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Caught taking a sexy picture

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Since you were taking a sexy picture, you'd already be topless, giving me free and easy range as I slide my fingers down to your nipples, and take them between my finger tips and pinch them.

You turn your head to kiss me, and I step back a bit while keeping my lips on your to spin your chair around so you're facing me. Putting my hands under your arms I pull you up to a standing position while our tongues lick and taste each other?s mouths, I pull you close to me, your breasts pushing into my chest, my hair tickling your nipples.

My hands work the top of your pants down off your hips until they fall free and slide down to pool near your feet. You giggle around our kisses, and I put my arms around you as you step out of them. I turn you again, so your back is to the bed and I push you backwards, falling with you, my hands holding your sides, as we both hit the bed together, still kissing.

Your hands working on my belt, opening my pants to get them off, I let you slide them down, I pull back from your lips and grin as I step out of them and leave them on the floor, and you slide yourself up the bed. I start at your ankle and start to kiss my way up your leg, rubbing as I move upwards, biting gently, nipping your skin between my teeth my fingers beat my mouth to your pussy, teasing the edges, sliding just barely inside, until you feel my hot breath on your lower lips.

As my tongue comes forward to flick your clit, my finger slides into you and curls upward, motioning you towards me from inside of you, as I swirl circles around your clit, sucking it between my teeth to hold it, each flick raising your hips to my mouth, your legs up over my shoulders, your toes curled into my sides I'm not such a fan of waiting, and leave your pussy, kissing my way up your body, positioning myself between your legs, kissing over your breasts, stopping to suck on each nipple in turn, before coming further up to kiss you on the mouth. You can feel the heat from my head pushing against you, and your hips move forward, ready and wanting.

I slide forward slowly, just starting to penetrate you, going slowly to give you time to adjust... all I want to do is slam into you, but you need to be ready for that. After a few strokes I'm buried fully inside you, our hips working against each other, each thrust of mine followed by an upward move that rubs your clit your legs curl up around mine, your feet on my calves, your legs over my elbows as I lean my head down to bite your neck and drive deep into you.

Our movement shakes the bed, the feel of your thighs sliding on my arms, your hot body under mine, starting to sweat, I rub my hands down your legs and pull them outward and lean back, so I can look down at you while I fuck you.

You raise your legs so I'm holding your ankles, your arms grabbing the comforter above your head, I let go of your legs and grab you by the hips to pull you into me harder.

My strokes go from fast and hard to long and hard, as I pull almost completely out of you and then drive back in, leaning forward again to lie against you, kissing you again as I speed up once more.

Your legs lock around my waist, as you pull me into you and hold me there, your legs shaking, your mouth open in a silent yell, your whole body tensed, your nails scratch furrows into my back as your orgasm around me.

I pound harder and faster, unable to hold myself back I let myself go, and as your orgasm subsides mine starts, pumping into you, filling you up, as I collapse on you, breathing heavily Looking at you we kiss tenderly a few times, still enjoying the feeling of each other's bodies, before I slowly pull out and pull you to me, holding you, my arms around you, my face in your hair at the back of your neck, nuzzling and kissing you gently as you drift off into sleep...

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