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Change Of Plans

This was inspired by many things my friend. Memories, visions, even
dreams of what it to come.
There is a knock on your door. Probably guessing who it is, you use
the intercom to ask who is at the door.
"It’s me, it’s cold and it’s raining. Let me in!," says the familiar
voice. You don’t hesitate a minute. Within seconds you open the door
and let the dripping figure inside.
"Damn, it took you long enough," I say with some hint of annoyance.
Shivering as I enter.
"Sorry," you say, "Just wanted to be sure." Then you smile at me. I
can’t stay mad at you that long when you look at me like that. I start
to melt.
I proceed to take off my sopping wet jacket.
"Do you have a dryer, I want to get this stuff dried." I ask, "Also,
do you mind if I use the shower? I’m so very cold I think a shower would
You show me upstairs to the bathroom. I take off my soaking wet
outfit. It’s such as waste really. I am wearing an elegant red dress,
since we had plans to see a musical or play. It’s satin. The skirt of
the dress brushes my knees, the flair effect looks quite nice. The top
of the dress is quite tight. It is a high tie to the neck and there are
no sleeves. Also the back is cut very low. The front of the dress,
right below the neck and above my cleavage is a lace design opening. I
must say that I looked quite nice. My hose is silk and my shoes put at
least an inch on my height. I think that there is enough time for me to
shower and get ready to go. It’s obvious that you are not any wear near
ready. You still need to shower, shave and get dressed. I still think
that there is enough time for both of us to get ready.
I step into the shower and throw you my clothes.
"Just hang ‘em up OK? They should dried off enough by the time we need
to go"
I turn on the faucet and feel the hot water spray all over me. Sighing
I turn around to let the water fall equally over me. Time passes, I’m
not sure how long. I wash my hair, letting it rinse slowly. I then
hear the bathroom door open. Probably going to shave, I think. Then I
feel the curtain move behind me. Shocked and surprised, I gasp and turn
"You know," you say as you grasp my arms, "You never even said hello
or gave me a kiss. I’m not leaving till you do."
I laugh and give you a very brief hug and a quick kiss.
"That’s not what I meant," you say, "This is what I want you silly."
You kiss me there in the shower. Forceful, demanding. Then you step
into the shower with me.
"You’re still dressed," I exclaim.
"Then why don’t you fix that," you say. I notice your tone has
changed. More serious, thicker, lustful almost.
In my few seconds of shock, you take advantage of the situation. I’m
just standing there in front of you, naked. You reach out and gently
stroke my hair, face, lips. I gasp.
Recovering my senses, I think that it is very unfair that you are
covered while I am unprotected. I reach out and slowly remove your
shirt. I then press my naked body against yours. I hold you there
gently yet firmly, the water cascading over us both. I then start to
kiss you. Your neck, chest, shoulders, stomach… I kiss then all. You
are getting very excited at this. It’s pretty obvious. I gently bite
your ear and scr*pe my teeth down your front. I then straighten up and
kiss you firmly on the lips. My tongue probing your mouth as your
tongue probes mine. I want you and you can tell. You go your knees and
start to kiss me. I groan and start to go weak in the knees. You run
your tongue down my wet body. Hands grasping my rear, you pull me
closer. You run your tongue between the cleft between my breasts. I
start to tremble. You then start massaging my right breast with your
hand, while your tongue is teasing my left. Sucking, tasting, licking,
even gently biting. I moan. I want you so much. You then change.
Your tongue on my right, hand on my left. After a few minutes of
intense teasing, you start kissing my lower and lower. My stomach,
legs. You bite my toes and I squeal and playfully slap you on your
rear. You look up at me, more serious this time. You bring your face
up to mine and kiss me.
I decide to make you stand. You still have your shorts on. I kneel
down and gently remove them, slowly. Kissing every inch of newly
revealed flesh. You are very hard right now. I know that you want me.
As I want you. You pull me up and kiss me again. Then you start again
on me.
You move down on me slowly. I gasp, I want to feel your mouth on my
crotch so bad. It’s getting unbearable. You slowly spread my legs
running your finger from my slit to my clitoris. I almost loose my
balance. I grab the towel rack above my head to steady myself. You
notice that I shaved, and nod appreciatively. You continue to stroke
me, feeling me build up, closer and closer. You then look like you are
going to lick me, but all you do is exhale a warm breath over my
crotch. Just when I think this torture will never end, you attack.
Licking me from back to front. It feels incredible. I start to shake
uncontrollably. Then you focus your attention on my clitoris. Licking
and sucking. I want more and more. I grab your hair and grab on as
tightly as I can. I’m so close lover. Your hands are roaming all over
my body. Teasing and caressing my breasts. Rubbing my ass. My noises
get louder and louder. You then bring your hand down and start to
caress my inner thighs. I know that I am close. You then start to
tongue fuck me and scream a little. I know that you are making this
last as long as you can. You then start sucking my clitoris while your
fingers take over what your tongue was doing. I can’t hold back any
longer lover. I explode in an all consuming orgasm. It racks my whole
body. I can’t help but scream. You don’t stop though. You keep
licking and sucking until I cum more times than we both can count. I
fall against you and whisper to you "Thanks." You kiss me again and
start to leave.
"Oh no you don’t." I say with a devilish lilt "It’s your turn now"
I reach over to you and pull you to me. I press my body against you
very firmly. You can feel my hard nipples against you. This makes you
very excited. I feel your hardness press against my leg. I reach down
and caress it, rubbing my thumb gently over the head. You moan and I
feel you harden even more. I know that this is agony for you, but agony
of a good nature. I stop and kiss you. Rubbing my hands down your back
and encircling your ass. I then reach for your hardness again. It’s so
stiff. Then I step out of the shower for a minute, You just stand
there in the shower, letting the warm water wash over you. I then return
with a glass of water. I say thanks for waiting and then I take a long
sip. I enter the shower wordlessly. Almost immediately I fall to my
knees and slide your cock into my mouth. You gasp, realizing that I had
water and ice chips in my mouth. I move the water over your cock for a
while, watching your expression. As the water heats up, I swallow it.
Taking your hardness in my hands, I rub it up between my breasts.
Pushing them together. I slowly slide you up and down between them. I
know that you like it when I do this. After I excite you by doing this,
I start to suck you again. I slide you hardness all the way into the
back of my throat and I hold you there for quite some time. You moan
and grab my hair. You try to tease me but I push your hands away. This
is my show and I make the rules. I take my right hand and start to
caress your jewels. Scratching them lightly with my nails. Then my
hands start to rub your shaft up and down. My mouth moves to where my
hands were. I ever so gently suck one into my mouth, then the other.
Bathing them with my tongue. I feel how tight they are and I know that
you are only a little bit away from cumming. I start sucking your cock
again, paying close attention to the head. You start to shake and I
hear you whisper that you’re cumming. I hold you in my mouth, the
entire duration of the climax. When you are spent I slowly slide your
cock out of my mouth. I stand and swallow and then I smile at you.
"Was it OK?" I ask. You respond by kissing me and saying that I was
wonderful. I grin.
We both rinse off and step out of the shower. We have to get ready of
we’ll be late.
I’m still very excited though, and I think that you are as well, but no
matter. We do have to hurry up or we’ll be late. I send you out of the
room to get dresses. I slip back into my dress and wait for you. I
hear the door open and close. You enter wearing a very stylish suit and
tie. I smell cool water on you as well. You look delicious. I have on
my Victoria’s secret perfume. We both look very stylish. I start to
put on my makeup, but you take it out of my hands. I get annoyed at
this, we need to hurry.
"Baby, no makeup," you say.
"Look, Hon, I need to hurry, you’re making us late," I respond with some
bit of annoyance.
You place my makeup on the table and sweep me up into your arms.
"Making us late," you respond.
You then lay me gently on the bed, and look down at me. I start to get
up and you gently push me back down.
"Baby, I love you. Can’t we just stay home tonight? I don’t want to be
anywhere else than by your side" you say with that gentle tenderness
that makes my heart flutter.
"Hon, I would love to, querido.
I lift my arms to you and bring you down to me. I rest my head against
your chest and you hold me. Gently rocking me back and forth. Your
hands start to play with the tie at the top of my dress. You slowly
pull the strings and release it. I instinctively move my arms to cover
my breasts. You gently put your arms by my sides, saying that I have no
reason to be shy. You then slide the dress off me. I hold out my hand
to stop you. I sit up and slip the jacket off your shoulders. I undo
the tie and place it on the table next to the bed. I slowly unbutton
your shirt and slide it off you. Letting it fall to the floor. I am
unbuckling your belt when you bring your head forward and start kissing
and sucking my breasts. I then hurry and strip you completely. I feel
your hands all over my body. My back, my neck, my crotch. I feel your
cock moving again. Harder than the first time. I feel it at my slit.
You look at me. The question in your eyes. I nod yes, and I feel it
slowly slip into me. We start moving together, each sensitive to the
other. Knowing what they like, what they want. I want to pleasure you
so much. Slowly in and out you move, each thrust bringing us closer to
our dual climax. I am licking and biting you everywhere I can. You
lick and suck my breasts, tasting my hard nipples in your mouth. We
move together until I feel you tense. You start fucking me even
harder. Making me cry in ecstasy. As soon as I feel you start to cum
in me, this triggers my own orgasm. We ride wave after wave of pleasure
till we are exhausted. In the darkness I curl up nest to you.
You hear me whisper "I love you now and always" as you drift off to

End of Story

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