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Chapter 9 - Questions Asked and Answered

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On Monday morning the sun rose and began to filter through the mini blinds in Jon and Lacey’s bedroom. Both of them were tired but slowly woke up and began to regain their senses. They looked at one another and smiled before they kissed. Jon then put a foot on the floor and was about to get out of bed when Lacey stopped him by grabbing his left shoulder. Jon turned to look at her, she was a vision, a true Goddess.

For a brief moment he stared at her as her hair was amiss and the blanket was tucked under her beautiful boobs leaving them exposed for Jon to admire. Lacey then broke the silence and said “I have to ask you a question, please give me an honest answer”. Jon nodded his head signifying he would do just that so Lacey continued, “Do you think I’m a slut because of what has been going on with Ron and then that other guy in the other boat”? Jon smiled and pulled her close for a kiss before he answered, “I do not think you are a slut, I think you are one hot woman. I truly enjoy what as been happening with Ron, I will never be able to put it into words how hot it is to have you please us together”. “And for as what happened with that other guy on the lake, that was smoking hot. To see you please a stranger and watch him enjoy your favors, well that made me cum gallons and look at how many times I did cum yesterday before that even happened”.

Then Jon said it was his turn to ask a question, “Do you enjoy our threesomes”? Lacey said “Yes, but maybe not as often as you do. But when I am in the mood I think they are awesome”. Jon smiled and asked another question, “What about the stranger in the boat”? Lacey blushed and looked away from Jon and hesitated before Jon prompted her as he reminded her that they have become very open in their communication and no matter how hard it may be to say, she should give an honest answer. Still looking away from Jon, Lacey answered “I thought it was amazing, couldn’t believe I did it, but loved it while I was doing it and even now that I have had time to think about it”. Then she looked up at Jon and saw that sassy but glowing face, the one he gets when he is thinking dirty. She then said “Let’s not make a habit out of me sucking stranger’s cocks”. Jon smiled and said “Okay, we won’t make it a habit”.

Then Jon reached over and started playing with Lacey’s tits and said while he was laying in bed last night after she fell asleep that he reflected on yesterday and had a scorecard in his head. Lacey asked “A scorecard”? Jon said “Ya, listen to this. Throughout the day you sucked my cock 2 times and I fucked you 3 times. You mouthed Ron’s cock 1 time and he laid hard flesh to your pussy 2 times, we both filled your ‘Love basket’ with boy butter 5 times.” Then Jon continued, “And you were eaten to orgasm 2 times, fingered to flowing 2 times, tittyfucked once and even sucked on a stranger’s flesh log til he let go and came all over your tits and even got some on your chin. And that doesn’t even mention all the petting, pulling and feeling up we did. Lacey smiled back at Jon as she said, “No wonder my mouth, kitty, boobs, hands, wrist and knees all ache this morning”. Jon spoke again saying “Yup, you sucked 3 different cocks 4 times, fucked a total of 5 times, had your pussy eat’n and fingered twice each. That is a full day no matter how you spread it”.

That made Jon laugh aloud after he said it that way and then he pulled the covers of off Lacey and began kissing her breasts. After he had finished his enjoyment of “The Wisconsin Flesh Mountains” he began to kiss and lick his way down her tummy. Lacey should have complained that she was too sore but instead she spread her legs so that he could settle in between her thighs and continue his oral travel down to where they both knew he was headed. Jon was in no rush as he worked his way down and when he got to her bushy valley he used he tongue only as he lightly and ever so slowly licked at her puffed up lips as they held her warm river inside. Slowly Jon applied more pressure to her pussy lips with his tongue before he finally pressed his tongue past them.

In an instant he was rewarded with Lacey’s warm and wet womanly fruit juice. Lacey could hear Jon moan as he tasted her and then his tongue went straight for her clit which was already full and thick. As soon as his tongue touched her there, she shivered and her ass shuddered on the bed. This was a complete turn on for Jon as he reached up above his head and gently stroked the underside of Lacey’s tits while his tongue stayed focused on her hot button. But Jon’s reaching up did cause her lips to close a bit so Lacey reached down and opened herself up wide for his face.

With his new found easy access Jon began to not only lick her clit but suck it to as he closed his lips around it and pulled it away from her a bit with his strong suction. Lacey was really responding now, moving her ass around on the bed and audibly moaning. Then Lacey’s phone rang and Jon smiled up at her, she had no intention of answering it but Jon had other intentions. He answered the phone and said hello to Lacey’s mom before handing her the phone. Lacey gave her husband a look of disappointment as she took the phone from him but before she could say hi, he was back between her thighs and eating her sweet pie again.

Lacey worked hard to stay focused during the conversation with her mom as Jon spread her swollen lips with his two hands and dove in face first. He went right back to work on her clit with his tongue and Stacey was right back on the plane of enjoyment, inching towards orgasm. Jon was enjoying listening to Lacey trying to stifle her moans as she carried on her telephone conversation. Then she couldn’t help it anymore as she was pushed to the edge and released a large flow of her sweet sauce just as she groaned aloud her pleasure.

While Lacey came, Jon drank in the treat he worked so hard to get and almost laughed when he heard Lacey say to her mom “Ummm, no, I just had a cramp in my leg. I’m okay now”. Jon stayed with his face buried between her thighs until the syrup stopped flowing. Lacey was still talking to her mom when he looked up from her between her thighs, she smiled down at him her approval for the ride she had just taken. Then Jon stood up on the bed and Lacey noticed he was sporting a hard on. She looked at him with some trepidation while Jon stood on the bed, his feet on either side of her waist. Then she saw what he had in mind as he stood above her and began stroking his cock. There he stood and pulled his stiffness while Lacey talked with her mom. Lacey grinned from ear to ear as she talked while watching her hubby stroke his manliness, and when Jon was close he said “Tell your mom we are gonna have snow in July”. And with that, his balls started to boil out it’s hot thick snow, covering “The Wisconsin Flesh Mountains” in a fresh coating of man snow.

Once he was Jone and the cum faucet was turned off Jon knelt next to her head and rubbed his cum into her fleshy fun bags. And when he was Jone with that he took his still erect cock and began slapping Lacey’s cheek with it while she was still on the phone, laughing under his breath as he did. Then Lacey turned her head and opened her mouth to tell him to stop when Jon slid his cock into her mouth. He thrust it in and out 3 times before he pulled out laughing and got off the bed. Lacey regained her composure and cleared her throat before continuing her telephone conversation.

As Jon’s back was to the bed and he was bent over looking for his shorts to put on. Lacey said good bye to her mother and clicked the phone closed. Just then Jon felt a sharp slap across his bare ass as Lacey said “You are a sassy pig”. Jon just laughed, pulled his shorts on and left Lacey sitting up naked in bed looking for something to clean the stickiness off her boobs.

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