him he kept thrusting his hips against my pelvic bone, bringing me painfully close to climax. He listened for my breath to come in short, loud bursts and seconds before I came he pulled his cock out of my pussy and flipped me over.

?Cock tease,? he wheezed and slid his cock back and forth, massaging my bursting clit and the outside of my cunt. I grit my teeth and cussed as I felt his manhood partially penetrate my pussy. With a grin he withdrew his cock and pulled out of me, but had pushed himself too far.

?Shit,? he grunted and I moaned his praise as he slid his full member into my waiting cunt.

While fucking, I heard footsteps approaching.

?Someone?s coming,? I panted.

?I can?t stop,? he panted as he rocked his cock in and out.

?Good,? I whimpered, as my cunt was ready to blow I lifted my head just in time to see the terrified expression on Lady Bethany?s face and that?s when my cunt erupted.

?Oh lord,? I screamed, shaking and gasping, flinging my legs around his ass, forcing him as deep into me as he could possibly reach to make this earth shattering orgasm last forever.

His cock hardened inside me and was about to blow its load.

?Cum in my mouth,? I gasped. Quickly he pulled his glistening staff out of my trembling pussy and shoved it into my mouth just in time to shoot thick warm ropes of cum down my throat. I clamped my lips around him, eagerly sucking him off as he showered my tongue with his salty cream. I shuddered from pleasure, listening to his staccato breathing and loud stuttering grunts, until he launched one last round and retreated.

I peeked up at Lady Bethany and watched her spin around and flee.

?Our secret love affair is out,? I informed him while we got dressed.

?I don?t care,? he shrugged.

?They think I?m a slut already anyway,? I sighed.

?I know you?re not,? he smiled. ?I was the one who??

??popped my cherry,? I grinned.

Just the thought of it made me wet again.

?Oh Charlotte, you?re a cock machine,? he teased me and pinched my hard nipple.

?Let?s go back and face the music,? I said. ?Gentleman Graham Crowe seduced and fucked by Charlotte the maid.?

He stopped and held me back for a moment.

?Is that why you wanted to keep us a secret this whole time?? he asked. ?Social status??

I tried to stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks, but angrily I had to wipe some away.

?I?ll worry about my own reputation,? he smiled and demonstratively he put his arm round my waist.

The party was surprisingly calm when we returned, and I realized that Lady Bethany had kept the incident to herself. She desperately tried avoiding eye contact with me but her cheeks were burning and she kept glancing over at Mr. Crowe?s groin. With a grin I realized that watching us fuck had made her horny, and she was aching to tame the fire between her legs.

Mr. Crowe?s arm was still around my waist. I sat down in the grass and he separated from me, only to return moments later with a blanket and put it across our laps.

?You don?t have to,? I whispered. ?She kept quiet.?

?Darling Charlotte, I want your company,? he smiled and his hand groped my leg underneath the blanket.

?They better get used to seeing us together,? he said and my face lit up in a big smile at his statement.

?Thank you,? I mumbled.

I felt my pussy juice flooding my cunt again as his probing fingers kept caressing my body through my dress.

?You slut,? he grinned as the dampness emerged from my crotch.

I looked around the picnic area, casually observing the various groups of people scattered across the lawn.

?I dare you?? My voice was trembling at the thought of my upcoming suggestion.

??to let me jerk you off right here under this blanket.?

He gasped and his cock immediately sprung to life in his trousers, eagerly letting me know that it approved of my bold idea.

?He agrees,? I said while squeezing his erection through his pants.

?He would,? Mr. Crowe mumbled but didn?t seem opposed to the idea himself.

Seductively I ran my hand up to his waistline, where I slipped my hand down his pants and fished his cock out. The only thing between him and everyone around us was a thin blanket and it was sexy as hell.

?God you?re beautiful,? I sighed and reached out for his member.

His attempted laughter came out in the form of a guttural groan as I leisurely started moving my hand up and down in long, slow strokes. I retreated for a short moment to moisten my hand in the wetness between my thighs. Returning my slick, wet hand to his cock I was able to smoothly pick up the pace, but I didn?t jerk him too fast because I wanted to torture him for a while.

?Shit Charlotte,? he shuddered as I let my fingers play in his emerging cum pearls, and I tightened my hand around his head, squeezing it tight before I slid my hand down to his big balls and started rolling them around between my fingers.

My other hand felt sadly unoccupied and with a swift gesture I pulled my skirts up and started finger-fucking myself. A moan left my throat as Mr. Crowe?s big hand replaced mine down there, and I looked up into his dark mischievous eyes.

?I can play too,? he grinned as he dipped a finger into my wet snatch, causing all the energy in my body to rush to the tip of my straining clit. With his ring finger lingering in my cunt he stretched another finger out to rub my clit. He almost brought me over the edge, then he abandoned me and to punish him I slid my hand faster up and down his throbbing dick, interchangeably letting my fingers play with the tip of his cock, and the root of his tulip.

?Oh god,? he wheezed and returned his hand to my pussy. His fingers jetted in and out of my aching slit while my hand was rapidly gliding along his tall, pulsing erection.

I felt his cock-head swelling and starting to pulse just as my own lust was starting to peak.

?Mr. Crowe, care to play some croquet??

The voice came out of nowhere and we both stopped our hand motions under the blanket, both in pain and unable to move an inch without exploding.

I froze in position as I felt a few drops of his spud trickle out between my fingers.

We looked up at the female intruder. Her blue eyes peered curiously down at me and I hoped it wasn?t obvious to the whole world that I was sitting there with his bursting cock between my fingers.

Mixed emotions of disappointment and envy flew across her face as she turned around and walked away.

?Now,? he gasped and plunged his fingers into my wetness while I rapidly jerked his cock a couple of times and we both tensed up as we finally reached our much-desired releases. I bit into the blanket, frantically fighting an urge to scream while trying to sit still as my pussy violently constricted around his long fingers. A last wave ripped through my body just as his engorged cock started pulsing again. Desperately he chewed on his fist to stifle his sex groans as he exploded into the palm of my hand, quickly filling it up with cum until it started forcing its way out between my fingers.

?That?s it baby,? I purred as his hips involuntarily jolted against my hand, releasing another few squirts of cream while he sighed in relief. I lifted my sticky, cum-covered hand up to my mouth, licking it clean with great pleasure before I stuffed his flaccid cock back into his trousers.

I hoped we hadn?t made a mess on our clothes.



?I love you.?

I turned my head and our eyes locked. I saw in his gaze that he had meant what he said.

?I love you,? I replied. Tears welled up in my eyes, threatening to plummet over the edge and Mr. Crowe looked a bit misty eyed as well.

?I?ll see you at the masquerade,? he said and right there in public, he kissed me softly on the mouth. I savored the taste of his lips against mine and nodded quietly.

?The masquerade,? I repeated.

It was sad to say goodbye to him, but I was happy to know that we would meet again in a week.

And? we had finally exchanged those three magic words.

(End diary excerpt)

After the story ended, I had tears in my eyes and my sex was wet and aching for release.

I was anxious to read forward, but decided to jump back to the beginning and read about their past encounters.

?Imagine that,? I mumbled to myself. ?An erotic vintage diary.?

I was ecstatic to have ended up with an ancient erotic treasure in-between all my yard sale junk, knowing it would provide hours of good entertainment.

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