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Casual Mr Little Buddy

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Why are your friends always trying to hook you up with someone? I have been single so long I would not know how to be in a relationship. Chuck short for Chuck Woolrey the love match maker Ms. Bonny has hooked me up with some of the crapiest guys I have ever seen. Why I even bother to even go on these dates I will never know. She called me at 8 o?clock in the morning. That is big for Ms. Bonny to call me before 8am. That is usually her mind stimulating time if you know what I mean. Ms. Bonny tells me she wants me to date this guy. I need to call him right away. Please, please, call him. I knew something was wrong right then and there. Ms. Bonny is trying to sell my ass. Is all it could be? She has promised this guy that I put out. I admit I have shared some racy fantasy in the past regarding the vanilla flavor. I am experimenting. Every girl and women does. I think I am still in the safe zone. I crossed the color zone not the crazy zone. I call the guy up. I wasn?t feeling him from the start. Arrogant. Man? I have to do an arrogant prick. If he is all that why can?t he do himself. Ok?. I owe Ms. Bonny one. I am going to do it no matter what happens. I invite him over. I make sure to wear something that would open his nose and let him know for sure that he wasn?t going to have to beg. I wanted him to know Ms. Bonny had not failed him. I drank to ease my nerves. I let him smoke to ease his. I think between the two of us there were enough chemicals in the room we could have humped Burt and Ernie and we would not have known. I dared not even to take a good look at him because I did not want to know what I was doing or whom I was doing it to. If I have no visual of what I did then maybe I did not do it. I was angry. This prick laid there and did not move a muscle. The member I had to work with was not to my satisfaction. Now I know how a guy feels when they say she was a dead fuck. I smiled and walked him to the door when it was over. I thought to myself. Hot damn now she owes me one. She better not say a thing to me after this. In this case a woman really does not care if she gets a call back. I know I did not care. I did not care so much I didn?t even consult Ms. Bonny on this one. I wasn?t going to say anything about what had occurred. The next week he calls me. I think to myself he did not leave anything at my house. What the hell is he calling me for? So I try to ignore him for a minute. Then I finally ask him what he wants. He wants to get busy again. I laughed. I wanted to know if he was serious or if I was being pinked. He was serious. Ok?. I do have a standard rule of thumb for sex. Every guy gets at least two attempts before I boot them to the curb. I mine as well give this dud a second chance to. What is it going to kill? I have a large sexual appetite and I can get off on any type of flesh if I put my mind to it. I told him fine. But under one condition. He needed to fuck me this time because I would not assist. All I can say is don?t frown on the little dick. I don?t know if he ate his Wheaties that day but good gosh he had something up his sleeve or in his dick. To start he went deep sea diving. I was in seventh heaven. I thought he had taken up new residency in my pussy. He talked to it. Licked it played with it. I wondered how he held his breath for so long. He stepped into it like he owned it. I had never felt the rhythm of a man orally like that. When he raised his chin I raised my ass to meet the curve of his lip. It was outstanding. I had never been this wet with just the touch of a tongue. As he served me well I thought to myself and I wasn?t going to give this guy a second thought. Even with his magic stick being very small. Just when I wanted to pull all my hair out and scream to the neighbors I am sorry that I may have woken even one up in the surrounding houses. He took my hips and turned them to the sides. What was he going to do? I am sure he could not breathe from being down there so long. I was out of breath with excitement at the wonderful job he had done. Wonder to myself would I ever want my own race again. He indulged with his mouth for another minute or so. At without saying a word he put the little stick in. I never knew such a little thing could feel so good. It felt so good I began to get scared. Now what do I do? I go with the flow. And flow he did. In and out with strong strokes. And they say white men can't jump. That is a lie. It seemed like our pelvic areas were like puzzle pieces. They fit together so nice. They move together so nice. He would sit at the tip and work it. Man. I guess going to the gym does benefit everyone. He hit every zone like on a time clock. From 12 to 12. The more he did the more I got excited. When he finally collapsed on the bed from humping like the energizer bunny on steroids it was my turn. Since he had pleasured me so well I decided I was about to make a record doing him. And with the small size of his penis it should not be that hard. I was pretty weak but I was determined. I had him open up a life saver gummy worm. You can put your tongue in the middle and they last a good long time. The sugar should make the taste sweet. I laid him down and manually stroked the little buddy. That did not cut it. So I put my mouth and that ring around the little buddy and he came to life. If anyone has eaten a life saver gummy bear you know they do last. I stroked that little buddy like it was the last time I was ever going to have sex. I popped my full lips around the tip and making the sucking noise. Very loud? and wet sound. I think that helps the effects of the activity. I would take my hand and go up and down the shaft as I drove my tongue around his gr*pe size balls. One had on the buddy the other hand rubbing his ass in a circular motion. Ounce he couldn?t take it anymore and he came?. I still wouldn?t leave it be? This time when I touched him he jumped to life. I decided to head for one more nut myself. I climbed on top and worked my way around in a circle. Then I went for the bronco ride to get my cum up. After it was all said and done I gave his body a good message. When my hands got tired I put my feet in his back. He laid there like a baby. Now if that wasn?t a good fuck I don?t know what was. Because I tell you me and Mr. Little Buddy really don?t like one another. I guess you don?t have to like someone to really get off. If every encounter could be this good I might not mind about people and their opinions of casual sex. This was good and Casual. In all my life I have never had my nose open wide for a little dick man. Now what?

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