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Candid Camera

I had spent two years in college learning everything there is to
know about photography, and figured that when I graduated all I
had to do was wait for the best job offer to come along.
It didn't work out that way.
There just aren't a lot of jobs available for people who want to
take artistic pictures.
I tried the freelance scene for a while, but you wouldn't believe
the number of people who are willing to give away good pictures for
bank calendars just so they can see their name in print! That
makes the pickings really meagre for those of us who want to earn
a living at it, and the few pictures I did manage to sell barely
covered the cost of the film.
As it ended up, I took a job at a local camera store just so I
could pay the rent. The money wasn't so great, but at least I could
eat regularly.
I spent my days behind the counter selling cameras and
sending film away for processing. Three days a week I worked
alone in the store, and on the weekends the owner would work
also. The work wasn't too bad, and the hours were pretty good, but
I missed the challenge of taking good photographs.
Then one day I got a brilliant idea.
I asked the owner if we could turn the storage room into a
studio. That way we could bring more money into the store, and
possibly I could get a raise. He said that I could set it up and run it,
he would be willing to invest the money. The raise however would
depend on how much business we got.
About a month later the studio was ready and we put ads in the
paper and a big sign in the window. We didn't do too badly for a
while, taking pictures of kids and such, but it wasn't enough to say
we were a booming success. Then my big break came.
I was working in the store alone one day when this tall beautiful
blond came in and asked if I did model portfolios. It seemed that
she had sent away to a modelling agency for information about
becoming a model, and they had written back saying that if she
would send a portfolio that they would look at it.
Her name was Sandy, and I told her that I was one of the best
portrait photographers around. She made an appointment, and two
days later I shot off three rolls of film on her giving her enough for a
good portfolio.
About two weeks later she came back, though.
It seems that the agency liked her pictures, but they said without
a few cheesecake shots, her portfolio wasn't complete.
Sandy asked me what 'cheesecake' shots were, and when I told
her that they meant semi-nude pictures, I thought she'd leave in a
huff. Instead she asked if I could do them. That posed a problem
for me!
You see, Sandy is the kind of girl that gives you a hard-on with
just a smile. Long blonde silky hair, pale blue eyes and a body that
looks like a blue print for a roller-coaster, all curves, and big curves
at that.
She said that she wanted me to take the pictures but asked if I
do it without looking at her.
I told her that I'd be willing to take the pictures, but that I couldn't
do it blindfolded. I also told her that she should think of me like she
would a doctor. I was just a professional doing my job.
The words sounded good, but the growing, throbbing bulge in
my groin told me that there was no way I could keep my cool if this
luscious babe started to peel her clothes off.
I told her to think about it and if she still wanted to do it to come
back the next day around six. I told her that I would make sure that
there would be no interruptions, and that we would take the time
and effort to get some really good exposures.
Well, the next day rolled around and at about quarter after six, I
thought that Sandy had changed her mind and decided to forget
the whole thing, when she walked in. I say walked in but what she
really did was make an entrance. She was wearing a halter top
that was so tight that I could see her pointed nipples trying to stab
through the nearly sheer material! Her midriff was bare to below
her navel and then she had on a pair of satin shorts. Instant hard-
on if you know what I mean!
I told her to relax, while I went and locked the door and put the
closed sign up. I turned on the answering machine and then turned
my attention back to Sandy.
I could tell that even though she was dressed to cause wet
dreams, she was still a bit reluctant to take off her clothes. Well
she certainly had the right equipment, but she was also right about
my ability to manipulation a camera and filters to bring out her best
She told me that she wanted the picture to look tasteful and
artistic, and that she wanted to look like she was a professional
nude model. Then she turned to me and asked if it was just her, or
was it getting warm in the studio. I told her that I had turned the
heat up so that she wouldn't catch a chill since this would take
about two hours. I then asked her if she was ready to begin.
Sandy said she was, but where should she disrobe. I told her that
if she would feel better about it she could use the washroom, but
then she would have to come out naked. I told her that she might
feel more comfortable if she just undressed right there.
She blushed and said she couldn't believe she was going
through with this, and then took off her top. As soon as I saw those
beautiful boobs I knew that I better do something or else by the
time she got to her shorts, I'd be ready to blow my load into my
shorts. I tried to remain calm about the whole thing reminding
myself that I was being paid to do a job, and that I better be
professional about it. When I had all the lights turned on and my
film loaded I turned around to find Sandy standing there completely
in the nude!
"This doesn't bother you a bit, does it?" she asked. I tried to
keep the quiver out of my voice as I told her again that I had too
much to think about to get any ideas. I was lying through my teeth
as I spoke those words, because Sandy was a natural blonde. It
took all of my will power not to stare at her cunt. It looked almost
bare. You could see that she trimmed it regularly for a nice pubic
triangle, but with what was left you could see that her cunt was just
lightly covered with the finest wisps of golden fleece.
I led her to the set I had arranged for her. A settee covered with
a dark pink spread to accent her delicate pale features, and a back
drop of royal blue to make her really stand out. No other props or
gimmicks, just pure beauty! I told her to move around as much as
she liked for the first roll of film, and she did just that. She
stretched and twisted and turned and showed me all of her
gorgeous assets. I had to change the film in my camera, and while
I did she got up and walked around looking things over. She
sauntered over to me and asked me how she could improve on
what we had just done. I told her that if she really wanted to make
the pictures look sexy that I would use a bit of oil on her body to
make it glisten. She said okay, so I got out a bottle of baby oil and
started to rub it into her body. I could see that she was now getting
turned on by all of this attention, because even though I had not
come any where near her crotch yet, her pubic hair was shining
with its own oil.
It was now or never I thought, and with out any further hesitation
I told her that I could really make her look good if she trusted me.
She just smiled at me and said of course she trusted me, after all
wasn't I the professional who knew how to bring out the best in
models. I didn't need any more of an invitation than that. I pressed
my lips to hers and drove my tongue in deep. She returned my
passionate kiss with the ferocity of a woman who wants cock and
wants it bad!
I kissed my way down her body stopping only to nibble on her
nipples, then my mouth found that luscious cunt. I could smell her
fragrant juices rising up to tantalize me, and as I dove in with my
head, I could feel her hands undoing my pants.
She moaned as my cock sprang free from its confines, and
without hesitation she pulled it to her mouth,. I was licking and
kissing her little bud for all I was worth, diving in regularly with my
tongue to scoop out more of her honey. I could feel Sandy start to
buck up her pelvis to grind it against my face and at the same time
she was trying to swallow all of my cock in one gulp. My juice was
building up fast and just as she climaxed from my tongue work, I
shot a gallon of hot cream down her throat. She didn't miss a drop
of it either. I turned back to face her and we kissed again, long and
passionately. I had been so horny for this delicious babe that I
didn't even lose my hard on. As we continued to kiss, I positioned
myself over her and she took my tool in her hand and guided me
into the deepest part of her.
Since I had just climaxed I had better staying power now and I
fucked Sandy slowly and deliberately. Long, deep thrusts and a
slow withdrawal, coupled with a twisting, grinding motion that really
caused her to squirm. Sandy came three more times before I lost
control and shot my seed deep inside her. We lay for a few
minutes more, then I got up and started to shoot frame after frame.
She looked so good and sexy now. Her hair was messed up just
right, and she had a look on her face that belongs to a satisfied
Sandy picked up her pictures the following week, and I never
got a chance to relive that night of ecstasy with her. She didn't
even wait to see what the agency said about her pictures. She
thought that she looked so good in her nude shots that she was
certain she could find work in the big city and just packed her bags
and left. Now all I have to remind me of my big adventure is fond
memories and these great big enlargements I made from her

End of Story

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