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Calling her bluff

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My wife’s first husband was a Chinese gentleman . Her daughter was a beautiful young Oriental woman when we married. As the years passed she developed into a very sexy and beautiful young woman. She is 5’2”, has slim sexy figure, long dark silky hair, and perky b sized breasts. As she got older she occasionally flashed her panties to me. When she was in high school I realized that the flashing was not accidental. Her favorite clothes were tee shirt and cut off sweats, sometimes with panties often without. She would sit on the couch reading with her legs pulled up under her, one knee pulled up straight, the other leg laying down flat on the couch. The sweats had large leg openings and her panty clad pussy was easy to see. Even easier to see when there were no panties.

I exercised great restraint and never did anything except to enjoy the view. When I was in bed with her mom I would recall those images and pretend it was her daughter under me.

Unitl..Last summer.

Now 23 and living on her own. Having just broken up with a boy friend. She was down visiting during the summer. She was hitting the beaches and going out partying. Always looking good enough to eat in shorts, bikinis, tank tops, etc... We flirted and teased all the time like enemies but were actually pretty close.

I was off for a week doing some work around the house while the wife had to work. One afternoon as I walked around the house doing my work I realized she was in her favorite comfy clothes. I also noticed that there were no panties visible, only her neatly trimmed pussy. Well as it was just us I decided to see if I could tease her a bit and maybe get her to stop.

When I had a break I got a glass of tea and went and sat next to her on the couch. I asked her if she would like me to massage her ankle as she had sprained it earlier in the spring and it still bothered her a bit. She said sure and stuck her leg out across my lap. She went back to her book.

I put some lotion on my hands and started to rub her ankle and calf. In this position I had a wonderful view of her pubic hair. I think she was so used to doing it she didn’t think about it. I continued to massage her calf and ankle. After a few minutes she paused and told me that it felt really nice and shifted her position a bit turning her hips toward me to get a more comfortable. At the same time providing a better view. I got some more lotion and started massaging my way up to her knee and the muscle just above her knee. She just scooted her leg toward me a bit more and sighed. I could feel some tension in her leg and told her she had to relax for this to work. She said oh ok and put her book and glasses down and her head back and closed her eyes. This caused her tee shirt to stretch across her small firm breast,s a very nice benny. Now I was able to openly stare are her pussy and scantily clad body.

Now I altered how I was massaging a bit, I move one hand to the inside of her knee and the other to the outside and continued. I had my palms pressed against and my fingers spread to work as much of her legs and muscles as possible. I slowly worked my hands up her leg. I asked if it felt good once or twice and her response was to sigh and say mmmm, yes. When I would pause to add lotion It appeared that her clit was slowly peeking out and her lips seemed to be getting moist and puffy. I stopped one more time as I got close to the leg of her cutoffs for more lotion. My object lesson had turned into full on passion. I was going to have her if I could.

When I returned I placed both of my hands on the inside of thighs side by side and worked my way past the legs of her cutoffs. As my left hand moved under her cutoffs her hips pushed out just a bit and her leg bent at the knee. I just kept my left hand moving until it was covering her mound. She was very warm and moist. My wet fingers moved over her, catching her clit between two fingers. Her hips twitched, and her legs opened further. She moaned. Neither of us spoke as I started to play with her. I moved my fingers down and the first two easily entered her. She grabbed my left arm and told me not to stop. I started to finger her slowly, my fingers entering her all the way until my palm was against her clit. I kept my fingers deep inside of her as I massaged her pussy with my hand. Her little nipples stiff and poking thru her tee shirt. Suddenly her hips jerked hard a few times and she moaned loud and I felt her pussy soak my hand.

I shifted around bit so that I could move closer and face her more. I moved my left hand up under her tee shirt, pushing it up exposing her beautiful small firm breasts. Her brown nipples were so hard and stiff. I bent my head close and took one between my lips, sucked and rolled her nipples while biting with my teeth gently. She sucked in her breath as my right hand started caressing her pussy, rubbing her stiff clit between my fingers. As I took a breath I whispered OMG Meg you’re so beautiful and groaned as I took her other nipples on my mouth. Her body was responding, moving, writhing, and she was groaning and moaning along with me.

There we were on the living room couch with my wife’s daughter. Her head back, her shirt pushed up me feasting on her firm small breasts and nipples, her legs wide open for me and my hand inside of her cutoffs fingering her to another climax. I was as hard as a telephone pole.

I brought her to another climax causing her body to latterly rack with spasms. It was amazing. Again not wanting to give her an opportunity to relax I moved again. I slid to the floor between her legs. I pulled her cutoffs aside and pressed my face to her wet pussy. I started to suck on her clit. She pulled her legs up and open and grabbed my hair and started to hump my face. I was in heaven she was so hot and tasted wonderful. I grabbed her shorts and pulled them off and went back to eating her. I looked up and her eyes were open and she was looking me in the eyes. I pushed my tongue inside of her pussy and started to tongue fuck her. She kept saying yes, yes, yes, and her pussy was contracting over and over.

I could stand it no longer. I stood up and pulled my shirt off, dropped my shorts and boxers. I grabbed her and pulled her to her feet, pulled of her shirt. I turned her around and bent her over. I knew she was no virgin. Her mom told me that she knew Meg and her b/f were having sex and that she was on the pill. I grabbed her hair and told her to kneel on the couch with her hands on the back. She quickly assumed the position. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it against her wet lips. I pushed the head against her lips and started to enter her and asked if she was ready? Her hips pushed back and she begged me to hurry please hurry. Fuck me Daddy. Well that was it. I pushed hard and went all the way to my balls. She and I both gasped. She was so fucking snug and she was surprised by my size. I gave her a minute to relax, I grabbed her trim brown hips and began to fuck her slowly. She has the most amazing ass, watching my cock slip in and out of her pussy was so hot. I don’t know what the deal was but she climaxed again as I fucked her this way as she spasmed around my cock. I could not wait I plunged deep into her and unloaded deep into her tight young pussy. I held her that way for a few minutes as we both caught out breath.

I pulled out and we collapsed on the couch. Her body was glowing. My cock remained hard I was more excited than I have been in years. I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately. She responded. I pulled her onto my lap and told her we weren’t done. She moved and faced me. Lifted up and guided my cock into her pussy and sank slowly down my shaft, watching my face all the way down. When she settled to the bottom I could tell I was deeper than before. As she sat there impaled I pulled her close and kissed her like a long lost lover and she returned the passion. She began to move on me, we kissed, I played with her nipples we fucked like that for about 5 or 6 minutes and I that old feeling came on. I told her I was going to come in her pussy again and she panted yes, yes hurry, yes humped me hard very fast then pushed down hard pushing me even deeper into her body and we both climaxed together in a huge shuddering wave. We stayed that way for a while because we fell asleep.

When we came to our senses I gathered our clothes up and took her hand and led her to the shower. We took a nice long shower to get cleaned up. She washed me then I washed her. Before I was finished I was hard again. I pulled her hips back and entered her again and slowly fucked her from behind in the shower until we both came again. When we got out I grabbed a towel and started to dry her off and she pushed me back and oh no you don’t I need a break. We both laughed. Dried off and went to our rooms to get dressed.

We met back in the living room and talked about what had happened. She admitted that she had been teasing me all along but didn’t ever really expect me to do anything. When I did she thought I was bluffing, then thought I would stop but got excited and didn’t want me to stop. When I didn’t she just gave herself over to what was happening.

We have agreed not to ever tell anyone. Especially her mom. We have had several sessions just like the first and each was just as amazing and sexy as the first. The second time she showed me her oral skills which weren’t too bad but have improved. We attempted anal once at her request but she could not relax enough.

Hope you’re not offended or insulted. I expect some negative complaints but had to share this amazing experience.

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